#GTChooseToBeGreat like John Lloyd with a Cup of Greatness

I choose to be great in every decision I make. I believe that our choices define who we truly are. I never settle for less and I work hard to outdo myself all the time. You may have read or heard something similar, only stated a bit differently. This motto I have for myself is no stranger to everyone, even to JL *wink*.

Wait. Who?

None other than the John Lloyd Cruz. I thought I was just dreaming when I attended this special event, and I saw JL. No, it wasn’t a dream at all, but a sweet reality. I was so thrilled! I have a secret to reveal about myself and JL. It wasn’t the first time I have seen him, but he never fails to amaze me. Remember his unmatched TV series with Angel Locsin, “Imortal”? I was one of the TV talents selected to play the role of one of the wolves or lobo for the show. I met JL during one of our tapings, and I liked him for being humble, natural and simply great. I admired him more, so I have obviously watched all his movies and TV shows.

I’m getting sentimental browsing our photos back then.

spot me :-) 
The event was the launch of Great Taste Coffee’s fresh campaign #GTChooseToBeGreat where John Lloyd was announced as the newest brand ambassador. The premium coffee brand highlights the inspiring Filipino values and remarkable traits that make us all great – we don’t easily give up. Great Taste Coffee has confidence in every one of us who strives and explores possibilities to be successful in our chosen fields. From the simplest act of kindness to fulfilling bigger responsibilities, your daily cup of coffee aims to be part of the constant improvement to be the paramount.
We are very pleased to have John Lloyd Cruz as the latest addition to the Great Taste family. As our endorser, we believe he will reinforce our values and philosophy with the same kind of passion and greatness that he has exemplified in his life,” said Universal Robina Corporation President and Chief Executive Officer Lance Gokongwei.

It is not unknown to any person who perceives John Lloyd that, aside from being a talented actor, he is indeed one of a kind and a perfect quintessence of greatness. He constantly chooses to be the best by being himself. This new journey definitely shows the respect and admiration that he and the brand have for Pinoy’s amazing qualities. Sometimes I wonder, is Filipino synonymous to greatness?

The coffee shop-themed affair featured various activities where guests like me were able to celebrate and appreciate every achievement from small steps to significant milestones. We were also treated to an exclusive preview of Great Taste Coffee’s latest collaboration with JL. All of us felt boundless and inspired to spread the immensity of what we can do if we #GTChooseToBeGreat.

Be at your best and discover your greatness. Choose Great Taste Coffee when you go to your leading supermarkets, convenience stores, and sari-sari stores nationwide.

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