#LoveSnR May Time Best Buys!

I love going to S&R because they have terrific deals, great prices, quality merchandise, and the best New York Style Pizza for only P599 per gigantic 18" pizza. 
The cheese is gooey and full of flavor. I was impressed! I love their pizza, I could eat it everyday!
There are many reasons to visit S&R. Check out these best buys from S&R Club Pricing for the month of May.  
For a comfortable, restful sleep for our family these quality pillows and mattresses are must haves!
Memory Foam Mattress Topper with FREE Memory Foam Pillow for KING sized for only P5,989.95 (Before P7,989.95)QUEEN sized for only P4,789.95 (Before P6,789.95)
Slumberland Queen Mattress- P30,479.95 (Before P42,664.95)
Slumberland Dormir Queen Mattress- P26,479.95 (Before 37,064.95)
Gel Memory Foam Pillow-P1,090 (Before P1,590.95) 
For the kitchen and dining,  these durable serveware and cookware items are the best things to buy.

No matter the occasion, this Gallery dinnerware is the perfect choice. 
Gallery Dinner Plate Round 12s- P749.95
Gallery Dinner Plate Square 12s-P749.95
Gallery Dinnerware Ceramic Set 50pc- P1,999.95
Whip up delicious sauces, stews or casseroles with this Bella Enamel Casserole 2.75QT-P1,149.95
From everyday meals to holiday specialties, Bella Enamel Roast Pan 13x19-P1,149.95 will make your life easier with faster cooking times, even heating and simple clean up. Now you can make comfort food- just the way mom used to make it-to your own table. 
This Epicurious Stainless Steel Cookware Set 11pc. for P5,999.95 has the go-to pieces you need to cook like a pro. 

Thank you S&R, the awesome deals you offer is the best treat for moms on Mother's Day. Moms #LoveSnR

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