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Flip flops are the next best thing to going barefoot. They're comfortable, fun to wear, stylish, and that is why I love wearing flip flops all the time.
Being a huge flip flop fan I was very excited when I got an invitation to the exclusive launch of Ipanema's latest collection at Rustans Makati. 

IPANEMA is the only Brazilian lifestyle brand that offers the dreamlike "Ipanema" fantasy in footwear for trendy, fashionable individuals in up-market locations in the Philippines who seek to project a comfortable sensuality in a time of more relaxed, dressed-down fashion trends. 

The brand delivers to us is that when you step into a Ipanema flip flop is like being transported to a new world where you feel life is so functional and beautiful.

 What I love most about Ipanema is that unlike many other flip flops and sandals, Ipanema products is not made of rubber. They're made of 100% recyclable PVC, which means Ipanema are environmentally friendly and making them more durable and comfortable. I don't usually like a rubber strap on cheap flip flops but with Ipanema which are made from soft PVC plastic material, you'll instantly notice improvements in comfort and support. 

“Who said that flip flops are only trendy during the summer time?” asked Mr. Francisco Elizalde, Managing Director of ELRO Corporation, the exclusive distributor of Ipanema in the Philippines. “At Ipanema, our footwear is designed to complement your daily ensemble—they look good and functional whether you’re walking on the beach or the city.”

“You don’t have to wear stilettos just to be fashionable,” Mr. Elizalde remarked. “Fashion is about creativity and expression. Look at it this way: you’re body is the canvas, and your clothes and accessories are the paint.”

Mr. Elizalde concludes: “Our classic latest designs are flexible in terms of style—meaning they can easily complement whatever you want to wear. Because Ipanema is known for its quality, design and functionality, it is ideal for us to set up an exclusive store in Manila where a lot of Filipinos are known to be creatively fashionable.”

While Ipanema has been widely popular among Filipinos, this marks the first time that it is launching an exclusive store in the country. Rustans was a strategic choice for Ipanema because the mall has been an established distributor of high-quality products and a promising retailer for five decades.

“We feel this is the perfect time to roll out the brand’s first store,” remarked Mr. Elizalde. “Rustan’s has given us this opportunity, and we know that we could better serve our customers if we give them more options to choose from, and a larger and more comfortable place to fit their footwear.”

Ipanema proudly present the most stylish new designs every season, with the largest range of flip flops, sandals and wedges available in a spectrum of colours and finishes. 

First is my favorite from the Ipanema Premium/ Fashion Collection is the Ipanema Sidewalk Fem is a wedge type and if you look at the design the insoles is very comfortable and at the same time at the center you will see the Ipanema beach sidewalk as the tile in the middle.  

Then the Ipanema Leblon Fem is another wedge type that brings happiness with every step and it's very stylish at the same you can wear anytime and anywhere.  If you are the type of person who don't like to switch much of the footwear this really fits you because when you do something at the day time and you go out at night or certain styles will now more flexible when you go out. 

Then the third one is called Ipanema Troca Tira or Switch Strap, this one is very diverse and at the same time when you buy a pair, it has to be straps so you can easily change, it is easy to change it and you don't have to go to the store to change it, you can change it yourself and so there are 3 different looks and different design for each collection.  

This thong called Ipanema Virtraux Fem that gives accent to sexy feet! It looks like a basic sandal but you will see the gems that will really flatter your feet. 
Looking for simple yet elegant? Ipanema Charme Glam Fern is the class and comfort that has the elegant looking design with stone embellished on the straps. 
Then the cute Mother-Daughter matching flip flops called GB Sandal Fem. I wish I had a daughter, this is so cute for us to wear matching stylish footwear that is perfect for any occasions.  

 Ipanema GB Sandal Baby
 Ipanema GB Sandal Kids
Ipanema GB Sandal Fem

What exquisite design do you love most with the latest collection?   

Check out Ipanema's new collection at Rustans Makati 


Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. cute talaga mga designs nila, kaya lang i can't afford to buy one, poor lang! pero it never stop me from touching their items pag nasa mall, kahit dun man lang ma feel ko sya, been receiving an invitation also via email and text pag me latest promos sila pero i always turned it down kasi nga wala akong pambili, always hoping that one day makakabili rin ako nito....

  2. I love Ipanema,Got only pair nag iipon pa ako for second medyo pricey kasi inuuna pa mga needs ng babies ko before yung gusto ko but ipon ako for wedge nila super like ko =)


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