If it is quality products and awesome deals you are after then S&R is definitely the place to be.

Last month, I was able to experience their great fitness deals.  I was delighted when I bumped into the fitness section where the Walk Fit treadmill was on sale. For only 23,299.95 pesos, I was able to acquire a fitness machine that could keep up to the pace of heavy cardio work-outs. With S&R one would be able to satisfy their shopping needs and fix their wish list for the coming Christmas season. 

This month of October, they have nothing but the best home essential deals to offer. They have everything from home furnitures, bed and bath basics to the most luxurious looking buffet servers. All you need for everyday living and gifting is included at the S&R Club Pricing (means low prices). 

You can serve up your favourite snacks and dips with this 5pc Serving Dish SetGH Gracious for a price of P649.95, crafted from porcelain of the highest quality and positioned on a bamboo tray this dish is perfect for entertaining this Christmas.  

Serve up pasta and sauce in an individual section with this beautiful ceramic TTU 2-Section Rectangle Buffet Server for only P699.95, includes wire stand and lid rest for serving.
This crafted of ceramic, TTU 4-Section Buffet Server for only P499.95, makes an elegant presentation for arranging condiments or snacks. 

Offering an appetizing spread of food for your guests is easy with this 5 Section Round Buffet Server for only P899.95. From vegetables with ranch dressing, to olives and cold cuts you can arrange it all on this.

And if you are in the mood for a home renovation then they have the most gorgeous home furniture for you. 
And for a really amazing treat the 4pc Sunbrella Woven Sofa Set is on sale from its original price of P139,999.95 to P114,999.95. Save as much as P25,000.00

The Atriva Antique Table Lamp can now be purchased for only P3799.95 from its original price of P4,299.95.  

2pc Safdie Studs Throw Pillows 12x20 for only P549.95 from its original price of P799.95

Super Soft Throw Blanket for only P499.95

The luxuriously bath basics is perfect for sinking your feet into as you step out of the bath. It will also keep slippage to a minimum and make sure you and your loved ones are safe from bathroom mishaps. 
Trinity Briganity Bath Rugs 20"x30" will make a sumptuous addition to your bathroom for only P359.95, you can save as much as P100

Add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with Gracious Paxton 2pc Bath Rug Set 21 in X 34in & 17 in x 24 in for only P399.95

But that is not all, they also have the best items for your Christmas shopping. They have the mightiest looking Christmas trees, the softest towels for gifts, and the most amazing kitchen wares for your home. Wow! They definitely know how to increase the items in my wish list.
Like every practical home makers out there, we all know that Christmas shopping should be done as early as possible to avoid pitching in the Christmas rush, you know, traffic and all. S&R gives us a chance to buy amazing housewares ranging from beautiful upholstery to kitchenware. I am almost tempted to buy for my own. S&R is definitely where I would choose to have my most amazing Christmas shopping experience. 

But before Christmas- look out! here comes Halloween, and that means it's time for Trick-Or-Treating. I love how S&R has the widest assortment of popular chocolates including Reese's, Snickers, Milky Way, Twix, M&Ms, Hershey's Chocolate Miniatures Assortment and so much more that will surely delight all kids and adults alike . 

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I'd love to say that every stop at S&R is worth it and that I really #LoveSnR

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  1. Hi Ms.Rochelle!
    Where is this S&R that you visited? :-)
    I am not a member yet, but my mom is.
    I've heard a lot about the prices there and hoping I can visit there again.
    The one near our place is at Pampanga, a little uncomfortable to go there by commuting.
    Thank you for this post about S&R SALE, maybe my mom would love go there soon!

  2. I love S&R. I always do my grocery here and leave the supermarket happy and satisfied :)

  3. not yet a member, but still considering to be one.... love those buffet servers, perfect for any occassions, wanting to have my own set.....


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