Appebon Kid! Ang Batang Ganado Batang Can Do event

Last July 15, I was glad I made it to the Appebon Kid! Ang Batang Ganado Batang Can Do event before the tropical storm "Glenda" has hit the Philippines. I hope everyone was safe from Typhoon Glenda! This is one of the worst storms to ever hit the Philippines. Thousands of houses had no power and many cars and trees were destroyed. I wish all those affected including us the best of luck in restoring power and rebuilding whatever may have been destroyed. Keep safe everyone and let us always pray. 

Anyway, in a stormy month like July (I hope we had enough storm this month) and good nutrition has become important than ever. 

Did you know that in the Philippines, Nutrition Month is celebrated every month of July? 

I came to the event with eagerness to learn more about Appebon Kid syrup. I wanted to know how it can help my children’s nutrition. Apart from that, I want my children to be more ganado when it comes to eating and this looks like a good supplement to help provide children with nutrients essential for energy and to help improve appetite. 

We had a lovely intimate brunch held at Italianni's, BGC and had a wonderful morning with great food, great conversation, lots of laughs and learned a lot of very informative and interesting facts about our kids. 
The Guest Speaker was Dr. Florianne Feliza Valdes, The Director of the Center for Patient Partnership of the Medical City Hospital. 

Dr. Valdes clearly explained to us about our children's eating habits and my worries about what my children eat- and don't eat and how it is so hard to feed them sometimes.

Being a picky eater is nothing about the child; it’s nothing even about what they eat.” -Dr Valdes remarked.

I believe in what she said that the number one reason of being a picky eater is the parent’s feeding habits. Dr. Valdes pointed out the importance of giving breast milk until the first year of life and how it is the best gift you can give to your children.

The second cause of making them picky is feeding them snacks less than 2 hours before the main meal. The reason for this is because when it comes to the actual mealtime he won’t care anymore because he is already full.

The third reason and I am very guilty to this that feeding them junk food. Often times I just give them anything they like just so they will eat something. Like my kids, they love hotdogs, corned beef, instant noodles, spam, and bacon, anything that’s fried, and a lot fast food.

As a parent, a kid’s loss of appetite is frustrating since I want my child to get good nutrition. Being ganado is important because I want them to become healthy and gain weight by eating a lot of food that are rich in nutrients, minerals and vitamins. 

As discussed by Dr. Valdes, a well-nourished child is healthy in every way.  There are three important things to be considered to raise a well-nourished child. First is nurturing. It’s important for parents to fully know their child – their physical and mental abilities, their strengths and weaknesses, physical attributes, and the whole genetic buildup of the child. Through this, proper care and attention will be given to nurture the child’s innate talents and abilities.

Second is nature. Nature refers to the loving environment we provide to our children. It’s best if we can start caring for them at the onset - when they are still in our womb. Talking, reading books and singing sweet lullabies will help them develop their cognitive skills and they will have a sense of belonging hearing our voice.
The third is nutrition. Exclusive breastfeeding for the first year of life is good and recommended. Breast milk is the most desirable, complete diet for babies because of the numerous health benefits it provides. According to some studies, breastfeeding reduces the risk of onset asthma and allergic diseases in babies.
As kids age, it is best if they will develop a healthy eating habit.  Encouraging them not to eat in front of the television will be of great help. Doing other activities and chatting while eating will definitely affect their diet and the result – sooner or later they will become picky eaters.
A complete well-balanced meal is comprised of the three macro nutrients - proteins, fats and carbohydrates. These nutrients are needed in large quantities to sustain growth, metabolism and other bodily functions.
However, as people age, individual nutrient requirement also change. Take these as examples, young children need carbohydrates for growth whereas pregnant women need carbohydrates and fats; and, for those who want to lose weight, they need more protein.

Our bodies also require other nutrients called micronutrients. They come in two kinds – vitamins and minerals, which both can be found in food. If this is deficient, that’s when you need to consult with your pediatrician and consider using a supplement to help with your kid’s nutritional needs.
Why do you need appetite stimulants?
Appetite stimulants are needed to promote healthy desire for food and routine nutrient absorption. 

Appebon Kid is a nutritional supplement to help provide children with nutrients essential for energy and improved appetite for kids 2 – 12 years of age with a flavor that kids will love.

Appebon Kid then gave out JNBM paper clay art, activity books and scrapbook materials during the event to take home.

The classes were suspended the next day, so with the kids at home, we decided to do the paper clay art! We had so much fun bonding and doing the activity together. I’m so glad since this activity can help develop children’s motor skills, enhance their creativity and uniqueness, develop cognitive skills through color perception and recognition, and is also considered as stress therapy.

Then I created a scrapbook that shows what my kids are ganado about or what interests them. Like for my son Nikolas, who is 12 and is very ganado in playing basketball. My 7-year-old son, Ethan is ganado with painting and Elijah who is 5 years old is ganado with swimming.

I know that they can achieve more if they are ganado about what they like doing and if they eat more nutritious foods that will give them more energy and make them healthier.

I started giving them Appebon Kid and I will tell you about the results on giving them Appebon Kid soon! 

Sabi nga, “Ang Batang Ganado, Batang Can-Do”! Kapag ganado sa food, laging can-do sa anuman ang interests niya! 

I found a lot of tips on helping our kids to be more ganado at

#BatangGanado #AppebonKid

Thank you so much Appebon Kid and Nuffnang Philippines for inviting me

And for this lovely bouquet of flowers, it truly made me feel very special.

Fellow Mommy Bloggers Glaiza of Moomy Musings and Kaye of Shining Mom 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. The foods look delicious and nutritious.Kids will surely love it!


  2. I also give this to my son, hiyang ng son ko, mas gumana sya kumain :)

  3. good eating habits should start on us's a sign of encouragement for our children, and a good food supplement like this would help...

  4. Such an informative post. Wish I could have attended this event...

  5. I've come here almost every year for charity or corporate events and grand galas. The view is incredible, the design is simple and elegant, the event coordinator staff is friendly etc.

  6. Eto din prescribed by my son's Pedia. Since my son started taking this supplement, malakas at ganado na siya kumain. Before, he's underweight pa, ngayon medyo malaman na. =) I would definitely recommend Apebon sa mga mommies. =)

  7. hi, would you know if i can give ceelin plus and appebon kids simultaneously? my 2 year old daughter is really a picky eater.


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