Jerico Rosales for Kuya J Restaurant #IkawAngBida

There is no place like home. This is what I felt when I tasted the food in Kuya J Restaurant. All of the dishes reminded me that the world has so much else to offer but there is nothing like Filipino food. I had so much fun eating at Kuya J. The food was amazing and everything was just right. What I like most about them is they use the freshest ingredients and they don't try to alter something's flavor. And they did a good job in that factor. Their fried rice (humbinagoongan & danggit) were heavenly while the Kare-Kare contained the right amount of peanuts and its meat was very tender. From Lumpia Presko to Crispy Catfish.

I was just having the right amount of good time but when the Crispy Pata was served, fireworks and confetti was fired. I was so pumped to see the very handsome Jericho Rosales serving us a mouthwatering Crispy Pata.
 Kuya J’s Crispy Pata

I'm not really sure if it's Jericho or the Crispy Pata that I was drooling over. Well, if they have one thing in common, it is that they are both my favorite! It was him which made my night even better than it already was but it was the Crispy Pata that made me forget my name. It was so crispy in the outside but the meat in the inside was so tender it feels like it melts right in your mouth. There is no enough adequate adjective to describe how sumptuous and glorious the crispy pata was. I recommend that you try it yourself and validate all the things I just said. 
Perfectly deep-fried pork skin, with tender juicy pata meat. Crispy delicious. Specialty ni Kuya!
Grilled Scallops
This is one of the restaurant’s specialties. Each shell is topped with butter and cheese and then grilled. My favorite! It was gone in 60 seconds in our table. 
Chorizo Dinamitas
Pastry wrapped deep-fried jalapenos with Cebu chorizo and cheddar cheese. The best with garlic mayo dip. 
Lumpia Presko
Sauteed crabmeat and bamboo shoots filling rolled in malunggay infused wrapper with sweet garlic sauce. Ito ang favorite ng date ni Kuya. 
Pancit Canton
Generous amounts of tender pork meat, shrimp, squid and squid balls na hinalo sa stir-fried egg noodles. 
Pochero Bulalo Tagalog

Slow-cooked beef shank in a rich savory broth. May kasamang mais, saging na saba, camote at Baguio beans.  

This dish is arguably considered the signature Filipino dish. Kuya J does a good job: The sauce is thick, sweet, and has a peanut buttery taste. 
Crispy Catfish
Battered deep-fried catfish seasoned with spices, served with chili tuba sauce and bagoong mayo. 
Kuya’s version of a Filipino favorite, cooked ideally para ma-achieve ang tamang lamot ng gulay, kane at maliliit na hipon. 
Sizzling Sisig with egg
The all-time Filipino favorite sizzling, crispy and crumbly chopped pork belly na hot na hot sa sarap. 
Danggit Rice
Sinangag na dinagdagan ng danggit bits, oil, chives at fried danggit. 
Humbinagoongan Rice Platter
Sinangag with bagoong alamang. Topped with pork humba meat, green mangoes, bell peppers and red onions. 
Kuya J’s Fresh Fruit Shakes
Cool off with one of these delicious fresh fruit shakes, perfect drink if you want to cool up, quench your thirst and be refreshed.  

Mango Pandan
Ang classic panghimagas. Creamy mango pandan. My Favorite! 
Cebuano Mangga Cheesecake
Layers of muscovado graham crust, cream cheese and fresh mangoes to top it all off. 
Leche Flan
Ang original sweetheart ni Kuya! Leche Flan with classic caramel sauce. 
Tablea flan w/ Coffee Syrup (P85)
Made with Batangas tablea and coffee caramel. A perfect dessert if you want something different but still Pinoy. 

Visit Kuya J and go to food paradise the same way I did when I tasted their food.
I give it a two thumbs up for great food and the very good looking newest endorser, Jericho Rosales.

Visit Kuya J Restaurant at
SM Megamall,
SM City BF Parañaque
SM City Marikina
SM City Sta. Mesa
SM City Novaliches
SM City Fairview
SM Center Pasig
SM City San Mateo
SM City Manila
SM San Lazaro
SM City Dasmariñas
SM City Clark
  SM City Pampanga
SM City San Fernando Downtown
SM City Bacolod
SM City Cebu
SM City Consolacion
Cebu and Escario St.

To know more about Kuya J Restaurant and updates on their latest offerings and promos,
Follow them on 
Instagram: @KuyaJResto 
Twitter: @KuyaJResto

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  1. I thought Jericho is the owner of the Kuya J. Hehe. I smile on that part where you said if you are drooling over with the crispy pata or with jericho. Oh my I really like him too! Ang cute ng dimples tapos ang gwapo magsmile. Mukhang mabait pa Sorry, I almost forgot to comment about Kuya J resto, si jericho kasi ginulo isip ko:) Anyway, all the foods looks really delicious. I'm eyeing to try the humbinagoongan, sizzling sisig, pochero, tablea fan and the crispy pata ofcourse. I just wanna ask why there's a lemon beside the lecheflan?

  2. All the food are just mouthwatering. Buti na lang I just had my lunch so I won't be craving, for now. Haha. I've seen a new Kuya J resto in Megamall and I can't wait to try it. Will visit it soon. :) Mukhang nakakatakam din yung shakes. Of course, I love the crispy pata the most.

  3. Bigla akong nagutom while reading your review Miss Rochelle about Kuya J 's menu.Nakakatakam ang Sizzling Sisig at Kare Kare.Nakaka excite naman matikman ang Cebuano Mangga Cheesecake at ang Lumpia Preko nila.Thank you Miss Rochelle for writing a review about Kuya J's menu,alam ko na kung anong oorderin ko pagnagpunta kami dyan.

  4. Filipino foods, parang nasa handaan lang sa province, fruit shakes pa more for me if ever, then yang mango pandan is a must try, i might as well make my own version of it....patok sakin yang Dinamitas, so yummmy, i've tasted that one but not in Kuya J's.....

  5. I thought I am going to miss posting a comment about this one of the most talk about restaurants recently, thank's to my stable internet connection now. :-) I've been hearing and reading a lot about Kuya J Restaurant, and the fact that Mr.Jerico Rosales is their endorser, made it really popular in the social media. :-) Though I've never tried to dine in there yet. :-)
    So far, based on the reviews that I've read, I think this a perfect place for those Pinoy food lovers yearning for our traditional home cooking. :-) This one is originally from Cebu but now has branches in some SM Malls. :-)
    Given a chance...since I am on a diet, I want to try the Lumpia Presko for my starter plus the Grilled Scallop and Chorizo Dinamitas to add spice to my meal, then the serving of Humbinagoongan Rice Plater and Kare-Kare for main entree, and for my thirst quencher, Mango Fresh Fruit Shake is the best for me! Ooops the dessert will never be forgotten, the Classic Mango Pandan is my bet!:-)
    Now, I am not really on a DIET. :-) See you soon Kuya J Resto and hopefully Kuya Jerico! :-) Thanks for the nice food review Ms.Rochelle! :-)


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