Pambatang Solmux 200mg is the "BEST TANDEM" for Cough In Rainy Season

The Philippines is a tropical country, which means rainfall rate is expected to be high. No wonder it has been raining these past few weeks even though rainy season has already come to an end. These unexpected rainfalls are not only inconvenient for us but also expose our children to health risks like cough with phlegm.

This dilemma can badly affect our children's overall performance in school and in the long run; their aspirations in life. I wouldn't stand to see my offspring suffer and give up on opportunities hindered just by a nasty cough.

Fortunately, I have something which can help me prevent this kind of mishap. I can resort to my best tandem "Pambatang Solmux 200mg". It has never let me down like an airplane with unlimited fuel.'

It brightens any day despite the absence of the sun. It is the most trusted brand for moms and pediatricians out there in providing relief for their child's cough with phlegm. Pambatang Solmux 200mg has Viral and Bacterial Expel power which expels the phlegm together with the bacteria and virus found in the phlegm. 
Aside from that it takes less intake of medicine because of its 200mg dosing versus other brands which are only 100mg. This means that your little one will drink less medicine without compromising the effect!

This ray of sunshine also comes in 60mL bottle which you can store in your purse and 120mL bottle to stand by in your medicine cabinet in case any bad bacteria inhabit your child. It is recommended for 2-12 years old and has been my best tandem since then up to now.

Come and fight this battle with us. God bless and stay dry everyone!

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  1. The best thing I love in your blog is I learned new as being a mom. Thank you for sharing how good Solmux is. Having a good health will always be our priority to our kids and as a mom I hate it when my son get coughs. Thank God because my son seldom have cough. But worry no more because atleast I know what's the best med for cough. And oh, You have such an adorable kids:D

    By the way, I wanna thank you for choosing me as your Sept. COM:) it means a lot that someone like you appreciating my opinions and comments. I've sent PM on fb too. I'm so happy and excited!

  2. It is such a nice idea that Unilab created a Pediatric version of this medicine. Because the one that I have for me and for my hubby is the Carbocisteine Solmux Forte ( the one for adults). I think even though my baby girl is not really prone to sickness, I still should prepare something on hand for her.
    She is already 3 years old, so this New Solmux is suitable for her, just in case...but I am hoping and praying that she will not get cough or sick though...
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your lovable kids here...:-) Hoping that they will always be in good health and I know they surely will because of your love and care. :-)


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