Malaysian Food Festival Lunch Buffet at Berjaya Makati Hotel

I was invited to taste the flavors of Malaysia at Berjaya Makati Hotel sometime last week. 
with blogger friends ♥ 
We spice up our taste buds with a multitude of options on the buffet lunch line-up.

 Salad Bar

Take your pick of Authentic Malaysian dishes and indulge in a modest selection of local fare like 
♥ Ayam Masak Merah (Chicken cooked in Chili and Tomato Sauce)
 Beef Rendang (Malay Spicy Beef Stew)
 Berjaya Chicken Rice (Steamed or Roasted Chicken served with flavourful rice, condiments- sweet soya sauce, chilli and ginger sauce) and clear chicken soup, 
Nasi Lemak (Famous Malaysian breakfast rice dish, coconut rice with dried anchovies, boiled egg, peanuts, cucumber and sambal), 
♥ Sambal Udang (Shrimp with sambal sauce)  and  Sambal (Malaysian chilli sauce made out of dried chillis and onions)
 Egg Curry
 Sotong Masak Kunyit
 Beef Rendang
 Kadai Vegetable
Chicken Jahl Fareji
For Dessert it's like the Filipino version of Ginataang Munggo. This one is my favorite! 
I'm not really sure what is the other drink but the color pink one is called Air Bandung and it is  a popular drink in Malaysia consisting of milk flavoured with rose cordial, It taste really good! 

If you'd like to savor something Malaysian without having to leave the country, they have a Malaysian Food Festival Lunch Buffet until August 09, 2014 where lunch costs only Php499.00 net per head from 11:30 am-2:00 pm Monday-Saturdays.   

Berjaya Makati Hotel
Makati Ave. cor. Eduque St., 
Makati City.
For more information and reservations, 
please call 750-7500 or email

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. napansin ko lang halos puro may chilis yata ang food,. hindi pa naman ako mahilig sa maanghang,.


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