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Having second thoughts on flaunting your skin this season? The summer heat is on and the last thing you need is to worry about what to wear. Be confident in putting on your pair of bikinis as your beach attire, or in going for sleeveless when you go out to enjoy this time of the year. SvelT’i will help you achieve your skin goals.
SvelT’i is a skin and slimming beauty clinic that offers groundbreaking products and services to give you some pampering and treatment that your skin and body need. The entrance to the clinic gives fresh and elegant feel to clients. Everything is very dainty and neat – from the friendly and accomodating staff to the stylish displays and furniture. You will know immediately that your experience will be very pleasant.

I love going to clinics such as SvelT’i because I feel so comfortable and self-assured, especially when I reached the consultation room and met Dr. Lalaine Salazar for the very first time. I knew my skin will be very exultant after that session just seeing the doctor’s radiant skin. She’s so beautiful and sexy that I wished I have the same glow as hers.
The Clinical Specialist evaluated my skin. She discussed how the procedure would go and gave me some tips in maintaining a beautiful and spotless skin. 

During my visit, I underwent the REVLITE procedure for a refreshing and glowing skin. The painless laser treatment only took around 15 minutes to complete. It may take longer depending on the area to be treated. 

It looks painful but I didn’t feel any discomfort at all. It was super safe and effective. The initial result was amazing! It has a powdery finish that will give me confidence to not wear any make-up at all. It also lightened my facial hair, so they were less visible. For consistency, the recommended treatment interval is approximately 2-4 weeks. With plausible outcome during my first session, the number of treatments required will also depend on my skin’s response. On an average, it will only take 2-4 sessions to get optimal result, but others may need up to 10 sessions.

REVLITE is a revolutionary Q-switched ND:YAG laser that features PhotoAcoustic Technology Pulse (PTP) that offers a wide range solution for face, neck, chest and other areas of the body to address skin problems such as:
  • melasma
  • unwanted pigments
  • fine lines
  • wrinkles
  • acne scars
  • tattoo removal

How does REVLITE work?
Skin Rejuvenation - A special handpiece is passed over the skin area that needed treatment. The light energy is pulsed over the skin targeting the support structure underneath the skin surface to stimulate production of the new collagen resulting to reduction of wrinkles and improvement of fine lines with no downtime.
Pigmented Lesions - The PhotoAcoustic energy targets the brown spots by producing a special wavelength of light that is being absorbed by the pigments. The light vibrates and breaks down the pigment into tiny particles and is being absorbed and gradually eliminated by the body's natural process. The spots will appear lighter with each treatment and eventually fades.

After my successful and satisfying REVLITE sesh, my underarm went through VANISH HAIR REMOVAL. To initiate the procedure, some gel was applied to my underarm and a pair of goggles was also placed to protect my eyes just like during my previous treatment. It was a unique laser technique using the gold standard Diode Laser System to permanently reduce unwanted hair for all skin types with less uneasiness.
The laser apparatus works by targeting the pigmented hair follicle that are currently in the anagen (active growth) stage where hair contains an abundance of melanin. The combined laser emitted by the machine heats up the area and destroys the hair follicle including its root which is responsible for new hair growth. 

To have a completely hairless underarm, a series of treatment is required because hair grows at different stages. Only a certain percentage and not all hair are in active phase at the time of the treatment. I will definitely be back for my second session in a couple of weeks!

Overall, I was very pleased and gratified with the REVLITE and VANISH HR treats I got. I am so excited to try other SvelT’i services. I recommend that you have some “me” time, too. One great reason for you to set an appointment as soon as possible is to take advantage of the clinic’s special Mothers’ Day Promo.  SvelT’i will give out great discounts for their Skin and Slimming Beauty packages! This is going to be the perfect bonding with your mom. 

Check out the details below:

  • SPECIAL WHITENING PACKAGE Php 1,500 ONLY (from 4,000)
    Diamond Peel w/ Special Gold Mask 
  • SPA-CIAL Php 2,500 ONLY (from 5,500)
    Special Facial (Collagen/Vit C/Gold) w/ Thermogenic
  • ELEGANCE GLOW Php 3,500 ONLY (from 6,400)
    3 in 1 Facial Combination Package:
    Classic Radiance Facial w/
    Microlift and
    Eye Treatment
  • POST PREGNANCY PACKAGE Php 3,500 ONLY (from 6,200)
    Clarity Facial w/
    Wart Removal (Face & Neck)
  • 3 in 1 BODY SLIMMING PACKAGE Php 6,000 ONLY (from 12,700)

Gift Certificate Mechanics:

-May be used beyond the promo month (up to Dec.31, 2016)

-Buy as much as you want
-Must be claimed in SvelT'i Clinic at 5F South Insula Condo. 61 Timog Ave. Quezon City
-All clients will undergo FREE consultation before the treatment.
-Gift Certificates are transferable

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SvelT'i Clinic 
5F South Insula Condo. 61 Timog Ave. Quezon City

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