Healthy Hair Color at Regine's SALON by L'OREAL Professionnel Majirel

Last July 14, I went to Regine's Salon in Makati and used my hair coloring session gift certificate that I got from L'Oreal Professionnel: Majirel Celebrating Years of Haircolor Success with the Launch of New Brand Ambassadors event. 

I was super busy that day and that I was almost an hour late for my 4pm appointment so when I arrived I had to wait for about 30 minutes and the first thing you're offered is a drink, I asked for an iced tea and while waiting I looked around the place and found an amazing collection of awards and recognition from L'OREAL
Obviously I'm not a blonde, but I've been wanting to go blond since I was 20. It took me five different salons just to get the blonde that I want to achieved.  The other salons I go to refused to bleach my hair because they said it was going to super damaged my hair but I told them that I don't care and so just recently, I finally became a blond but no one told me that it was pretty and that is not good when no one compliments your hair.  Blonde is a hair color that usually requires stuff like bleach, foil, and strange color shampoo. Bleaching gives you high-maintenance hair and growing out bleached hair with dark roots can look pretty gross. 

I decided to give my hair a rest from all the over-processing and let go of my blonde ambition and when I made a survey a lot of people voted for me to go for a darker shade because they said it will bring more glow to my face. Blonde is sort of magical in that it casts a flattering halo of light around the face, diffusing and softening any features that you might not like. 
I had full hair coloring session using L'OREAL Professionnel Majirel.
I opted for a Majirel 6.35 Dark Golden Mahogany Blonde with a mixture of Majirel 4 in Brown because I was inspired by Luanne Dy, the newest Filipina endorser of Majirel that represent the chinita Filipinas. I really love the color of her hair and it was recommended to me. 
Majirel Permanent Hair Color will give you vibrant permanent color results and it is formulated with L'Oreal Professionnel's patented core to surface technology ingredients Ionene G & Incell Complex. Both technologies deliver long-lasting conditioning properties to strengthen & protect hair with high shine. 
L'OREAL Professionnel Majirel color chart with more than 100 shades that will give you infinite color possibilities to fullfill your color creativity. 

6.35 is well suited for fair to medium complexion. 

My hair turned out AMAZING! I get compliments daily on the color and it suits me better and I'm happy about my decision.  

Rexie did a very good on my hair making sure that it is evenly color since I had black roots already and turned blonde to darker avoiding to turned green. It was more professional and blend together better then I love how he blow-dried my hair with a lot of volume. 
I highly recommend Rexie of Regine's Salon. He was very friendly and fun to talk to and very knowledgeable in different types of color and style. 
 L'OREAL Professionnel NEW KERATIN Steam bond + color shine looks interesting to try.

But for now I am super enjoying my soft, stronger and healthier hair by L'OREAL Professionnel Majirel. I highly recommend this for those who primarily use hair colour to cover greys or vibrant shades. It adds natural shine and volume to normally dry and frizzy hair.  

Regine's Salon 
2nd Floor, The Link Building, 
North Drive cor. Makati Avenue
Landline: 856-1723/856-1724
Mobile: 0916-744-3299/0922-852-0529

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Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Wow great change!:) Love the new look and darker shade on you.

  2. wow,. lalo kang gumanda ms. Rochelle,.

  3. mam, mas bagay mo yang new color ng hair mo, you look younger and bubbly

  4. Love the new look. So refreshing:)


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