Tatt Awards 2014 Finalists

Tatt Awards 2014 now trims the list down to the top five online mavericks per category as they announce the finalists!

The brave, the witty and the bold have made it to the top, and it is now time to pass it on to the rest of the online community as the voting begins.

The power to choose the best is in your hands. Vote for your favorite finalists at TattAwards.com until August 3, 2014.  The remaining fifty percent (50%) of the Tatt awards criteria will be coming from the general public’s votes. The additional half of the criteria is based on content quality, social media impact and relevance to the specific category that were already determined by the Tatt Council during the deliberation phase.

Winners of this year’s Tatt Awards will be revealed on August 8, 2014. Winners of the major categories of Tatt Awards 2014 will receive a cash prize of Php 100,000.00 and special awards will receive Php 50,000.00.

Tatt Awards 2014 Finalists:
The One - This recognizes the masters of reinvention who not only adapted to new media, but succeeded in it as well. These are people whose creativity, unique voice and understanding of their medium enabled them to reinvent themselves yet remain bastions of their unique POV, subsequently becoming arbiters of online cool and enabling them to stand tall amidst the clutter and ever changing social media tide allowing them to crossover between mainstream and digital platforms and vice versa.
♥ Vice Ganda

♥ Kimpoy Feliciano
♥ Abra
♥ Bamboo
♥ Katha Magazine

Trending Twitter Phenom of the Year - The most influential trendsetter on Twitter that moved people either with humor, opinion, or witty one-liners - all in 140 characters. This person is ahead of the pack in terms of Twitter popularity and content.
♥ Kimpoy Feliciano

♥ Vice Ganda
♥ Senyora SantibaƱez
♥ Gandang Gabi Vice
♥ Professional Heckler

YouTube Phenom of the Year - This award is for the most influential video maker (individual or group) who shook the Pinoy Youtube space with creations, ignited thoughts, and entertained people online.
♥ Jamich

♥ Psy
♥ Mikey Bustos
♥ Lloyd Cadena
♥ Super Selfie (Gab Valenciano)

Instagram Phenom of the Year - This award is for that person or group that harnessed a community of Instagram followers and likers to appreciate his very own art gallery of images online. Filtered or not, his images have inspired and influenced many to share more of their lives - in pictures, real-time.
♥ Jelito De Leon

♥ Patrick Dee
♥ DearAteCharo
♥ Gianimated
♥ Googly Gooeys

Supreme Trendsetter of the Year – The Philippine Star’s Supreme section covers the best in social media, pop culture, and trends. This award goes to the person who has used social media to make a supreme impact on the pop culture landscape.
♥ Baby Zion
♥ KathNiel (Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla)
♥ Vice Ganda
♥ Flyart Productions
♥ Ang Diary ng Panget
♥ Ellen Adarna
♥ Miriam Defensor-Santiago

Best Social Media Movement Award - This award goes to a social media account owner or group who launched an online movement working to improve the state of a societal cause in the Philippines. This person or group invested time and effort for the betterment of other people’s lives.
♥ Youth Act Now

♥ Change.org
♥ Gawad Kalinga
♥ BloggerforReliefPH
♥ MovePH

Best Digital Artist, presented by Spotify - This is for musical bands and indie artists who fought hard to claim their space in the hearts of the Filipino audience who accept that web time is better than airtime. They created, shared, and now they lead people’s hearts through music online.
♥ Bamboo

♥ Sarah Geronimo
♥ Mayday Parade
♥ Parokya ni Edgar
♥ Abra

Best Style Blog/MicroBlog Award - This is for that one person that not only reviewed fashion on his blog and/or microblog but also set trends that everyone followed and loved. This covers all Philippine fashion niches like clothes, events, and personalities.
♥ DG Manila -David Guison

♥ Liz Uy
♥ Kim Jones 
♥ Tricia Gosingtian
♥ Style Bible

Best Fitness Blog /MicroBlog Award - As long as you talk mostly about sports, health, and fitness in any blog or microblog you have. The channel can be about any sport or all of them! It can even be an instructional blog about the activity or just a commentary about games.
♥ PinoyFitness.com

♥ David Guison
♥ Run Rio
♥ Fat Kid Inside
♥ Whatsyourgameplan.tv

Best Podcast Award - Informed, in the know, and always ready to talk about the latest topics relevant to their field, this group/person not only presents us with access to the latest trends and ideas that would help shape our online society, but also the shares opinions that not only makes us think, but also engages us to participate in the conversation.
♥ The Cave

♥ Geeky Nights
♥ Becky Nights
♥ From The Stands
♥ The Morning Rush

Best Lifestyle Blog /MicroBlog Award - A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. And the first step to get this year’s Lifestyle Blog/Microblog Award is that this blogger has to have a good reputation in the sphere of food, travel, and photography blogging .
♥ Madhousemnl

♥ Lifestylehub.net
♥ Our Awesome Planet
♥ When in Manila
♥ Nomadicexperiences

Best Tech Blog /MicroBlog Award - Informed, in tune and in check with the latest in tech, this person does not only present us with access to the latest in trends, but also the backstage of the fast paced world of e-knowledge.  
♥ Geeky Nights

♥ TechRap
♥ Pinoy Tech Blog
♥ YugaTech
♥ Geeky Pinas

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