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Recently I purchased at 
I just want to share fascinating 100% natural products and cruelty free that is free from harmful chemicals and safe for most people, they are safe for the use of teens, kids and even infants. Its one of many reasons I decided to try. 
 Both products are for me and my kids. 
 Human Heart Nature 100% Natural Sunflower BEAUTY OIL for Php 149.75
Premium and best-selling Sunflower Beauty Oil is 100% Natural and packed with vitamins A, D & E that help moisturize and nourish your skin to give it that healthy glow -- without any harmful chemicals. It’s so effective and so versatile, the uses are endless! What kind of miracles, you ask? Well for starters it…

1. Helps soften and lighten underarms 
2. Helps lighten dark spots & pimple marks 
3. Under eye moisturizer 
4. Helps prevent & diminish the appearance of stretch marks 
5. Helps lighten dark under eye circles 
6. Softens feet soles, knees & elbows 
7. Removes stubborn makeup 
8. Overall body moisturizer 
9. Helps diminish fine lines around the eyes 
10. Helps soften cuticles and dry skin 
11. Makes skin glow and helps keep it youthful 
12. Helps relax tired, puffy eyes 
13. Helps relieve itch & redness caused by insect bites 
14. Nourishes & conditions eyelashes 
15. Helps lighten dark lips 
16. Adds shine to dull hair 
17. Helps ease dry & itchy scalp 
18. Helps improve skin condition after sunburn 
19. Smoothens dry, rough skin from shaving  
20. Helps calm skin & ease rashes 
21. Helps relieve symptoms of skin infections 
22. Helps hydrate dry patches on face 
23. Helps lighten lesions and scars 

Can’t seem to fit your entire beauty routine in your carry-on? Problem solved! Our premium and best-selling Sunflower Beauty Oil is super effective and versatile, it’s got endless uses! Convenient to carry around when traveling, it helps soothe insect bites from a day of hiking in the great outdoors, helps relieve skin damaged by sunburn, helps hydrate dry patches, helps relieve skin inflammation and itchiness, and helps heal skin infection!

Is there anything our Beauty Oil can't do?

Did you know: Mineral oil, commonly used in personal care products, can actually clog pores. It works by sitting on the skin’s surface, thus blocking pores and impeding the skin’s ability to release toxins. It also dries skin and speeds up premature skin ageing.
 DERMATOLOGIST TESTED ♥ Do you believe in miracles in bottles? Experience miracles as gold elixir works its magic. Helps lighten dark under eye circles, dark spots and pimple marks, minimize stretchmarks, lighten underarms, adds shine to dull hair, moisturizes the face and body, and more! No wonder sunflowers are known as "Happy Flowers" for the joy they bring!
100% No harmful chemicals. No parabens, phtalates, PEGs, mineral oil or other toxic substances. Only the good!
HOW TO USE: Gently massage onto skinday and night after cleansing or apply half a drop all over hair for shine.
INGREDIENTS: premium cosmetic grade Helianthus annuus (sunflower) oil. 
Your trusted citronella insect repellant now packs an even more powerful punch against pesky mosquitoes with our improved Bug Shield DEET-Free Oil (formerly Bug Spray). Now infused with soy bean oil and eucalyptus oil for an added boost of protection and an even better scent! 
Did you know: DEET which is used in many insect repellents was developed for military warfare and not for daily, long-term use. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to DEET kills brain neurons and affects the central nervous system.
Dermatologist-tested as non-irritating and safe
Shoo off mosquitoes with an effective and natural antidote! No harmful chemicals means this gentle formula is suitable even for young children. Clinically proven to repel dengue-causing mosquitoes.
♥ 100% No Harmful Chemicals: No DEET, parabens, synthetic fragrance, mineral oil, formaldehyde or other toxic substances.
HOW TO USE: Pump onto hands and rub evenly on exposed skin. Re-apply every 2-4 hours or as needed.
INGREDIENTS: Helianthus annuus (sunflower) seed oil, Glycine soja (soy bean) oil, Cymbopogon winterianus (citronella) essential oil, Citrus sinensis (orange) essential oil. Eucalyptus globulus (eucalyptus) essential oil, glyceryl coprylate (coconut, palm and glycerin-derived.)

