Limited Edition Greenwich Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload

Greenwich is probably one of my favorite pizza place in the world. It offers pizza in a different level at very affordable prices. It is not afraid to swim in strange waters and has brought us various kinds of pizza from time to time. And this year, they might just hit my sweet and delicate pizza spot. Without further ado, I introduce you the Limited Edition Greenwich Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload Pizza. 
It's limited in time but not in flavor. It has a mouthwatering steak oozing with three types of cheeses namely mozzarella, cheddar and cream cheese topped with crunchy potato strings. 

Available at the following prices:
Solo: Php 109.00
Double: Php 299.00
Barkada: Php 409.00
15 inches: Php 519.00
with Michelle ( and Kaye (
It has become the #NewestBarkadaCraze right after we attended its launch at Greenwich in BGC. 

Brand ambassadors Robi Domingo, Yassi Pressman and Andre Paras were the ones who served us the Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload

I felt like a member of their barkada :P
Hurry and visit your nearest Greenwich branch to discover this #NewestBarkadaCraze #CheesySteakandFriesOverload

The new Greenwich Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload is available until December 31, 2015 only so bring your barkadas and loved ones along for the trip. 

Visit for a complete list of stores.

Metro Manila Delivery Hotline 5-55-55 

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  1. We still have time to avail and have a taste of this limited edition pizza! :-)
    Less than 2 months I think. :-) So to all pizza lovers out there, especially the loyal Greenwich fans, hurry up before it is too late! Well, I think I am included because I love Greenwich pizza too! :-)
    Cheesy Steak and Fries Overload Pizza = great carbo-loaded pizza, that is a must-try! :-)


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