Shinagawa introduces a Japanese breakthrough in the Philippines

With years of expertise in LASIK and aesthetics in Japan, Shinagawa is proud to bring in its innovative lineup of treatments and services to the Philippine market through its Makati clinic. Servicing both male and female clients, Shinagawa has grown in popularity starting with its top-of-the-line LASIK technology, which continues to attract a lot of satisfied clients.

But more than just LASIK, Shinagawa is also highly popular in Japan and other Asian countries for its aesthetic services.

A Japanese breakthrough technology in face lifts, Shinagawa is the only aesthetic center to offer the Reign Lift, a non-surgical procedure, which can actually be done not just on the face, but on any part of the body.

This procedure makes use of extremely fine thread that is inserted into the target areas, stimulating collagen and guarantees lasting results.

Suitable for men and women aged 25 and upwards, the procedure offers immediate results with very little downtime, enabling patients to easily go back to their daily lives without any hassle.
Aside from a younger looking appearance, the Reign Lift procedure also results to a brighter looking complexion and tightened pores.

Similar to the Reign Lift is another anti-aging procedure that is exclusive to Shinagawa, the 3D Angel Lift. From reshaping the face, rejuvenating the skin, to tightening and of sagging skin, Shinagawa's very popular procedure requires little to almost no downtime and only takes a mere 30 minutes. Making use of a special thread, it is then inserted in a three-dimensional way, without the need of cutting the skin unlike traditional facelifts. Ensuring a longer lasting effect, a strong fibrosis effect will occur around the thread, tightening the skin and preventing future drooping of the skin. Clients will be able to see an improvement on their appearance instantly.

Shinagawa prides itself for offering highly effective treatments that make use of the latest technologies resulting in safer procedures that offer great value for money. More than just LASIK procedures, clients can feel free to explore the other procedures being offered at the center which can help them enjoy a better way of life.

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics is a world renowned leader in Lasik and Aesthetic medicine. It began as an Aesthetic clinic in 1988 in Japan and has steadily evolved to become one of the top aesthetic centers in the world. Shinagawa has since carved a special niche in the field of Aesthetics medicine and has become the Japan’s top plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Chain. Today, it boasts of 49 branches scattered all over Japan and employs over 100 plastic surgery specialists. Shinagawa’s methodology has become an industry standard that 20% of plastic surgeons in Japan have been trained at Shinagawa.
With more than 25 years of experience under its belt and its constant utilization of the latest technologies and techniques, Shinagawa has enjoyed the patronage of many clients throughout the years with more than 3 million satisfied patients.
Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetic clinic in the Philippines is Shinagawa’s first major business operation outside Japan. With the establishment of the Philippine branch in Manila, Shinagawa aims to provide the best, safest, most accessible and affordable services not only too Filipinos but the rest of the world.
Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics philosophy is to provide the latest in medical technology to its patients and clients at a very affordable cost, without compromising the quality of patient care.
Shinagawa is also known for their focus on productivity with doctors trained to perform even the most delicate procedure in 1/3 of the usual time without risking the patient or compromising the quality of the treatment.

Shinagawa Lasik and Aesthetics 
Mezannine Floor, Tower 2 , 
The Enterprise Center, 
6766 Ayala Avenue corner 
Paseo de Roxas Makati City. 

Contact numbers:
Landline: 491-0000/846-3197
Mobile: 09175724684

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  1. Wow, I find the Reign lift interesting. But I'm not 25 yet so I'll wait until I reach the recommended age for such procedure. :)

  2. another place for beauty enthusiast, a new haven for quite a number of individuals who keeps on seeking and trying new breakthrough when it comes to beauty enhancement, no worries for those who can afford it.....

  3. Have you tried their services na Ms. Rochelle? my mom wants to try it. Ang ganda ng results as seen on the pic. :) Honestly, Im afraid of ageing and having fine lines on my face, and I think this would help me. :) Was really amazed on how techie this procedure is, no surgical procedure needed. Love it! And its from Japan, who doesnt love japan? haha. I mean, if the product is from them, I think that it is 101% safe and effective! Japanese woman has a very nice complexion and smooth looking skin. will definitely try it, sana afford ng budget. Hihi. Thanks for sharing pretty rochelle! :)


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