King Sue ♥ Taste Fit for A King, Queen and Prince ♥ The Royalty Family ♥

I received a gift today from King Sue (pronounced as King Sweh) and even my kids were so happy and excited. It's perfect for baon, breakfast, lunch, merienda and dinner. ♥  
Thank you so much KING SUE ♥ 
 It also came with Tote Bag and Fork Case. ♥ 
 KING SUE Sweet Ham ♥ 
 KING SUE Hawaiian Ham ♥ 
 KING SUE German Franks ♥ 
 KING SUE Sliced Bacon ♥ 
 KING SUE Chicken Sausage and Chorizo Bilbao  
 My Prince's Lunch ♥ They are such a picky-eater and they surely love and pick KING SUE Chicken Sausage. 
All you will hear from them is that it so good! hmmm.. sarap! yummy!  ♥ 
I will definitely always stock up on KING SUE Products. 
 It will be on our grocery list and definitely will repurchased.  
Taste Fit for the Whole Family Fit for A King and the Whole Royalty. 

Have you tried King Sue? What do you think?

If you have a recipe you want to share using King Sue Products Please do share them on the comment below. 
I would love to hear about it. 

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. yes perfect for breakfast with garlic rice ang Kingsue Longganisa nila..yum!

  2. King Sue Hawaiian ham and the Sliced Bacon are my favorites. For me, the ham is best with toasted bread while the bacon is best paired with garlic rice. Sarap!!!

  3. I have known the King Sue brand for about 3 decades now. King Sue corned beef used to be sold in plastic containers (like a short tumbler with a lid), not in cans. We still have one of those reusable containers. My mother keeps cotton in it. :)

    I'd love to try the Hawaiian Ham! The Chorizo Bilbao will also be a good ingredient for pancit. :)

  4. My son favorite the chicken sausage and chorizo bilbao he can ate a lot when kingsue is in his plate..hehehe
    when i prepare chicken roll i used kingsue ham perfect taste!

  5. Yay! I also received King Sue products just this week. I've won those from their giveaway promo. I agree! King Sue products are really tasty and the best! :)

    1. Uu sarap ng King Sue. Naubos kagad wala na ako napakita recipe. hehehe..

  6. Never tried pa King Sue Bacon. Hope its yummy as Purefoods but more affordable. I want bacon kasi sa salad, breakfast and even sa sandwich. hehehe!

    1. Honestly I did not like the Bacon so much pero yung ham and chicken sausage are the best!

  7. WOw!I've tried almost all of their products,I use king sue ham or King sue bacon for my cordon bleu. Hubby and daughter's favorite is they're sausage.I always have King Sue ham,bacon and sausageon my grocery list.

    1. Yes sobra nasarapan din yung mga kids ko sa sausage and ham ng King Sue :-) Sarap di ba!


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