How did you spend Mothers’ Day?

Special occasions must be spent with our loved ones and family. I am always anxious whenever there’s a big day upcoming. I have always been fond of celebrations, and I want every event to be absolutely memorable and extraordinary. This year’s Mothers’ Day was made exceptional by The Linden Suites. I was very exultant as soon as I received the invitation!

Last May 7, the entire family checked in the spacious One Bedroom Suite at The Linden Suites. It was one weekend I have been very optimistic about because, despite my ever demanding calendar, I get to devote my 100% attention and self to my kids and my partner. Talk about quality and relaxing bonding time. It was the eve of Mothers’ Day and I was almost tearful for the wonderful connection this whole experience added to our family. The staffs were all accommodating and hospitable like the elegant and convenient ambiance from the entrance doors to the stairs. The colors of the ceiling, walls and floors combined creates a feeling that is comfy and calm, a bliss you would want to have when you need to feel at home or pleasure while you conduct business.

There are different suites and rooms to choose from depending on the number of guests and the purpose of the stay. Our One Bedroom Suite became our home away from home. It was small enough to make sure the five of us stayed close to each other, but big enough for us to move freely and enjoy all amenities inside.
As soon as we stepped inside the room, we were immediately greeted by the neat dining area. The beige theme helped the natural and gratifying environment that we bit by bit uncover while exploring the other parts of the room. The kitchen was crisp with complete facilities, like the refrigerator, coffee maker, microwave oven and induction cooker, that will make you love hotel living.

I loved the generous living area, too! The glass wall and grand curtains accomplished both the relaxed mood privately and the breath-taking view of the city. There was a work table as well where guests can comfortably do their jobs in between rests, but I didn’t take advantage of it. I didn’t plan to work during our stay there anyway. I preferred the sofa while enjoying the home entertainment system. It was a pure treat, and I savored feeling like a queen that night.
The bedroom was very pleasant and palliative. The bed felt like a sedative that I almost wanted to go to sleep on it right away. They even provided us with extra bed for the kids. Amazingly enough there’s another set of home entertainment system in our bedroom. My kids flipped when they saw it! It was a pleasure to see them adoring this experience, too.
I loved the outsized closet! I can literally put all of our things in it and still have unused space. There’s also an electronic safe deposit box inside. 
I couldn’t wait to check out the bathroom. I knew it would be equally, if not more, spacious. I was right! Also beige, the lighting created a cozy feel. It was complete with everything I wished for – a bath tub, hot and cold shower, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and bath soaps. When you visit The Linden Suites, you will not only delight in the room amenities. It also offers an array of Health Club facilities that will surely make your stay worthwhile. 

The Health Club has fully equipped gym, which I took advantage of. It also has a temperature-controlled indoor pool, Jacuzzi hot tub, poolside lounge, sauna and spa massage area. Unwinding will certainly be easy!
In the morning, we went for a satisfying breakfast buffet courtesy of The Linden Suites’ world-class concessionaire Mesclun Restaurant and Café. We have been getting personalized service from the entire team since the day before. 
Mesclun gave the same excellent service by giving my Elijah his favorite tapsilog for breakfast even if that choice is not part of the menu. The food was highly recommendable!

There’s so much love surrounding me and I appreciated every gift I received.
The Linden Suites gave me these. Super nice!

On top of that, there was also a rewarding nail session while watching movies for all moms to enjoy. Too bad I just had my nails done at Kiyosa, I was not able to experience it. It would have been so fun to get to bond with other mothers.

I also received some presents from Krispy Kreme, Kitkat, Shakey’s and Honeybon. Wow! The day was getting even better. We, all, relished the doughnuts, chocolates, pizza and cake! I was so elated.
Rose from my husband
Krispy Kreme

Overall, our stay at The Linden Suites was great! Because The Linden Suites is located in the heart of Ortigas Business Center, it became the favorite spot to conduct business meetings, parties, reunions, etc.

We will definitely book another staycation soon. You should, too. Make every day a Mothers’ Day and treat your mom, someone special or the entire family at The Linden Suites

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