Tomato SWAP Watches Design-It-Yourself

Over a week ago, I was invited to experience the ultimate SWAP DIY held at Tomato's flagship store in Glorietta 2. 
It was an amazing afternoon filled with all kinds of yummy treats for us. It made me so happy to see the candy-like colors and cute decorations, I felt like I was a little kid in a candy shop.

I had so much fun having my photos taken with their props.
SWAP really has its ways to giving us more fun as they joined the bandwagon and launched SWAP Loom

Now you can create your own rainbow loom strap with your designed pattern like flipside, crisscross, pentlock, or whatever design you can for only P350, you can avail the SWAP straps ready for looming. (loom bands not included)
Choose any color or print of straps to Mix and Match your own SWAP combos with your outfits. 
Basically, SWAP is to show off your trendy, fashionable and to celebrate your lifestyle! 

You can choose a strap, choose a face with their ready made or with the latest fun offering of SWAP called SWAP DIY (Design-It-Yourself) where anyone can have their personal photo or designed turned into a SWAP Watch! 
For my SWAP, I sent a square shaped photo of my three kids and turned into a SWAP Watch! Awesome right? 

A personal design or with custom face photo like mine costs P1,000 plus the strap is P350. 

I also got the IFACE 5pc. Strap set for only P1,600 that save me P650 instantly! It already comes with a face and straps with green, light pink, lavender, powder blue and chocolate colors. 

I love SWAP because it's my watch with my own design in my way. 
Swap Watches Design-It-Yourself are exclusively available at  

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I love your watch! It really shows that you are a very dedicated mom. :) I like the idea that they've incorporated the loom craze on their watch. I also swatch the changeable strap watch but of different style. It's from tomato as well. What I love about tomato is that their clothing and accessories are so chic and colorful. But not only that, they also cater to those who want the classy look at an affordable price.

  2. Super Cute naman na pwedeng icustomize into loomies ang strap ng watch. Waht's better is that you can put your face on it! And I find your watch really cute, ang cute ng family mo talaga Ms. Rochelle :)) You are very blessed to have handsome and thoughtful boys :) Anyways, I think worth it na din yung 1k for the customization :) and swap is a good brand na talagang high quality ang mga watches nila :) Perfect pang ootd yung mga watch nila. It really rocks! Love it!

  3. I like the idea that you could personalize what you want inside your watch and everything that comes with it. And its really good too as a gift for family or friends since you can customized it on how you think they will like it.Thanks for this post, will avail this then put my nephews photo inside hehe

  4. wow! lovely designs and colorful straps, different straps that would match your mood and'll be a hit again.... something new to surprize those close to our daughter would love to have one for her own, you're kids are so cute, it's like they're beside you whenever you go upon wearing this watch!


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