Positive Dengue Fever :-(

Last tuesday morning when my eldest son Niko had a sudden high temperature fever and that got me worried because of the ongoing dengue epidemic, I took him to the doctor for a check up and the doctor instructed me to wait for 3 days after the fever started before we can go to the lab and get cbc and Dengue Duo. 

What is Dengue?
What are the signs and symptoms of Dengue?
What are the treatment to Dengue?
What are the prevention?
What is CBC? 
What is Dengue Duo?

Questions that you may have. 

Being a nurse we had studied a little about it and had experience patient with dengue but with my children having it I always panic, I know I get so worried whenever something not good happening to them. 

The doctor only prescribed to drink plenty of fluids, rest and to take tempra or acetaminophen every 4 hours while waiting to get lab results and also recommended Pocari Sweat. 

INFORMATION ABOUT DENGUE from kidshealth.org
What is Dengue Fever? Dengue fever is a tropical disease caused by a virus carried by mosquitoes. The virus can cause fever, headaches, rashes, and pain throughout the body. Most cases of dengue fever are mild and go away on their own after about a week.

Dengue (DEN-gee) fever is caused by four similar viruses spread by mosquitoes of the genus Aedes, which are common in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide.
When an Aedes mosquito bites a person who has been infected with a dengue virus, the mosquito can become a carrier of the virus. If this mosquito bites someone else, that person can be infected with dengue fever. The virus can't spread directly from person to person.
Many kids with dengue fever don't have symptoms; others have mild symptoms that appear anywhere from 4 days to 2 weeks after being bitten by an infected mosquito. Symptoms typically last for 2 to 7 days. Once kids have had the illness, they become immune to that particular type of the virus (although they can still be infected by any of the other three types).
In rare cases, dengue fever can lead to more serious forms of the disease. These conditions, called dengue hemorrhagic fever and dengue shock syndrome, can cause shock and death and need immediate medical treatment.

Signs & Symptoms

In the past, dengue fever was known as "breakbone fever," which might give you an idea of the symptoms it can cause — that is, if a person ends up having any symptoms at all. The fever isn't actually breaking any bones, but it can sometimes feel like it is.
Common signs and symptoms of dengue fever include:
  • high fever, possibly as high as 105°F (40°C)
  • pain behind the eyes and in the joints, muscles, and/or bones
  • severe headache
  • rash over most of the body
  • mild bleeding from the nose or gums
  • bruising easily
Symptoms are generally mild in younger children and those who get infected with the disease for the first time. Older kids, adults, and those who have had a previous infection may experience moderate to severe symptoms.
People with dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome will have the regular symptoms of dengue fever for 2 to 7 days. After the fever subsides, other symptoms worsen and can cause more severe bleeding; gastrointestinal problems like nausea, vomiting, or severe abdominal pain; and respiratory problems like difficulty breathing.
If left untreated, dehydration, heavy bleeding, and a rapid drop in blood pressure (shock) can occur. These symptoms are life threatening and require immediate medical attention.


No specific treatment is available for dengue fever. Mild cases can be treated by giving lots of fluids to prevent dehydration and getting plenty of rest. Pain relievers with acetaminophen can ease the headaches and pain associated with dengue fever. Pain relievers with aspirin or ibuprofen should be avoided, as they can make bleeding more likely.
Most cases of dengue fever go away within a week or two and won't cause any lasting problems. If someone has severe symptoms of the disease, or if symptoms get worse in the first day or two after the fever goes away, seek immediate medical care. This could be an indication of dengue hemorrhagic fever or dengue shock syndrome, which needs immediate medical attention.
To treat severe cases of dengue fever at a hospital, doctors will deliver intravenous (IV) fluids and electrolytes (salts) to replace the fluids lost through vomiting or diarrhea. This is usually enough to effectively treat the disease, as long as fluid replacement therapy begins early. In more advanced cases, doctors may have to perform a transfusion to replace lost blood.
In all cases of dengue infection, regardless of how serious symptoms are, efforts should be made to keep the infected person from being bitten by mosquitoes. This will help prevent the illness from spreading to others.


There is no vaccine to prevent dengue fever, so if children live in or will be visiting areas where dengue fever is likely, the only way to protect them from the disease is to minimize their chances of being bitten by an infected Aedes mosquito.
In such cases, take the following precautions:
  • Use screens on doors and windows, and promptly repair broken or damaged screens. Keep unscreened doors and windows shut.
  • Have kids wear long-sleeved shirts, long pants, shoes, and socks when they go outside, and use mosquito netting over their beds at night.
  • Use insect repellant 
  • Limit the amount of time kids spend outside during the day, especially in the hours around dawn and dusk, when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Don't give mosquitoes places to breed. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, so get rid of standing water in things like containers and discarded tires, and be sure to change the water in birdbaths, dog bowls, and flower vases at least once a week.
What is CBC? 
A complete blood count (CBC) gives important information about the kinds and numbers of cells in the blood, especially red blood cells , white blood cells , and platelets. A CBC helps your doctor check any symptoms, such as weakness,fatigue, or bruising, you may have. A CBC also helps him or her diagnose conditions, such as anemia, infection, and many other disorders.
More information on WEBMD

What is Dengue Duo?
positive result. 

He will be confine in the hospital. :( 

Please do pray for my son for his fast recovery so we can go home soon! 
Thank you!

