Experience Bathing With Perfume with the New LUX Perfumed Bath Collection

Filipinas can now have the luxurious experience of bathing with perfume every day, as LUX finally sets the Philippines abloom. 

I have a fetish of smelling good and LUX did me a huge favor by creating their products. I smell irresistibly good that my husband can't get enough of my scent and can't stop sniffing the goodness out of me. It leaves a lasting and unforgettable impression wherever I go. That magical perfume that evokes precious memories. That lingering fragrance that captivates and creates special moments. 

The new LUX Perfumed Bath Collection is masterfully designed and crafted by perfume experts from New York, Paris, and London. No wonder it smells so good. 

It offers a selection of four different perfumed body washes and three perfumed bar soaps

Lux Soft Touch: A flirtatious fragrance for the playful woman ♥ Bathe in alluring perfume of delicate French Roses for a superior fragrance and irresistible soft skin. 
Lux White Impress: A luminous breakthrough to achieve flawless skin ♥ Made with WhiteLight technology and the crystal clear scent of White Florals for visibly fairer skin and a feeling of flawlessness. 
Lux Love Forever: A sensual scent for an unforgettable impression ♥ The world's first body wash with Fragrance Touch Technology that releases perfume with just a touch of your skin for up to 12 hours. 
Lux Magical Spell: A mesmerizing perfume for the bold woman. Master perfumer Nicole Mancini helped design this irresistible fragrance with the unabashedly feminine woman in mind.  ♥ Crafted with the exotic Black Orchid for a voluptuous perfume that lasts for up to 8 hours on your skin.  
And my skin after using this body wash? So soft and smooth. Pack with lush moisturizing ingredients work to moisturize and condition the skin while making it highly absorbent and supple. And yes, the captivating scent lasts for hours! 
A small amount delivers a generous amount of luxurious foam. It lathers up almost instantly-within three seconds-into a lush and creamy foam.

Turn your shower routine into an indulgent ritual and experience bathing with perfume with the New LUX Perfumed Bath Collection. Feel more beautiful and confident than ever. Grab yours now! 

Be the first to experience the NEW LUX Perfumed Bath Collection by signing-up HERE (<--CLICK LINK) Slots are limited. Only the first 4,500 unique sign-ups will receive the gift set. 

Share your Lux Experience with the hashtag #BatheWithLux

To know more about the entire collection, visit LUX website at www.HouseofLux.com.ph/BatheWithPerfume
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  1. Wow! I love and excited to try this new body wash from Lux!

  2. By merely looking at it, I can imagine how its smells really great. I can't wait to try all the variants. Sure I will enjoy bath time even more:) The design of the soap is so cute! I'm so happy that it will be available here

  3. i did sign up for this kaya lang puno na daw ung free slot, but they said we still have a chance to get a free sample via their fb post just by commenting our instagram name,(wish me luck), so intrigued to try these....

  4. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to sign-up for the first 4,500. :-( However, I saw some Lux products in Robinsons Supermarket when I visited there to buy some groceries last time. :-) Thus, if some of us didn't get the chance to receive a sample from Lux, but still want to try how sweet the smell of this new Lux is, fret not because you can still have it just by visiting the nearest leading supermarkets in your place. :-) Thanks Ms. Rochelle for sharing about this, Lux reminds me of my younger days, because this was the soap that my mom was using that time, and I think it was in a very simple packaging in the past. :-) Then now, it has a new Perfumed Bath Collection that will definitely makes us smell so fresh and so good! :-)


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