July is National Nutrition Month: Appeton Tips To Bulk Up in a Healthier Way

It is a real challenge for some people who struggle to gain weight, just like most people who are on the other end of the scale, desperately trying to lose weight.   

Some of the reasons for why people need to gain weight include health issues, lack of appetite, fueling sports, building muscle, or just trying to overcome skinny genes.

Appeton Weight Gain Adult brings to Philippine individuals a healthier way to increase their weight, with its commitment in initiating various technological innovations to produce better healthcare products.  Appeton Weight Gain is a protein formula milk powder packed with amino acids needed for tissue growth.  It is clinically proven to increase weight in adults healthily.

July is declared as National Nutrition Month, in pursuant to Presidential Decree 49 or the Nutrition Act of the Philippines signed on June 25, 1974.  And every year, various activities have been lined up throughout the country for this month-long celebration.

This year, starting July 01 to 31, 2014, Appeton Weight Adult Team will go to selected hospitals and medical institutions within Metro Manila to provide tips to bulk up in a healthier way.  Medical professionals or practitioners and even patients from these hospitals have a chance to ask about the healthier way to increase their weight. 

The team also offers free taste of Appeton Weight Gain Adult through their product ‘wet sampling’.  Schedules as follows: Asian Hospital and Medical Center (July 1), Metropolitan Medical Center (July 7), Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital (July 8), Lung Center of the Philippines (July 11), St. Lukes Medical Center – Quezon City (July 14), Philippine Heart Center (July 16), Cardinal Santos Medical Center (July 22), Chinese General Hospital (July 25), and Makati Medical Center (July 25).

Appeton Weight Gain Adult is available at leading drug stores and supermarkets nationwide: Watsons, South Star Drug, Manson Drug, St. Joseph Drug Store, Landmark Supermarket, Rose Pharmacy, RM Pharma and Gen. Mdse., and Shopwise.  

For inquiries regarding Appeton Weight Gain Adult, you may call (02) 814-0159.   

  From Left to Right: Ms. Kristine Benavidez-Fabi, RND OIC-Assistant Manager, Clinical Nutrition Department Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Ms. Haydee I. Gonzales, Head of Consumer & Product Development, Tokagawa Global Corp., Ms. Liezel Mansilungan, Sales Executive, Mr. Augene 

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  1. i need this, having a 1 yr old baby na sobrang likot kahit anong ggawin kong kain dahil sa pagod namamayat ako,.

  2. At least to those moms who need it, you have a product like this to rely on. Get the nutrition that you need.

  3. i know someone who needs this, and i am not sure it'll work for him, sobrang bilis ng metabolism nya, and if i am not mistaken and dami na nyang na try just to gain weight, pero wala tlaga....

  4. effective po ba sya ,,kasi grabe ko po kapayat talagang patpatin kunting hangin eh parang lilipad na po ako ,, namayat ako kasi puro work wala na ako time para kumain kasi pag dumating ako sa bahay imbis pagkain hanap ko eh higaan na sa sobrang pagod


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