Beauty Product Review: A BONNE' Spa White C Creamy Salt ♥

WHERE I BOUGHT IT AND THE PRICE: Watsons for only P72.50
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: A BONNE' Spa White C Creamy Salt 350g
PACKAGING: The packaging actually attracts me and really convinced me to buy it. Big Squeezed tube with a bright and colorful design of papaya and citrus that can effectively naturally lighten the skin. 
This is a Home Spa product for bathing and indulging yourself. Its selected salt grains content when scrubbing. If effectively exfoliates weathered skin cells without irritation and opens up new ones of brightened, smooth, and radiant look.
  • PURE MILK PROTEIN helps skin to retain moisture, prevent dryness and roughness, giving your skin lasting radiance.
  • LEMON & PAPAYA EXTRACT lighten skin tone, giving it a fairer and more radiant look. 

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Bentonite, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Water (Aqua) Carica Papaya Fruit Extract, Prunus Amydalus Dulcis Oil, Glycerin, Hydrolyzed Milk Protein, Fragrance, Allantoin, Arbutin, Kaolin, Ascorbic Acid. 
  1. Squeeze a generous amount and apply onto moist skin. 
  2. Massage gently in circular motion to remove dead skin cells,
  3.  then rinse with water. 
 Easy open and squeezed bottle tube.
 It has a creamy yellow and grainy salt scrub. 

BEST FOR SKIN TYPE: Helps dark skinned individuals to attain a lighter and fairer complexion, tones and whitens overall complexion evenly including Bikini Line and Armpit. It is gentle on your skin but tough on pigment marks, acne scars and stretch marks. 


  • It really Exfoliates the Skin
  • It Naturally Whitens
  • Makes Skin Smooth, Soft and Radiant. 
  • Non-Irritating
  • Very affordable PRICE 
  • NONE

WHAT A BONNE' SAYS: Double White VITAMIN C Natural  Exfoliating, Natural Whitening, Natural Smooth & Radiant, This is a Home Spa product for bathing and indulging yourself. Its selected salt grains content when scrubbing. If effectively exfoliates weathered skin cells without irritation and opens up new ones of brightened, smooth, and radiant look.

WHAT I THINK? It really does a great job. It moisturizes and removes dry skin.  I really love how it really makes my skin soft and smooth and that I really felt my skin effectively exfoliated with the salt that did not irritate my skin that just made my skin more radiant. I am not sure about the scent since sad to say I cannot smell anything. I love the ingredients known to whiten the skin so it must be really effective when it comes to whitening. 


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Have you tried A Bonne' Spa White C Creamy Salt?

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  1. i love their bar soap and facial wash =)

    1. Wow! I never tried A Bonne' Spa bar soap and facial wash. I will try them soon.

  2. Wow, may bago pala ang abonne.. wat i've tried kasi is yung spa milk salt nila.. For sure maganda din ito..Try try din pag my time..^^..thanks Miss Rochelle, I'm so ecited to try it.

  3. well, that product is not expensive and since there is no anwer for must be good! Maputi ka,lalo ka pang puputi dyan...

    1. Thanks Aliz, yes wala nakita hindi maganda i love that hindi siya kagaya ng ibang salt scrub na masakit or mahapdi eto talaga ang smooth, silky and soft sa skin. I leave it on my skin pa while I brush my teeth.

  4. Thanks for the review, I want to try this will buy on Wednesday my grocery day.. :)

    1. Yes Mayla try mo and let me know what you think :-)

  5. Hi i haven't tried it yet but iam using the A BONNE Spa Milk Salt Triple white3 it helps to removes dirt deposits and dead skin cells.Maybe it is perfect to use combine with the spa milk that iam using.

  6. this i haven't tried yet but i will! so far ang na try ko e yung a bonne spa milk salt and nagustuhan ko sya right after mo mag rinse you can feel na soft and smooth sa skin and mabango.

    1. Wow talaga. Try mo din eto I think same effect.

  7. I just saw this last Saturday at SM Department Store. A Bonne products are really good though I haven't used their scrubs for almost 2 years now. So I was surprised that they already have other scrub. I am curious naman sa other variant, Coffee. I am going to try this once I finished using the Asian Secrets scrub.

  8. Its really affordable. I'll look for it when I go to the grocery store

  9. binalikan ko to Ms. Rochelle, akala ko ito yung nagamit ko last 2 weeks sa bahay nila hubby sa fairview..ehehe.. hindi pala, abonne magic cream ata un, creamy na may beads (salt ata un), maganda din, mabango parang ung spa milk salt xa pero in a cream form. maganda malambot at yummy ung amoy..

  10. Cool to know about this product, siguro ang pag scrub na kada linggo ang di mawawala sakin.
    I love the ingredients, Vitamin C is really one of good vitamin for our skin.
    And I love Citrusy scents!

    Loving it!

  11. I have a question po pwede po ba yan sa face? hindi po ba maiiritate facial skin ?

    Yung akin pong nabili is color pink ang packagingis his authentic? mukahng other variation po eh. :)

    Hop I'llget a reply soon po :)

  12. Never tried this before, but it looks effective. I hope it has a nice smell, as well :D

  13. A BOnne Miracle SPa Milk with Nano white glutathione makes my skin whiter and smooth...
    and di siya malagkit sa skin... hinahanap ko talaga ang product na ito kac effective siya...

  14. pwede rin ba ito sa mga lalaki para sa scars and stretch mark sa mukha??

  15. Wow mukhang maganda siya ang gamit ko kasi ay St.Ives. maganda din siya madaam . Mura lang kaya pwede ko itry.

  16. Hi ... I have read your review about Bonne Spa White. The product is very good indeed. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge about your beauty.


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