Healthy, Yummy and Easy Cooking Session with Philips & Nancy

Eating healthy food doesn't mean giving up your favorite foods. Your favorite recipes can be adapted easily to provide a healthier alternative. That's what we learned at a truly enlightening day of kitchen magic with PHILIPS Kulinarya. 
Chef Nancy Lumen delighted us with a live cooking demo, whipping up 9 healthy, yummy and easy dishes using PHILIPS Kitchen Appliances. 

PHILIPS, with its commitment to make the lives of its consumers easy, offers its line to make meals healthier. For example in one the dishes in the menu of Chef Nancy was the Lechon Kawali without deep frying. 
PHILIPS Airfryer was used to enjoy your favorite fried foods without sacrificing your healthy diet routine. It uses an innovative Rapid Air technology that uses air to fry, bake, roast and grill while minimizing all the fat that comes with conventional frying. Now everyone can enjoy their favorite foods even with little or no oil.
then, Chef Nancy baked Anise Cookie Cut-ups also using the PHILIPS Air Fryer. If you love the flavor of anise I think you will surely love these cookies. Surprisingly, I liked it.
PHILIPS offers an innovation like no other. No wonder it won the 2011 T3 Gadget Awards. 
Chef Nancy also created healthy, yet flavorful Cucumber-Mango Juice with the Slow Juicer's innovative juicing that extracts all natural flavors from fruits and vegetables. The process also limits the creation of foam so that you can enjoy flavorful and great quality of juice.
Most people throw this vegetable and fruit pulp away after they have made their juice. 
There are however many uses for your juicer pulp and Chef Nancy showed one using the PHILIPS Blender
Using the pulp, she made Cucumber-Mango Salad dressing for the Everything Coleslaw she made using the PHILIPS Food processor.

Another used she did to the PHILIPS Blender was to puree all ingredients in the Fish Quenelles with the Hainanese Chicken Soup using the PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker to boil. 
They gave us a jar of Ginger-Garlic Oil to take home with us as well as a recipe booklet packed with information.

This is a great, very easy not-so-secret recipe that makes the best Ginger-Garlic Oil not only it is good with Hainanese Chicken but I also love putting it in the rice and just about anything, it was so good. 

Using the PHILIPS Food Processor to minced 200 grams ginger, 100 grams garlic and Green onion leaves
Rock salt & pepper
• 1 1/2 cup corn oil
• 1 Tbsp sesame oil

1. After mincing ginger, garlic, green onions separately, combine in a serving bowl. Place oil in pot and heat till smoking.
2. Once very hot, pour right away on the ginger mixture.
3. Season with salt and pepper
4. In a smaller pot, heat sesame oil till smoking
5. When smoking hot, pour on the mixture and blend gently. 

Last but not least, The Sensor Touch Rice Cooker that gives you best tasting rice thanks to its 3D heating featuring and 5-layer golden inner pot that generates and transmits heat evenly. It features a sensitive sensor touch operational panel for ease of use and has a preset-timer for 24 hours for smart cooking.

For instant, fresh rice any time of the day, this rice cooker has a reheat function for instant warming and an automatic keep warm function that keeps rice fresh for up to 12 hours. Additionally, it also lets you enjoy 6 rice recipes and 5 food recipes for a healthy mix of yummy variations. 
The cooking session with Chef Nancy Lumen was fantastic, I enjoyed tasting everything she prepared especially the Hainanese Chicken Rice with 3 sauces: 
• Sweet Soy Sauce (by PHILIPS Induction Cooker)
• Vinegar-Chili Sauce (by PHILIPS Blender)
• Ginger- Garlic in Oil (by PHILIPS Food Processor)
We were all amazed in the easy preparation of Hainanese Boneless Chicken using the PHILIPS Electric Pressure Cooker.

We learned a lot of techniques in the various uses of the PHILIPS Kitchen Appliances and some more practical and easy-to-follow tricks in cooking. 

For more information about PHILIPS products, 
Customer Hotline Contact Numbers 
Metro Manila (632) 667-9000
Outside Metro Manila 1-800-10-744-5477

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow, lot's of good high-tech cooking buddies. My mom would surely love these!

  2. i like the idea of cooking lechon kawali without deep frying, the kind of food that i've dreaming to cook, too afraid sa splash ng oil....mam, crispy pa rin po ba? sana magkaron ako nito....less oil means healthy, and a lot savings.....juicing is one of the delicious way of consuming all the nutrients, once ko pa lang natikman sa place ng tita ko, ibang brand nga lng ang gamit ny....

  3. The cookies looks very crunchy! :) I love how high-tech Philip's products are :) And super thanks for sharing that recipe, will definitely try it.. I love cooking! <3 Hihi.

  4. Wow ! ! ! Nice topic. I love cooked at 200C for 10 minutes. Thanks for share it. People like snacks, especially kids who can be challenging to nourish at periods. Asking them if they want snacks will normally outcome in a 'yes' reaction. When you create them in an Airfryer, you will have the included information that you are not stuffing their systems up with needless body fat. Egg, bread, seafood or ham and snacks is usually a winner! As you will get very little meals remaining on the dish, this will mean the cash you are investing on meals does not end up in the bin!

  5. I always prefer Philips for all of my cookware thanks to the high technology they apply in their cooking operation principle. I often make boneless chicken thigh air fried for my kids every weekend. They love it than any other similar KFC outside. I haven't owned a food processor but it seems pretty effective with garlic and onion. I will consider having one soon.

  6. Awesome post. Most informative. I love Philips all products. Thank's for review. Cooking food through an air fryer is often a healthy option to deep-frying applying gas. Hot air fryers make use of excited air rather than very hot gas to help make meals meals. A trendy label of this heat stove that makes use of this preparing container may be the Philips heat fryer. You will discover a couple of versions readily available in the usa, this manual heat stove and also HD9230/26 electronic digital version. please visit Air Fryers I hope you will get enjoy.

  7. Nice article. I always love the way air fryer can help me in my cooking, especially for any kinds of fried food. My french fries is one of the best dish which I can make. I often use 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil
    for chips but for others such as vegatables or chicken wings I will not add any extra oil.

  8. This looks delicious. I think it’s important to feel what makes you feel good! Coconut oil is something I still have to try, but I can definitely relate to your love with butter!

  9. I love how high-tech Philip's products are :)
    And super thanks for sharing that post, I shall be coming again to your weblog for extra soon... I love cooking!

  10. I love using Philip's product- this is high quality branch.

  11. Thanks for making this blog post. It's very interesting to read about the amazing cooking experience you guys have out there. Thanks a lot for sharing

  12. I love cooking. Your recipe is very nice. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Very nice description and layout of this product. I always prefer Philips for all of my cookware, it's very nice !

  14. Thank you for your details post. I've just bought a new air fryper and learn how to use it.

  15. Thank you so much for this information. It is just what I needed to know


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