Have you tried Gandang Kalikasan? ♥ 
Human Nature
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  1. I also use the sunflower beauty oil for my eye bags.:) It helps a lot to erase those puffy and dark eye bags. :) I also use it on my hair. It gives a natural shine on your hair.

    The Citronella Spray that they have is the best for killing mosquitoes. :) You can spray them anywhere. Although my partner hates the smell, I still use it. :)

    Human Nature products are so organic that you'll definitely use for you and your family. :)

    1. Hi Arjayssa,
      Thanks! It was my first to try it and so far loving it ♥

  2. I did already :) Sunflower oil ! super sulit, I also put it in my elbows :)

    Oh by the way sis. Just my way of saying thank you that I've met you in the blogosphere last month..
    here's my thank you post.

  3. Naku ever since din na discover ko ito Human Heart Nature products super love ko na din ito, kasi dati I was looking for the right shampoo na organic kasi every time na lang dami ko falling hair..try ko ang Natural Shampoo at conditioner Strengthening nila at it really works..pati ang spray sanitizer nila Citrus Burst ang bango..plan ko na din palitan shampoo ng anak ko inuubos ko lang stock nya..addict na din ako sa Human Heart Nature products..kaso sa Shopwise Cubao wala sila dun ng lip balm sana madagdagan pa yung products nila dun..share ko lang din kasi yung anak ko nagkaroon ng kulugo ba yun sa middle finger nya sa kanan kamay pagkalinis ko nilagyan ko sya ng alcohol at naisipan ko lagyan din ng Sunflower Beauty Oil palagi every time na nililinis ko at as the day goes by napansin ko parang lumiliit yung kulugo ang galing at now maliit na sya talaga.. kasi takot ako lagyan ng Salicilic acid yun kulugo nya makulit kasi anak ko baka isibo nya kamay nya..buti I tried it..malapit na nga maubos plan to buy na din.. yung bug sray nila amoy na amoy ang lemon grass..

    1. Hi Mayla, Wow! Thank you. Ang dami pala talaga benefits ng Sunflower Beauty Oil. Sobra love ko na lalo.

  4. I also love Human ♥ Nature's Sunflower Beauty Oil. :)

  5. It makes me wanna try it. :) I love natural products. :)

    1. Yes Abigail dami pala talaga benefits at pede gamitan.

  6. It is so nice to have these natural alternatives to so many chemical-laden products out there.

  7. I love that sunflower beauty oil for it has a lot of benefits upon use =) i tried it using on my stretchmarks at back of my legs.. though it doesnt really removed my stretchmarks but minimize visibility on continued use =)

    1. I will definitely will use it for my stretch marks too. ♥ Thanks for the comment.

  8. wow ang ganda pala talaga ng human nature, 100% natural, last april we went for a vacation in baguio dun ko lang nalaman about human nature product esp. yung sunflower oil ni -recommend saken ng sis-in-law ko na pediatrician, kase yung baby girl ko may insect bite to avoid peklat daw gamit ako ng sunflower oil kaya lang d ko alam san pwede makabili, i tried watsons wala daw eh..pero i will definitely find it hehe pwede samen to ng mga kiddos.thanks so much for this helpful info!

    1. Hi Pearl yes sobra love ko yung sunflower beauty oil lalo na if you are pregnant to prevent stretch marks and after pregnancy to minimize if you already had stretchmarks I used it for hair, eyelashes, my lips and really from head to toe. Yun nga lang hindi sya available in most places kaya nag order ako online.

    2. this is definitely a must have talaga :)

  9. I've tried their Sunflower Oil.,It's nice noh,

  10. check out:

    she is selling all hhn products at discounted price. just message her :)

  11. I have been reading a lot of raves about HHN Sunflower oil. I saw this before sa Shopwise. Sana pala nagtry na ako noon kasi effect pala siya for mosquitoes. Sa akin kasi, kapag kinagat ako ng lamok, ang itchy na and later mapapansin mo medyo may mark na siya which I hate. Hopefully, I can find this easily sa ibang shops.

  12. Hello saan po ito pwedeng bilhin. I want to try also


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