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Oh my. I had dengue once too. I almost died because it was diagnosed late. My parents what I was having was just ordinary fever and tigdas, but Thank God I'm still alive. I hope your son will get well soon. Prayers for him to get well really soon.

    1. Thank you Gen. Awww Buti na lang okay ka na. Sana anak ko din gumaling na.

  2. dear dahon ng tawa tawa!!!! it will help!

    1. Hi Rovie thanks for the tip. Someone told me that pero san kaya nakabili?

  3. Get well soon to your son sis, in God's name.

  4. Get well soon, Niko! Will include your family in my prayers, Miss Rochelle. <3

  5. Sad to know that your son is sick.Get well soon,I will pray for you Niko..May the lord healed you faster..Thanks also for sharing the Human Nature insect repellant it will help my child on mosquito bite....

    1. Thanks Marsha please do include in your prayers. Yes take care of you child to prevent it from having it too.

  6. H Ms.Rochelle how's your son now? sana ok na sya at nakabawi na ng lakas..naku ako din takot ma Denge anak ko grabe ng pina check/test ko din sya mabuti Negative result naka hinga ako.. kaya I stock lots of Anti-mosquito lotion OFF & Bug shield..meron din ako dala palagi every time we go out.. super doble ingat ako.. every time din pasok sa school lagi din sya na ka Off lotion.. yung Bug Shield ng Human Hearts Nature sana medyo mild lang yung amoy ng LEMON Grass masyado kasi matapang ayaw ng anak ko amoy naiirita sya... sana ma-improve nila yun para sa mga bata.. ok sana kasi organics sya kaso yung amoy di gusto ng anak ko... :) Get well soon sana maging ok na si Niko.. :) we'll pray for you.. <3

    1. Hi Mayla,

      Ok na siya. Uwi na kami bukas. Thank God! Uu kailangan todo ingat tayo sa mga anak naten and mahirap talaga pag may sakit sila. Buti naman anak mo okay lang siya. Uu I agree with the smell ng Human Hearts Nature Bug Shield medyo amoy daw na matapang na nireklamo nila. Thanks please do include in your prayers.

  7. Hi Rochelle!

    I was just bloghopping then I read your story. Good thing naagapan. Dengue is really a killer if left untreated. What I know from dengue, if the patient has high fever and already took paracetamol pero di bumababa yung fever positive na yun. Yung dahon ng tawa tawa it's true! Yung dahon na yun pinapakuluan lang then yung water na pinakuluan yung ang pinapainom. Parang tea. Di sya masarap pero for sure tataas ang platelet. Sa amin kasi parang damong ligaw na tumutubo.

    1. Hi Icy!

      Thanks for hopping on my blog and yes buti nga nung first of fever dinala ko siya kagad sa doctor so medyo may expectations kami on what to do. Grabe hirap may dengue. Yes Tawa Tawa daw is good and hindi lang sa dengue nakakagamot madami pa siya gamot and talbos ng kamote was recommended din mismo by the doctor. Sa tawa tawa medyo pinagtawanan pa niya. Pero buti it was a mild symptoms dahil nagawan kagad ng remedy which is rehydration.

  8. I'm glad your son is okay now. Eto rin ang kinatatakutan ko eh. Kahit anong ingat natin na wag makagat mga anak natin ng lamok, nakakagat pa rin. I am using Tiger Balm Mosquito Repellent on my 16-month old son. Matapang din ang scent nya, very evident yung scent ng citronella oil. Kaya 1 spray lang, okay na. Hope maka-recover ng mas mabilis ang anak mo.

    1. True! Kahit ano ingat minsan talaga di maiiwasan. :-(

      Pero buti naman thankful at okay na anak ko ngayon. Yun lang yung mga organic matapang sa ilong. Take care!

  9. I agree with you, even us nurses still panic pag anak na natin ang pinag uusapan. Anyway buti ok na anak mo, uso talaga dengue ngayon rainy season na kase. I remember when I had Dengue fever when I was 7mos. pregnant worried talaga ako buti na lang d nag hemorrhagic and nasa 3rd trim na ako so ok na magtake ng meds. Sa panahon ngayon hirap magkasakit, extra ingat po.

  10. Hello Miss Rochelle? How are you now? Good thing naagapan po yung diagnosis. Delikado pa naman talaga yan. Hope you'll get well the soonest. And thank you for making this blog post. It will really help the others to be informed about dengue. In that way they know how to prevent it. :)

    1. Thanks Abigail. Okay na now. Yes dapat talaga agapan para di na lumalala. Take care :-)

  11. i remember my cousin who is diagnosed with dengue, she had to undergo blood transfusion =( and we were thankful that she had recovered fast yun nga lang naging sipunin siguro dahil sa natransfer na dugo sa kanya inalagaan na lang ng tita ko sa gatas =)

    1. O no! :-( Sorry to hear that buti na lang okay na siya ngayon. Take care!

  12. I really like this blog of yours, very informative talaga, napadaan na ako minsan dito sa post na eto kaya bumalik ako kase meron ulit ako gustong malaman, nakalimutan ko kase yong name nong spray kase inerekomenda ko sa friend ko, Thanks for sharing this brand. May Human Nature na rin kase dito sa place namin, buti na lang din.


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