My First Treatment of Laser Vein Removal at Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic

I recently went to Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic to see Dra. Kaycee Reyes as I had concerns with my varicose veins on my legs and nose. To be honest, I've had varicose veins since I was a teenager which irked me to no end. While the huge varicose veins would require surgery to remove, the spider veins could be easily removed with Luminisce Laser Vein Removal. I first heard about Luminisce Skin & Laser Clinic from Mommy Lace's blog. 

Upon entering I was very amazed on how the clinic is spotlessly clean and pleasantly tidy. The ambiance is very elegant and luxurious. The staffs were all very friendly, polite and attentive.

I enjoyed my consultation with Dra. Kaycee Reyes as she is direct and honest with her assessments while having the patience in explaining various options in detailed. Dra. Kaycee Reyes is a very knowledgeable doctor who I highly recommend and always on the forefront of technological advances that can help her patients achieve the effect they want using the most non-invasive and lasting options. It was indeed an extremely informative session for me and various techniques and choice were presented to me. 

I was ushered into one of their treatment rooms and  had a luxury facial and baby skin laser on which I will share my experience about it on a separate blogpost. After my relaxing facial, I had my laser vein removal treatment. They made sure I was comfortable and relaxed through the entire procedure. I did felt a bit of pain but it was tolerable. 

Here are the actual BEFORE AND AFTER photos: 

The whole procedure was fast, simple and I suffered no bruising. I was advised to put cold or ice compress  to reduce or prevent swelling and to wear support or compression stockings to improve circulation by increasing the pressure in the legs. I'm extremely pleased with the result. Over several weeks, the vein will shrink and disappear. One to five sessions, spaced four weeks apart, is typically required. I'll definitely be going back here for my next treatment. I will continue to keep updating as I complete my series of treatments. 

Here are some simple tips I learned on how to prevent spider and Varicose Veins that I hope I can adapt to my lifestyle. 
  • Exercise regularly
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Avoid prolonged sitting or standing
  • Avoid crossing legs while seated

Spider veins can resemble a "star" with numerous small veins radiating from a center point, or they can also appear as fine, separate lines, a web-like maze, or as "branches" from a single "tree trunk". These red, blue or purple thread-like lines may develop on any part of the body, including the face, but most often appear on the thighs, calves, or buttocks. The condition is associated with increased pressure to the veins. The gold standard treatment for spider veins is laser. 

Long-pulse Nd: YAG lasers offer the perfect solution for treating vascular lesions. Fotona's long-pulse Nd: YAG lasers penetrate to a depth of 5-6 mm into the skin, allowing for highly effective treatments. Independent research shows that over 75% of patients with deep hemangiomas that are treated with Nd:YAG lasers see a dramatic regression in the lesion. 

Laser for the veins offers a range of systems with long-pulse ND:YAG, such as the XP Dynamis, XP Spectro and XP Focus, that are perfect for the treatment of vascular lesions. In addition, the multi-wavelength QX MAX system with Q-switched KTP is also an ideal platform for the removal of vascular as well as pigmented lesions. 

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  1. how much for the laser vein removal in the face?

  2. I have spider veins on my nose as well and I would like to ask ho much would it cost me (rough estimation is fine). I just wanna prepare enough money since I'm still a student :<


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