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This 2015, Max’s Restaurant celebrates 70 stellar years of consistent service and offering Sarap to the Bones Pinoy Fried Chicken from their kitchens to families and friends around the world! From their humble roots where they opened their home and served their family’s original recipes and refreshments to American troops all those years ago, then and now, Max’s Restaurant has always made and served their food with love. Their act of service stemming from the Filipino’s natural quality for hospitality is continued until today. But it isn’t everyday that we have the time or luxury to sit down to have a full meal at Max’s Restaurant, and this is why they’ve created the latest addition to their menu, recreating the Max’s dining experience to fit the busy lifestyle of today with the introduction of The Max’s Classic Chicken Burger.

Just imagine it, two mouthwatering Max’s golden brown chicken burger patties, layered with fresh, crisp iceberg lettuce, juicy tomatoes, tasty cheddar cheese, and flavorful mayo-garlic dressing, all between a lightly toasted, burger bun with oats. 

It is a premium Pinoy-style craving with a perfect balance of sweet and savory to suit the Filipino taste, and served with a side of seasoned breaded Kamote Chips. It is a full and rewarding meal right in the palm of your hand! And for a limited time, Max’s is offering a full set meal, which includes this delicious chicken burger, Kamote Chips, and a choice of Pepsi products or iced tea for only P165.

 But act fast and order it for dine in, take out, or delivery, since this promo will only be available until October 31, 2015

Hurry on over to the nearest Max’s Restaurant, indulge, and snack to the Max!

Get live updates about the world’s favorite Pinoy fried chicken by liking them on Facebook at, or on Instagram with handle @maxschicken, and on twitter @maxsrestaurant.

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  1. Whew! I still have time to avail this mouth-watering meal from MAX'S! Since it is just for a limited time, why not enjoy it while it lasts. :-) There is a Max's Restaurant near our place but it is not often that we eat there because of lack of time and budget as well. But since this one is affordable enough, I think asking my hubby to buy one for me is a good idea. :-) Chicken Burger + Fresh Veggies + Cheese with Filipino Style Sidings (Kamote Chips) and a Refreshing Drinks - Complete set already! :-) I hope you enjoyed your meal at Max's, Ms.Rochelle! :-) Thank you #ChickenLove


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