Johnson & Johnson See The Real Me Campaign

Teenagers often complain of pimples, oiliness, and other bodily changes because puberty is the time when there are many hormonal changes but it caused them to be embarrassed and ashamed that as a result, these teens are hindered from expressing who they are, anxious that they would be judged and noticed only because of these hormonal changes. 

Johnson & Johnson Philippines takes a bold move with its recently launched campaign entitled "See the Real Me." Spearheaded by the company's teen brands Clean & Clear, Modess, and Carefree

The official launch event of the campaign was held at Makati High School last July 31, 2014. 

The campaign aims to see teen girls take on the courage and understand that the bodily manifestations of puberty like pimples, oily face, menstruation leaks, and odors are not hindrances but rather milestones of a new chapter in their lives and signal for them to show the world who they are and what they can offer.

They showed video testimonials about real teens talked about challenges they encountered and expressed who they really are.
YouTube Sensations and Clean & Clear Brand Ambassadors, Ericka and Krissy Villongco said:
"Johnson and Johnson goes the movement of increasing self-esteem by giving teens the courage to show their real selves. We're really happy to be part of this campaign because teenage girls today need a strong support system. It feels good to know that Johnson & Johnson is making them and their emotional well-being a priority."
During the launch, These beautiful ladies beautifully performed See the Real Me anthem. 
Then teen psychologist from Cribs Foundation, Aileen Sison talked about the importance of celebrating puberty and having the courage to say See The Real Me

There will be various educational teen programs in-store, as well as the Johnson & Johnson See the Real Me Teen-Powerment School Program. 

This program will initially go to 300 schools in the country, with the drive to help give teens the courage to show their real selves.  

For more information, log on to Johnson & Johnson's social media pages:

Hashtag: #SeeTheRealMe 

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  1. I hope they'll drop by my former high school. :) Students there will surely love it!

  2. what a nice campaign, sayang, sana sa skul din ng anak ko, kaso grade six pa lang sya and yet she feels so irritated sa pimples nya sa forehead, and she never stop asking why she's having it, though i keep on explaining to her the reasons why.... been finding the right soap for far sana this product would help her, ng private message nako sa page ng clean n clear, hoping na magreply sila agad....

  3. Yes, true yung sinabi mo ms. rochelle na minsan talagang I lose self confidence because of pimples and oiliness. :( I always use baby powder ng johnsons to save my day! hehe. Honestly, Im a big fan of their products since high school, kasi affordable, yet super nakaktulong siya to complete my needs as a teenager. Love their campaign, sana they will visit our school too. It will really help a lot of teenagers to be confident and show their real selves. I love krissy and ericka, their voices are angelic. :) Hihi. But I love you more Ms. rochelle, because your my inspiration sa kagandahan :) Godbless! :)


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