#ShareTheMagic with Disney Mobile and myStarter Plan

The past couple of decades has been amazing and progressive technology wise. Our nation is now filled with computers and machines that made our lives easier and less complicated. From the new cars to the latest smartphones, we have really evolved and got past the barbaric age. Our lifestyle has completely changed. 

I'm ecstatic to share with you guys an online discovery. Globe is now accepting pre-order for Disney Phones. 

Despite how the social media depicts children today, I don't think that having a smartphone at such a young age is that bad. I like the idea of being able to contact my kids wherever and whenever. My heart is at ease when they are just safely playing on their phones rather than them playing outside our home. 

But I also make it a point that they interact with real people and make sure they get enough physical activities.

My kids are a huge fan of technology. You can count on their endless nagging and pretty pleases when there's a new gadget in the market. My youngest son is now obsessed with the new Mickey Mouse Disney Phone. He even promised to excel in school and to being a good boy if I get him the silver one. I'm actually considering getting him one since the deal offered by Globe seems like a steal. 

The features of the phone is also great and is perfect for kids his age. It is pre-installed with DISNEY apps, games and wallpapers that Elijah really wants. I am secured that these apps are harmless and educational. I won't have to worry about them downloading apps that are not safe for their age because of the additional safety features. 

Looking at the other phones, I myself is taunted to buy one. The Disney phones are just super cute and adorable. It's one of those products that makes me wish I had a daughter because the frozen and disney princesses version are well suited for a baby girl or big baby girl like me. 

Go on this link and check out the full specification of the phone. Globe's offer is something worthy of your consideration. It's perfect for your kids' smartphone needs. It'll surely make them super happy if they receive one of these awesome gadgets. 

Disney Mobile will be available on May 27, 2016 but you may already register your interest at www.globe.com.ph/disney-mobile 

Have a Magic Week Ahead everyone!

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  1. I think the new generation of kids are really smart.They can easily operate a new phone in just few minutes. My daughter is also like that pero page nagstart ma sya magschool siguro di na masyado magfofocus sa gadget.


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