The much awaited reopening of Cherry

As a child, it has always been a hobby of mine to accompany my sister and my grandmother do our grocery shopping. We always viewed it as some sort of family bonding and it has always been fun. We used to go to Cherry Foodarama and afterwards eat at a restaurant. This grocery store was one of my favorite places because it supplied us our daily needs and some other stuffs that made me happy as a seven year old girl. All these memories are the reason why I was saddened when I heard it closed down.

But someone once told me that beautiful flowers may fade but it will always leave a seed only for it to bloom again. Cherry Shaw and Congressional may have withered but its seed is being planted again and revived by the management of SM Markets.

Now looking refreshed and a bit more modernized while still providing the same classic Cherry feel, it is ready to cater to their loyal shoppers and new customers offering more products and services aligned to their commitment to deliver world class shopping at everyday affordable prices.

I am in awe to see it again in the flesh last October 13, 2015. It takes me back to the good old times and made me miss my beloved grandmother even more. It was nostalgic just like meeting an old friend who you haven’t seen for years. 
I also met the ever dashing Xian Lim on its opening. He was there to show his support and a bonus sight for the customers.

It changed but it was for the better. I am happy with its new management because it opened a lot of doors for Cherry and pushed it to surf along a new wave of greatness.

Ribbon Cutting and Blessing led by Mandaluyong Mayor Benhur Abalos, Mrs. Menchie Abalos and daughter Councilor Charisse Abalos. 

One-stop Cherry shops

As it has always been, Cherry Shaw and Congressional offer, not only food and grocery items but also, a few clothes, toys, and home improvements. Now, following the footsteps of SM Markets, Cherry Shaw and Congressional have wider offerings of fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, poultry, seafood, and more. They also have new assortments of groceries featuring a healthy mix of imported and all-time Pinoy favorites. The stores also have appliances, furniture, home/kitchen ware, and more satisfying the needs of every shopper that walks through their doors including health and wellness through Watsons pharmacy. The stores will also have bills payment counters for added convenience.      

To kick it off, they are offering a free item everyday! From October 13 to November 8, you can get the item of the day by purchasing a minimum of Php1000.00 or Php500.00 worth of groceries.

The list of free items is posted below along with its availability date.

Everyday FREE (Oct 13-18)
Get the item of the day free for a min. P 1,000 purchase of groceries in Cherry Shaw:

·         Oct. 13- c2 Greentea apple 500ml
·       Oct. 14- Creamsilk cont. Stnout str pink 11mlx6
·         Oct. 15- nestle chuckie uht 250 ml
·         Oct. 16- surf det powder sunfresh 65gx6
·         Oct.17-jack &  jill piattos roadhouse bbq
·         Oct. 18- nestea icetea powder lemon 25gx3

Everyday Buy One Get One FREE
Get the item of the on Buy One Get One FREE for a min. P500 purchase (Oct. 19-25)

·         Oct. 19 Ariel detergent powder w/ downy  45gx 6
·         Oct. 20-cheezwhiz spread plain 220g
·         Oct.21- pringles original 110g
·         Oct.22- sm bonus egg medium
·         Oct. 23- nestea ice tea powder lemon 25gx 6
·         Oct. 24- snickers classic 70g
·         Oct.25- saguard soap white 135g

Get creamdory fish fillet for only P50 for a min. P500 purchase (Oct. 26 - Nov. 1)

Free Ready-to-cook items
Get the Ready-to-cook item of the day FREE for a min. P500 purchase (Nov. 2-8)

Nov. 2- sm bonus chicken pandan
Nov. 3- sm bonus breaded bolabola 10's
Nov. 4- sm bonus pork tocino 240g
Nov. 5-sm bonus pork bbq 5's
Nov. 6-sm bonus pork tonkatsu 5's
Nov. 7-sm bonus embutido 250g
Nov. 8 SM Bonus beef tapa 240g 

I invite you all to go check the renewed and refreshed grocery store for it is still Sweet as Cherry! Welcome back, love. 

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  1. Welcome back Cherry! 63 years of service is commendable. Wow, lots of awesome freebies. Looks so great and the place is cozy. Definitely this is awesome.

  2. as far as i can remember, way back when we're still residing in Quezon City, so simple lang lang yung store nila sa Congressional, parang di pansinin, it's good to know that it's been renewed....

  3. I am not familiar with Cherry Foodarama, but as I read your post about it, I gives me a good picture of what it looks like before. Congratulations to Cherry Foodarama on their opening. I think it also opens new employment opportunities to many people and it will surely serve you and other consumers the way it did during its glorious years. Being under the SM Markets Management, I know for sure that the renewed Cherry will still provide the shoppers the best products, freebies and added services! :-)
    I hope I can visit CHERRY Shaw one time. :-)


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