Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

I took my kids to see DESPICABLE ME 2 today at SM Manila Cinema after school since my youngest son has been begging me so many times if they could watch the Banana Movie.  

(Banana as referring to the Minions.)
The sequel to 2010's hit supervillain adventure Despicable Me, features gadgets and weapons like the original, but now with the aim of stopping "evil" instead of perpetrating it. There's a romantic subplot between Gru and Lucy, an Anti-Villain League agent. Margo has her first crush and boyfriend as well. Otherwise, this is a minions filled animated adventure for the entire family.

Animation, Kids & Family, Comedy.
 We first bought my Kid's Favorite Potato Corner ♥ 
 Yummy with extra powder/flavor. 

TIP: If you want it to stay fresh and good do not close the bag, let it open and breathe so when the movie starts it still as good. 
We also bought Famous Belgian Waffles Hot & Fresh Waffle Sandwiches. 
They chose the flavors chocolate and peanut butter and I ordered Bluberry Creamcheese. Oh so good! 

What's the story?

Retired supervillain Grulives happily with his three girls -- Margo, Edith , and Agnes-- their trusty minions, and Dr. Nefario , who's developing a line of jams and jellies for the family to sell. Then one day, a mysterious woman named Lucy kidnaps Gru and takes him to the underwater headquarters of the Anti-Villain League, where director Silas Ramsbottom explains that a dangerous bioweapon that can turn living creatures into purple killing machines has been stolen by a supervillain whom they believe is hiding at the Paradise Mall. The AVL wants Gru to infiltrate the mall and find out which shop owner has plans for world domination. Gru reluctantly agrees and poses as a cupcake baker, with Lucy his partner. Gru suspects the mall's Mexican restaurant owner, Eduardo , but becomes irrational when Margo falls for Eduardo's smooth-talking son, Antonio Meanwhile, Agnes desperately wants Gru to fall in love with Lucy so she'll have a mother, and the minions keep disappearing. Gru must once again the save the day, with the girls at his side.

Despicable Me 2 is a kid-friendly, mother-approved movie for all ages. When I asked them what rating I should give they said to put the perfect score. This movie has a good story. Those adorable minions are so funny that I really wish I had the chance to collect the Mcdonald's Happy Meal Despicable Me 2 characters but I have been asking around but it is sold out. 

If you find a Mcdonald's that still has it please do let me know. 
Thank you! 

How about you? 
Have you seen Despicable Me 2? 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. TGIF talaga, so nice to see you having fun with the bagets. Inggit ako! My son is 3 y/o and he haven't been inside the movie house idk how he's gonna behave mejo pasaway kase hehe but i'm sure he would love to watch that. I remember how many times he watched DESPICABLE ME 1 he really loves it. And yes the minions, ilang beses din sya nagsabe na he wants it too bad sold out na sayang talaga.

    1. Uu nga sana magkaroon pa sa Mcdonalds. Ang cute pa naman collections. Good luck sa anak mo, pag mga 4 siguro pede mo na sya dalhin and mag enjoy siya sa mga ganito movie like my kids. Yung pangalawa nga di nya dapat gusto panoodin pero sobra nagustuhan niya. :)

    2. hehe soon makakapasok na rin sya ng movie house! :)

    3. hehehe... Good Luck! Bring plenty of food na lang for him to eat.

  2. I haven't watched it yet but I am planning to. :) Hope I could see it soon. I've heard positive feedback about the movie so I am really excited to watch it. Glad you had fun with your kids. :)

    1. Yes let me know. :-) Medyo mababaw pero fun for kids and kids at heart.

  3. Super nag-enjoy kami ng anak ko sa movie na ito kaso bitin ako sana may kasunod agad..ang anak ko sobrang tuwang-tuwa sa mga Minions grabe ang games sa phone at tablet Minions... lagi low bat mga battery...:) pag meron na DVD buy kami.. sarap ulit-ulitin nakakatuwa... :)

    1. Uu nga baka magkaroon movie titled Minions lol! Sila yung nag dala ang cute nila e.

  4. I love this Movie, I enjoy it a lot! I really love how minions laugh, nakakahawa talaga sila,
    How I wish there's really minions in real world, I think they'll be fun to be with.
    "Underwear", the wedding song title lol :)) Can't wait for their next movie,,

    Loving it!


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