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Orbik LED Bulbs: For Energy-Efficient Multipurpose Lighting at Home
I can say that one of the most difficult tasks is managing the household. Do you agree? That includes budgeting and maintaining a house worthy to be called home. I always make sure that I put personal touches on what I use or display at home not merely to beautify it. I like the utilitarian type of decorations.

Most of us, moms, would rely on our partners or husbands on which brand or products to pick up when we go for household shopping. But we, as women, must have the choosing power, too. 

And for certain domiciliary stuff such as light bulbs to go with your decors and structures at home, I recommend Orbik LED bulbs. Orbik, a UK brand of LED bulbs and lighting products, is the perfect choice when you are looking for energy-efficient and multipurpose light bulbs. 
When I learned that LED bulbs can help save up to 1/3 of our power consumption for lights at home, I immediately decided to change all the bulbs from every corner of our house. Your electric bill will no longer be that painful to look at!

  I attended the Orbik launch, hosted by Sam Oh, where architect Conrad Onglao discussed the different purposes of lighting and how the brand can help you achieve a perfectly-lighted nest. Talk about aesthetic and functionality in one! 
If you’re a lover of paintings and other wall decors, accent lighting will give stress and highlight to your artwork. If you’re the type who collects figures or simply wants dramatic adornments, indirect lighting will help you create moods. 
If you need something to brighten up your kitchen and workplace or desks, you would want some task lighting.

Orbik bulbs are available in mostly warm white (yellowish feature) and daylight (crisp white color) variants. 

Amazingly enough, unlike ordinary light bulbs, Orbik bulbs don’t heat up at all. I tried to touch it and, to my surprise, it felt really cool!

I highly suggest you try Orbik for yourself. Save up on lower electric bill, and delight on a dainty and relaxing ambiance at home.

For more information, visit www.orbik.com.ph. Orbik is currently available in Metro Manila, Cebu, and Davao.

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