CJ'S 2nd Birthday Party at Jollibee ♥

We went to CJ's 2nd Birthday Party at Jollibee E.Rodriguez.
It started at 8:30PM since medyo biglaan party so yun lang ang time slot na nakuha nila pero it turned out to be a really successful and fun filled night party. 
Happy 2nd Birthday "CJ POGI" 
 The Game Prizes  
Gifts and Giveaways ♥ 
Dancing Jollibee Crew  Nakatuwa sila talaga ang galing mag entertained. I remember tuloy nung party host ako sa Jollibee way back nung 17 years old pa lang ako, buti na lang hindi pa kailangan sumayaw pero thumbs up, ang galing nila. 
 Followed by a fun games for Kids.
and KIDS at HEART  
Elijah and Ethan with Juan Dela Cruz Toys that we just bought at SM Manila and using the gift certificate that I got from a SM event I attended.  
Elijah do not want to put down his bakal na krus and sibat baka daw kase may aswang na dumating sa party ni CJ. 
 Special Guest arrived, Ang LOVE ng mga Kids si Jollibee ♥ 
 Kiss nya si Jollibee. Sobra love na love ng birthday boy si Jollibee. Nakatuwa!
 Pauline Gentleman Dance with Jollibee
Alou Gwiyomi with Jollibee
Playing Juan Dela Cruz with Jollibee 
 Time to eat.
 Langhap sarap Jollibee Ultimate Burger Steak. 
Elijah enjoying his spaghetti
With the Birthday Boy and Ethan. Medyo Hagardo Versosa lang dahil ang sama sobra ng pakiramdam ko pero we all had so much fun at the party. 

Happy Birthday CJ POGI ♥ 

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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. the birthday boy is sooo cute!

  2. Thanks for this post Ms. Rochelle! You just gave me an idea on how to celebrate my daughter's 2nd birthday! :)

    1. Hi Krisella. I am sure your daughter's 2nd birthday will be a blast too. When is her birthday?

  3. Happy Birthday Baby Boy! :)))

    Your sons was so Pogi Ms. Rochelle! :)))

  4. Miss Rochelle, do you believe that children are at their most makulit at 2 years old (terrible twos)? Don't worry, you don't look "Hagardo Versoza" ... pretty pa rin. (Haha! Thanks for the new term. I will use that.) Nakakaaliw naman si Elijah, ayaw bitawan ang mga armas laban sa aswang! :)))

    Happy 2nd Birthday, CJ Pogi!! :)

    Winner Anna (formerly Goddess of Gratitude)

    1. Hi Anna, Yes I agree with terrible two. Lol! I been sick for a week now so you can really tell it in my eyes pero kahit may sakit I still enjoyed the night.

  5. my baby girl is turning 1 on this coming september, were also planning to celebrate it at jollibee but most stores na napuntahan namen fully booked na...mukhang masaya pa man din...

  6. I remember when i was a kid, nung sumayaw si Jolibee natumba sya hehe! Fun filled memories talaga ang hatid ng Jolibee even now that I am an adult na! Advance Happy birthday CJ Pogi! Yeah i know sobrang advance haha!


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