#TobleroneSnowTop EPIC SNOW PARTY at Imperial Ice Bar

Toblerone Brings SnowTop to Manila and welcoming this cool treat, we were invited to Toblerone  Epic Snow Party held at Imperial Ice Bar in the Fort, Taguig. 
Lovely Tobies Stylishly clad in white and enjoyed the night with Delicious Swiss Milk Chocolate Toblerone   
Key people to success spark sticks to make something magical happened to Taste and Experience Snow with this New Treat! 

That cool and delicious-looking wonder that makes you think joyful thoughts? Well, you don’t have to get a visa or even travel far to experience snow. Because it’s right here in the Philippines! 
It's Raining Snow! Yey! 

Presenting one of the coolest and most delicious things you’ll experience this year: Toblerone SnowTop with that unique honey and almond nougat taste. Yum! Then imagine the White Chocolate Toblerone, similarly delicious. Can you still manage this? Imagine putting the two of them together and boom! 
A mountain of Milk and White Chocolate in one bar. That's Toblerone SnowTop
We were treated to the Winter Wonderland of Toblerone SnowTop bar's cool and icy VIP room-complete with snow jackets and snow of course.
 It's a giant freezer room with an ice bar and the Toblerone SnowTop Ice Sculpture. It was the coolest way to sip your drink, I was amazed! The bartender will put your drink on the mountain or Snow Top and it will come out on the other end in the bottom of E of TOBLERONE and there's a straw that you sip with style!   
or you can drink from a shot glass made of ice.  
The Toblerone Cocktail was yummy!
It made me very happy!
and happier that I was one of the four runner-up winners in the Instagram Contest on answering why I want the New and Coolest #TobleroneSnowTop Chocolate Bar and took home a Huge Toblerone Gift Pack and I would've been the happiest if I was the grand winner that also won an iPad aside from the Huge Delicious Toblerone. ;P Lol! 
(Photo credit to my best dressed/best friend/sister http://www.r0ckstarm0mma.com/)

Toblerone Ambassador and Fashion Blogger Laureen Uy judged the best dressed of the night and I am so proud that my friends won  

Super Fun Night with good friends and a night of tasting the delicious new flavor. 

Thank you so much Toblerone Pilipinas for inviting us to your most epic party ever and Congratulations on a very successful party!

Appealing to food and fashion lovers’ hearts, the cool silver look of Toblerone and the delicious marriage of Milk and White chocolate can be yours now when you visit your friendly 7/11 store. 

Watch out also for its launch nationwide this August too!

Do You Want to Build a Snowman?
Join the #MakeSomeonesDay with Toblerone Contest for a chance to win a trip to Switzerland or a Huge Toblerone. 

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#MakeSomeonesDay contest, visit
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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. This is so cool siiiis! the event looked so fun!! wish I was able to join you guys too :)

  2. cool,. sayang talaga hindi ako pinalad na manalo dun sa promo nila na makasali dyan,. halatang enjoy na enjoy kayong lahat,.

  3. that night of this party there was a contest via twitter, wherein you may win one of the 50 giftpacks, waahhh too bad i did'nt win hu hu hu

  4. This place is amazing! I went for corporate team building activities there and the place was simply breathtaking. I would recommend this place to anyone.


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