Cookie Butter Philippines ♥ Trader Joe's Cookie Butter Crunchy and Biscoff Speculoos Spread Creamy ♥

I got so excited when I received a package via LBC in a bubble-wrapped package and I immediately opened and was so happy that finally I will have the chance to taste the Instagram Craze exploded with photos of jars filled with a gooey peanut butter-like spread. Hearing almost everyone saying it's Good! Yummy! Delicious and selling out fast!

I got Curious and I flocked to the nearest grocery stores to try it out. Unfortunately, it wasn't available locally. 

Cookie Butter is exclusively distributed by Trader Joe's a specialty retail store in the USA. It can be bought in the States or have relatives abroad to send them but fret not if no one can send them to you from abroad or you have no plans on going to the States. You can still enjoy Cookie Butter at Cookie Butter Philippines, You can get all the contact information below. 

 Trader Joe's Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter Php 450

 Biscoff Spread Creamy Php 450

Thank you Ms. Lea  


Grab yours before it's too late and sold out!
Buy now at Cookie Butter Philippines 

Cookie Butter Philippines offers so much more than Cookie Butter. Also selling other delicious imported goodies that be sure to check it out! 

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  1. wow hope i can tried it also,to taste how yummy it is putting on hot pandesal and tasty also.

    1. Yes Marsha order na sa Cookie Butter Philippines. Sobra sarap! :-)

  2. wow I'm so jelly I want some! hehe

  3. I have not tried pa Cookie Butter. I am not sure if i am willing to pay 450 for peanut butter kaya im skipping it sa shopping list ko. Sana may mahulog nlng galing sa langit. hahaha!

    1. Yes price are quite steep pero masarap naman siya :-)

  4. Waaaaaa! My favorite palaman for tinapay! :)

  5. Yum,,I like the Biscoff... magpapa uwi ako sa hubby ko.. ;)

  6. OMG! P450 for a peanut butter?! I've heard from friends that it is really good, and it's all over the internet. But I'm not willing to shell out 450 just yet. I know, someday, matitikman ko rin yan. LOL!

    1. Yes medyo mahal but worth the price and every calories gained. hahaha :) I love Biscoff.

  7. I tried Speculoos from The Sandwich Guy and I must say that it's one of the best spread that I've ever tasted. ;)

    1. I never tried The Sandwich Guy but definitely will also give it a try. Yes it's so good no wonder it's been internet crazed.

  8. I already tried Biscoff, its worth a penny.
    I really love it, its one of my favorite but most of all I love nutella lol

  9. lgi ko tong naririnig! :) i'm so jealous for those people who get to try them. if only, it is a lot cheaper and sold locally, i would never hesitate to buy them!

  10. hi, i am looking for BULK buyers/resellers for the speculoos cookie butter. My mom is from California and she sends half-empty balikbayan box here in the Philippines every month. We’re looking for sellers/bulk buyers to fill up the empty spaces. email us at if you are interested. Thank you!

    1. Hi Arkin! You can buy Speculoos Crunchy Cookie Butter at they accommodate bulk transactions as they also have promos and affordable prizes here in the Philippines. Just check it out. Me and my family shop at for our groceries twice a month, and I found it very convenient.

  11. Super want to try this! I am so very curious about what it really tastes like that it has been a craze until now. It's a bit expensive kasi. I wish may paggising ko may dumating rin sakin. Haha :D

  12. Trader Joe's
    Speculoos Cookie Butter

    Variants / Flavors
    - Creamy
    - Crunchy (4 Jars Available) P450
    - Cookie & Cocoa Swirl (5 Jars Available) P450
    - Cocoa Almond

    S O L D
    - 1 Cookie and Cocoa Swirl
    - 1 Cookie and Cocoa Swirl

    Imported USA
    Brand New

    - Bolivia Street, Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City

    - Cash & Carry Mall (Buendia Makati)
    - SM Hypermarket (Buendia / South Super Hi-way)

    FB: ghielovesbabydrew


  13. I remember when my sister and I brought it from Joe and Cherry it 290PHP each. Nasarapan takaga kami. And mas prefer talaga namin ang biscoff! Pero masarap yung isang flavor ng Speculoos na cookie and cocoa swirl. Ill tag it to you on IG na lang for the pic 😊


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