Enjoy a night of Japanese Pub Food & Drinks at Wafu Izakaya Festival

I experienced a whole new way of enjoying Japanese food in Greenhills with the launch of the Wafu Izakaya Festival. 

Literally, Izakaya means "a sake shop to stay." I remember back when I was in Japan and we would passed by people staying in an izakaya for a few hours enjoying authentic Japanese food, sake and they are having so much fun! Let's join them and see how Japanese people enjoy their night life!  
The First and Only Japanese Pub and Street Food Festival in Manila is here!

Wafu Japanese Restaurant setup a casual setting with wooden tables and chairs that provide pub goers with comfortable seating that complement the food carts and booths
where chefs prepare your order in front of you, just right outside its doorsteps and it is called "Izakaya" a Japanese-style pub slash street food festival.

The menu at Izakaya Festival in Wafu is extensive and reasonable and conveniently priced at P120, P150 and P180, so paying up after a few round of drinks with you friends will be easy.  

Wafu Izakaya Festival offers  many different selection of sushi and sashimi, maki, a bite of tempura, grilled yakitori (grilled chicken skewers), and deep-fried items and other Japanese specialties. 

All food items such as yakitori, kushiage, kushiyaki, sushi and sashimi are prepared as you order; thus, all orders are served fresh or piping hot. Traditional Japanese menu boards and paper lanterns add to the authentic Japanese pub ambience to Wafu's Izakaya.

Traditional Japanese dishes at the Festival is best paired with either a bottle of cold Asahi beer and Japanese sake. 

For instance, Kushiyaki is not your typical barbecue. Skewers of meat, seafood or vegetables are grilled plain and seasoned with salt or your choice of sauce before being served to you. While kushiage has a heavier batter than tempura making it a more filling snack-on-a-stick.
Kushiyaki choices include chicken meat (breast, thigh, liver or tail), pork belly, shiitake mushroom, beef tenderloin and salmon belly. Of the kushiage items, try the skewers of chicken, pork belly, prawns, scallops, zucchini and quail eggs.

To up the fun, other popular traditional fare are also served as Wafu Izakaya. Okonomiyaki, or Japanese-style cabbage and meat pancakes, is also available, as well as gyoza, tofu steak and barbecues of grouper, snapper and salmon jaws.

The food at Wafu is so good, that this Japanese restaurant is already my favorite and if you want a special night out to kick back, relax and unwind then bring your friends over for a unique gastronomic experience.

Visit Wafu Izakaya Festival from 6 p.m. onwards.

Wafu Japanese Restaurant
Greenhills Shopping Center
San Juan, Metro Manila
For more details, 
please call WAFU at 0917 877 0101

For more information, 
Follow on FACEBOOK:
TWITTER: @WAFUgreenhills
INSTAGRAM: @wafugreenhills
WEBSITE: www.wafu.com.ph 

Share your gastronomic experience with hashtag #WafuIzakayaFestival and #IzakayainManila 

You may just get 5 Asahi Beer bottles on the house! 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Wow! Their dishes look yummy siiis!!! I love Japanese cuisines! will definitely give this a try :)

  2. almost always grilled food are the best....minus the beer, i don't drink kasi

  3. I'm surprised that many rather out street style pala than dine in at the very spacious and posh interiors of wafu which is one of the main reasons why I want to dine at the place =))

  4. tempura & grilled food, nakakatakam,. bagay na bagay sa beer,. inuman na,.

  5. I would suggest this place for any event of under 100 people where you want an elegant atmosphere for a very reasonable price. Their food is delicious and the ambiance is elegant.

  6. It's a fantastic place! I attended an amazing event here, loved the ambience and the staff was super friendly. We faced absolutely NO problems with anything.


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