#GetHOOQd with Jessy, Xian, Gotham City and Other Exciting Things

Last October 8, HOOQ introduced Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola as their official brand ambassadors. I got to see them in the flesh and boy was I amazed. 
Xian with the chiseled jawline looked very dashing in his smart casual attire 
while Jessy is just gorgeous wearing a black dress.

HOOQ (pronounced as “Hook”) is actually an online streaming site that offers laughter, drama, action and adventure rolled into one. It is Asia’s largest video-on-demand service with over 30,000 hours of local and foreign movies and series. From the CW’s Arrow and the Flash to telenovelas from ABS-CBN or GMA and even all the way to great movie classics, they can all be watched at HOOQ.

Its newest addition to their extensive collection, the critically acclaimed American crime-drama, Gotham. Gotham stars Ben McKenzie of The OC fame as a young James Gordon in the crime-riddled metropolis of Gotham City.  The show also features other recognizable actors such as Robin Lord Taylor from Law & Order, Donal Logue from Sons of Anarchy, and Jada Pinkett Smith from Hawthorne.

I, for one, thinks that HOOQ is a very good application because most of us barely watches TV anymore. With all the time we spend on our smartphones and computers, it is a good plus that we can now watch our favorite TV Series and Movies legally for just a monthly subscription of 149 pesos through your globe mobile phone or credit card. 
We don’t have to get caught up in piracy and risk our computers and gadgets from viruses you can get from downloading torrents. You don’t have to worry if you don’t have internet on your side to utilize HOOQ because it also comes in Globe’s Tattoo Broadband Plans from 2mbps and up

As what Mr. Jonathan Auerbach, Singtel CEO Group Digital Life, said, "HOOQ is set to change the way people across the region consume and enjoy entertainment”.
They are offering a free 30-day trial for new users so now is a pretty good time to try it. All you have to do is sign up on their site and it will enable you to stream to your heart desires or download up to five movies or tv series episode for later. 
Download their app on either the Apple Store or Google Play or simply go to www.HOOQ.tv on your web browser to get started and #GetHOOQd

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  1. Now, I know, HOOK po pla ang correct pronunciation. :-)
    Didn't have any idea about this application before, but I just know that this HOOQ is one of the perks when you applied to Globe Postpaid Line. :-) At least, it is now familiar to me. I will try to download it later so I can avail of the 30-day trial. :-) Thank you Ms.Rochelle, for sharing about this, it is good for those who don't have enough time to watch TV on a regular basis, like me! :-)


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