Put your best foot forward as Singaporean brand, HEATWAVE arrives in Manila!

"Behind every pair of shoes is a unique sole."

Finding comfortable shoes is difficult. Good thing we don't have to look any further cause I've already discovered HEATWAVE shoes. 

Heatwave is a Singaporean Brand, borne out of a meager shop in the island city to a full-scale footwear brand known for its comfortable, fashionable footwear made for its customers in hands-on, small scale production houses. It's a personal endeavor by its owners really, who have made it a point to craft each collection based on trends, practicality and comfort, and translate these design room ideas to form, by way of hand-crafted manufacturing—eight people work together to produce a single Heatwave pair. This in-house, personal approach to production is testament that the brand is the kind that's in tune with its customers, who look for well-designed, high quality shoes they can keep for years—that's why each Heatwave pair is designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, with monthly installments to the seasonal collection, to give clients something to look forward to.

Observe a pair of Heatwave shoes from the design, looking inward: versatile designs in classic colors, wearable for any occasion, from sun up to sun down. Heatwave is known for its manageable heel lengths as well, elevated just enough to boost the wearer's height and confidence, without sacrificing comfort. Inside, quality is both seen and felt—flexible soles are made to be anti-slip, placing maximum support at the sole—and as the heart and soul—of each pair. 
They also sell bags that matches their shoes. 

Heatwave Shoes will soon be available on TheShop.ph and The Block at SM North this month.

Stay tuned for more details, Follow Heatwave Shoes Philippines on Facebook
Instagram:  @heatwaveshoesph 

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  1. I like the shoes with the matching bag! :-) Actually all their shoes looks excellent, from the design to the materials used... :-) They, of course, always follow the proper standard in shoe making. HEATWAVE is one of those brands that you can trust when you are after quality. :-) Furthermore, I also appreciate the simplicity of their designs, because I, myself, love something plain and neutral, in colors and designs. At least, we can use the pairs in many ways, not a waste of money because it serves you lots of purpose. :-) The flexibility of their shoes and bags make them outstanding among the rest, and I know that those shoes are meticulously manufactured and tailored to give the wearer extra comfort and a pair that will last long! :-)


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