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In this day and age, instant means of communication are necessary especially for moms like me. Although there are still instances when sending snail mails would be preferable, gone are those days when there are no other options. With technology, email, social media, mobile devices and other innovations are introduced to make communication easy for everyone.  Our different roles in life will also determine the type of communication we require. 

As a working mom, I badly need it for emergency purposes. I want to be able to check on my kids when I am not home. As a blogger, mobile data connection is a must to be more effective and efficient with what I do. I want a reliable network provider who doesn’t only guarantee great products and services, but also understands the needs of the consumers. Good thing I got a postpaid plan with Globe!

I used to have prepaid service but I have encountered some difficulties that made me decide to subscribe to postpaid instead. I know those who used to have a prepaid service or are still using one can definitely relate to my experiences. I didn’t like it when I got stuck in a certain place and I ran out of load/credits on my phone. I couldn’t call or even send a text message when I needed it the most. I had to borrow somebody else’s phone to send an important message because there was an emergency and I couldn’t find a store where I can buy a prepaid card or e-load. It was an awful experience! And that was just one of the many unfortunate events when I wished I was on postpaid.

If you’re reading this and you’re a prepaid user, I understand that one of the reasons you are hesitant to switch to postpaid is because you couldn’t let go of your dearest phone number. It has been your main contact information saved in different platforms and everyone’s phonebook. Well, worry no more. Globe myStarter Plan lets you upgrade your prepaid phone number to a postpaid plan. The transition is definitely easy and seamless! 

Oops! There’s more than just keeping the same number. You may have heard about “bill shock” from postpaid users you know or read something about it online. Globe myStarter Plan allows you to be in control of your usage and charges. You can choose from Plan 300 and Plan 500 – all-in-one fixed monthly bill for your fixed budget. You still have the freedom to top up if you have used up all inclusions. Therefore, say goodbye to bill shock.

Plan 300 includes:
300 texts to all networks
300 minutes to Globe and TM 
200 MB worth of data
Free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic

Plan 500 gives you:
Unlimited calls and texts to Globe and TM
300 texts to other networks 
200 MB of data
Free access to Facebook, Viber, and 1 GB of data for Spotify Basic

If you are a Disney fan, Globe has something special for you when you sign up for the new myStarter Plan. With Php 250 cash out deductible in your monthly Plan 500 bill, you can get a Disney Mobile with Frozen, Mickey Mouse, and Disney Princess designs.
Be easy and save yourself from any hassle. Experience the convenience of having a postpaid plan, too.  Do more with the same number you’ve been using forever, and simply enjoy life’s adventures. Go to any Globe store or online to get the plans and the devices now. 
To learn more about what postpaid plan is best for you, visit, call 7301010, or visit a store nearest you.

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  1. it's true! thanks to the technology for making communication easy.
    and i didn't know that globe is offering these. Wanting to switch to postpaid but i want to keep my number kaya hindi pa rin ako nagpapalit ng number until now. pwede na pala ngayon same number haha. thankies ♥


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