BREEZE Sige Sabado Playbox moment to WIN a Trip to Legoland Malaysia!

We received this big box of fun a few weeks ago. I love surprises! 

We opened it immediately and...

My kids were amazed
The box was fun-filled with exciting activities kids can do to turn regular Saturdays into fun and colorfully awesome Sige Sabado days! 
It was from Breeze Philippines with encouragement to do the Sige Sabado campaign, where moms and dads are encouraged to spend their Saturday with their kids. 
This was a perfect timing to try new activities because I think kids are spending so much time playing video games or watching TV nowadays
and that the reason children get bored more easily today is because they don't have to use their imagination as much as children from previous decades did. 

I also felt that when you're overwhelmed with your responsibilities, it's easy to toggle into automatic pilot with your kids. If you don't spend time with them at all, you have lost your kids childhood. 

A BIG Thanks to Breeze for a brilliant idea on doing this campaign. 

Now we can have more bonding time that involves them to increase their creativity, intuition, imagination and to create wonderful childhood memories for them. 
Last Saturday, we had colorfully awesome sige day and my kids decided to do the Harlequin Mask Decorating Activity. The Breeze #SigeSabado Playbox has a detailed activity instruction which could be followed as easy as BREEZE! 

Harlequin Mask
Let your kid's imagination run free by making your own one-of-a-kind Harlequin mask. Using simple art supply materials, you can easily design this French-inspired mask and be ready for Halloween at any time of the year. Let your child live his or her fun fantasies through free-play. 

This kit includes: 
Plain mask, Glitters, Felt Paper, Laces, Glue and you will need scissors, old newspapers.  
Here's my son Ethan gluing the pieces of diamond shaped felt paper I cut out on the Harlequin Mask to create his unique masterpiece for his brother Elijah
Ethan's masterpiece!
Awesome job! 
We also did the monggo plant last Saturday, I just did not have the chance to take pictures while we were planting it but it's very exciting to watch how FAST the plants grow! This is our monggo plant after one week, they had so much fun watering it everyday and making sure that it is getting enough. My kids was very excited by this development! 

I encourage that if you do this activity to lets kids measure it each day and record their growth progress in a notebook. They can draw a picture of what the plant looks like every 3-4 days, add a measurement and label the diagram with parts of the plant as they develop. It's a rewarding activity that will teach your kids something new everyday.
Raise a Monggo Plant 
The best way to a greater appreciation for nature is by getting your hands dirty! Learn how to take care of plants with this simple science kit. The humble monggo plant is easy to take care of, but will guarantee that your child gets a hands-on experience at discovering nature.

We're super excited to do other activities this weekend
Tie-Die Kit
Moms and kids, bonding time is best when you do something creative. Using different colored dye powders, you can make a groovy shirt of your own. Feel free to explore the multi-colored patterns you can come up with. 
Dinousaur Egg Bath Bombs
Bath time will never be the same again when you make these Dinosaur Egg Bath Bombs. Using simple ingredients from the home, you can come up with your own colorful bath bombs that will surely give the kids hours of bathtub fun! 
Popsicle Stick Pen Holder
Using simple materials, you and your child can come up with something useful-in this case, a pen holder handy for the study desk. Just in time to make back-to-school more exciting! 
Animal Balloon Papier Mache
Get creative with this easy-to-make animal sculpture. Using simple paper, glue and water, you'll be guaranteed hours of fantastic artmaking. 
Make Your Own Slime
Enjoy this unique recipe for edible slime! It's gooey, sticky, icky fun for everyone! This recipe is completely non-toxic and safe for all kids. 
Choco Art
Let your artistic spirit run free using a unique and most delicious medium: chocolate! This edible art technique lets your child express himself in the most creative of ways and have him munch on his tasteful creation after. 

What's more is that by capturing and sharing your fun moments through Breeze Sige Sabado Facebook App, you get the chance to win a trip to Legoland Malaysia.
I just shared a Breeze Sige Sabado moment to win a trip to LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort! Try it now and get a chance to win a trip and be part of the Breeze Circle of Sige Moms!

Have fun with your kids and make any day a #SigeSabado day. You don't need a Breeze #SigeSabado playbox to do this, you can find the supplies that you have at home or find it in the store. 

For more information, tips and to join the Sige Mom Circle and take charge of your kids important learning and memories 

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Thank you Breeze Philippines and Stratworks for sending a Sige Sabado Playbox  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. ang galing ng naisip ng Breeze sa playbox na ito,. thumbs up!!! perfect bonding time, may matutunan ka pa,.

  2. I keep on sending entries to get this..My daughter will love it.


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