Lee® Stay Curious Campaign ♥

Lee® Stay Curious Campaign

Curiosity is a quality that is often associated with danger and mischief. But it is also a valuable skill that propels innovation, initiates breakthroughs and urges a person to keep on pushing and exploring, and in the process, discover new ideas, forge new paths.

The legendary and pioneering denim brand Lee® recognizes the power of curiosity, and to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of its iconic Union-Alls, and the exclusive preview of two of its newest innovative product lines for Holiday 2013 – Lee® Stretch Deluxe and Blue Label at the Lee® Concept store, in Glorietta 2, Lee® introduces five highly accomplished individuals, multi-hyphenates who best exemplify how curiosity leads to success – not just in one but in two or more fields.

Leeroy New is known for his work as a sculptor and fashion designer, and he would not strictly call himself any of the two. He explains, “I primarily trained in sculpture because I felt it would best equip me with the skills necessary to execute ideas that were not necessarily 2-dimensional.” The association, he believes, is entirely incidental. “As a natural progression from creating sculptures and defining spaces, I felt at ease with the idea of incorporating the human element into my practice, hence, the works that overlap with the intentions of fashion.” For Leeroy, curiosity has become a crucial element to his practice and has become a way of seeing. “I constantly keep myself busy and expose myself to as many things and ideas as possible. I surround myself and collaborate with people whom I feel will inform and enrich my practice and my practice is my way of living.” For this launch of Lee® Stay Curious, Leeroy created an exclusive installation art piece. 

IG: newleeroy  
Twitter: Lroynew  
Website: leeroynew.com

Lee's Concept Store in Glorietta II has this awesome window display enough to keep you curious. Thanks to the talented, Leeroy New.

Lexi Gancayco is a college student/blogger/model/entrepreneur. For her, one thing just led to another, as she is always open to trying new things. How she manages to rotate putting on  different hats is a result of time management and setting priorities. Her tip? “Just make the most out of the hours of your day and don't stay in front of the computer too much!” Instead of just searching Google for answers, Lexi prefers to ask questions. “I always keep asking why. If I don’t know the answer, I ask! It’s always a great starter for conversations.” 
 IG: lexi_gancayco 
Twitter: lexi_gancayco 
 Blog: lexithesecond.tumblr.com

Kai Huang is a photographer/denim collector/vintage biker/foodie. Having various interests and attending to them all comes easy for him, “I think when its already part of your lifestyle, then everything just comes effortlessly together”, he says. While he humorously admits that he has yet to bike to a shoot, he shares that the things he picked up from various jobs and gigs led him to become what he is today. To stay curious, he asks himself, “Wouldn’t you want to know what is beyond the four corners of our walls?  
IG: kaihuang 
Twitter: hungryalien 

The model/DJ Christina Badkiss started modeling at 14. “It was never something I actively pursued or worked for. It was just always a good way of making extra money.” How she got into DJing was the fruit of passion. “I got into DJing because I love music. All the researching and digging for new music is something I would be doing even if I was not a DJ because Music is my passion. Being a DJ, I get paid for doing what I love and that’s great!“ Christina believes curiosity is innate in her. “In terms of music, being curious and hungry for more is just a natural state of being for me. The more I know music, the more I want music.”   Soundcloud.com/missbadkiss

Capping off the evening is a performance by singer/songwriter/The Voice judge and coach 
Bamboo Mañalac
 The multi-awarded vocalist who is also known as the Prince of Philippine Rock will be performing his greatest hits for the Stay Curious crowd. He first caught the public eye as the enigmatic frontman for Rivermaya. After a successful four album run with the group, he left the band to live a quiet life in the United States. In 2002, he moved back to Manila and formed his band, Bamboo, which was warmly received like he never left. When Bamboo, the band, disbanded in 2011, Bamboo went on to launch a solo career. With just man and music, his star continues to soar.

The Multi-Hyphenates & Their Favorite Denim Stories
One of my favorite pair of jeans is definitely the limited 24k series I got from Lee last July 2010. It was specially made by Lee Philippines for denim lovers and friends with less than 100 pairs made. My first premium pair of denims was a limited 1955 reproduction by Sugar Cane of Japan, which I accidentally saw when I went to Singapore for a job. The amount of details and the materials used was nothing like what I was wearing back then. I got hooked. - Kai Huang

I like working in denims because they act as a kind of protective second skin. And with my line of work, I don't have to care if it gets torn or stained. When I did production design work for films, especially in harsh terrain, I relied on good denims to be an extension of my body and not care whether I was crawling on all fours on the ground or using them as surfaces to wipe paint from my hands. Leeroy New

In grade 4, I was obsessed with bell bottoms. I was so particular with the style and the cut because it had to cover my whole foot. I was so frustrated that I could not  find the perfect pair that I cut up a pair and added extra denim for extra flare! Lexi Gancayco

During university about 10 years ago, I met my first love at a party. From the moment we met, we were inseparable. I ended up not going home for the next 5 days. Because I did not want to wear my clothes for 5 days straight I ended up wearing his clothes. He had this pair of wonderfully soft, worn-in jeans. They were quite big, but since I am a skater girl at heart, I am accustomed to wearing my jeans baggy and I made them work for me. They became my favorite pair of jeans for the next years. This was really a very long time ago, and way before the industry invented the term "boyfriend jeans"Christina Badkiss

100 Years of Union-Alls

2013 marks the 100th Year anniversary of the invention of the iconic Union-Alls, one-piece coveralls. In 1913, inspired by seeing a chauffeur fixing a car, Lee® founder H.D. Lee developed an overall that will protect the wearer both below and above the waist. A jacket and dungarees were stitched together to from full jacket coveralls. Worn by farmers, mechanics and railroad workers, it proved so successful, gaining immediate national popularity, that Lee® had to open several manufacturing plants over the next four years.

Lee® Stretch Deluxe

Promising to deliver superior fit and comfort, Lee® Stretch Deluxe jeans has built a strong following amongst the denim loving set. The strong core offering of fits include popular styles such as Scarlett (Skinny), Skyler (high waist superslim) and
Jeggings (low waist superslim), which are complimented with on-trend washes and colors.

Blue Label, Premium Quality Denim by Lee®

Only the best European mills are selected to provide fabrics for Lee® Blue Label, guaranteeing premium quality. The jeans have a soft feel, and yet ensure extra durability and comfort.
With its sleek design, Lee® Blue Label also delivers a smarter denim look with Signature blue trims and detailing such as the blue leather patch and tonal threads.
There are 5 denim fits plus 5 complementary tops. Every piece is crafted with the discerning wearer in mind. To be worn for every day and any occasion.

About LEE® Jeans, The Legendary Denim Brand Since 1889
Founded in 1889 by Henry David Lee in Salina, Kansas, Lee® is an authentic and legendary American denim brand born from a true workwear heritage. As well as pioneering work clothing that was smarter than the average, high quality and incredibly durable, Lee® also invented several garments that have become classics; the first ever dungarees, overalls, zip fly jeans, the railway worker jacket and the modern denim jacket.

Over the last 124 years, Lee® has become the symbol of real people around the world, a democratic brand that delivers high quality apparel for every day and any occasion.

Today Lee® offers jeanswear and accessories with a wide choice of great fits and finishes in ranges for men, women and children.

Lee® products are available in more than 100 countries around the world. 

Please do watch the VIDEO 

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