Barbie Musical Live at Mall of Asia Arena Experience ♥

Barbie Musical Live held at The Mall of Asia Arena Barbie Live! from December 11-15.  

I am so grateful to be a part of the Media that Vivre Fort Entertainment Inc. invited and was given 5 complimentary VIP tickets to witness the first show last December 11 that brought Barbie fans opportunity to sing and dance with the introduction of an all-new musical Barbie LIVE!

I went with my nieces Bernice, Margaux and their Mom, Ate Revvy and the Yaya. 

Barbie LIVE! has two 40-minute acts divided by a 20-minute intermission. 

I really love the fabulous and sparking costumes and how well they changed from another outfit in a really organize and quick manner of time. 

The stage design is filled with colorful, pink props and backdrops that are so perfect in my eyes. ♥ 
Barbie LIVE! is set on Hollywood sound stage and follows Barbie and her best friend/co-star Teresa on the set of their new movie. 
Barbie and Ken 
 Peg Pincushion
Conflict arises as Teresa begins to doubt her talent as an actress. To make matters worse, their co-star Raquel is bent on stealing Teresa's role in the movie.

When Teresa starts to doubt herself and her theatrical abilities, Barbie leverages lessons from her past taught in her popular movies to teach Teresa (and the audience) to be confident, believe in yourself and embrace the power of friendship. 

Barbie Musical Live! is filled with inspiring and upbeat songs such as Look How High We Can Fly, Just Be A Friend and Get Your Sparkle On from the animated Mattel hit movies, as well as new music from distinguished producer, Robbie Roth.

The children and even adults who are familiar with Barbie movies sang along with the performers.
Swan Lake

Mariposa & Fairy Princess
 In the story, Princess Catania opts to save the bad fairy Gwyllion from the king's cruel punishment, stating that it is not right to destroy someone's life even if that person caused a lot of harm to others.
I love that it teaches good character-building among  kids and also a nice reminder to adults. 

I love that they have audience participation, looking for the Princess. 
Have you seen the Princess? 

The Princess  & The Popstar 
I really love the lyrics 

♪ Look at her in the spotlight
I love her purple hair 
She can do what she wants to
As crazy as she dares 
She doesn't need to be polite

♪ I wish I had her life
Then I would be so free
I wish I had her life 
I'd be another me 
♪ Look at her in the throne room 
She has tea in the morning
And bonbons every night
Wouldn't that be nice

♪ I wish I had her life 
Then I would be so free
I wish I had her life
I'd be another me

They'd do my nails 
I'd stroll the grounds
I would wear whatever
And then I'd rock
Have time for me
It just might happen 

I wish I had her life 
♪ Then I would be so free
And everything would suddenly
Be just the way that I dreamed it could be
I wish I had her life 4x

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh 
♪ Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

♪ So beautiful and bright 
I wish I had her life

 Funny scene when Pop Star Keira trying to escape from the guards and be on time for her concert.

  Mean Raquelle and Peg pincushion ruining Teresa's outfit. Bad! 
Raquelle does a monologue that she wants to be the Star of the show. 
Kids responded enthusiastically with a resounding "NO!" 
I love it!  It was truly a great performance

The 19 Talented performers of Barbie Musical Live! 
Grand Exit  

 Fans for all ages will enjoy the show!
A great treat for family members and friends this Christmas Season. 

 Ate Revvy, Margaux and Bernice Meet & Greet the casts of the Barbie Musical  
Get your sparkle on for a fabulous cause! Meet & Greet the Cast of Barbie Live! The Musical and help raise funds for the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda  
Each meet and greet pass cost P1,500 with a special show souvenir item that you can take home and unlimited photo taken with the casts of Barbie Musical.

Barbie Live! Schedule and Ticket Prices:
Show Schedule ♥ 
Dec. 11 (Wednesday) 11AM, 3PM
Dec. 12 (Thursday) 3PM, 7PM
Dec. 13 (Friday) 3PM, 7PM
Dec. 14 (Saturday) 11AM, 3PM, 7PM
Dec. 15 (Sunday) 11AM, 3PM

Book your tickets now! Available in all SM Tickets outlets located in all SM Cinema Ticket Booths. 
For more info, visit or call 470-2222


Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. OMG,One of a kind experience...I love Barbie,,,sigh...hehe My daughter's favorite too! Princess and the Popstar I would always hear her sing this lyrics

    "Here I am
    Being who I want
    Giving what I got
    Never a doubt now
    Here I go
    Burning like a spark
    Light up the dark again "

    mejo bulol nga lang...hehe...

  2. Wow, how great to witness this in my own eyes too.
    Coz i love BARBIE as well, i even watched almost all of her featuring movies, hehe..
    It's always giving me a great feeling while watching, accompanied by it's great music and sound tracks.

  3. Wow. Nakaka enjoy po talaga.. sa mga sinabi niyo pa lang. I wish I can teleport there. *haha* It is good na while having fun watching, may lessons din natutunan. :)
    The settings and costumes are soo nice.. soooo colorful ♥ really perfect for our eyes. And the cast/performers are soooo kawaii~ ♥
    OMG! Kasama din yung mga Barbie movies.. I really watched that ♥

    Really really nice show! for all ages pa, ma-eenjoy talaga ♥ plus for a good cause pa! :)
    Hmmmm, madami kaya nanood na lalake? *hahaha*

  4. HUHUHUHU. I am so jealous right now. Wish I could bring my daughter there but we don't have any budget as of the moment. Hope BARBIE Live would come back for another series of shows soon.

    The show seems fun fun fun to watch. <3

  5. First time ko manood ng ganitong event and for free na, VIP pa. Thank you ^_^ I really enjoyed the show. Super girly lang ang peg. Buti nalang my meet and greet ang media. No need to pay ng 1500. Hehe.

  6. Sis..I really had fun that day and was really nice finally meeting you and Lhyzie in person.
    As predicted, my daughter enjoyed the play and she was familiar to all songs that were part of the movies.
    My mother even enjoyed it and pin pointed some of them to be her favorites.. suprisingly, I didn't hear any complains from the father..hahahah...
    Sayang, I was not able to upload pa due to internet problems, but will be posting soon:D

    My daughter was really pestering me to buy Barbie stuffs for we ended up buying stuffs for her sa mall.

    It turned out as a family outing (kahit absent kami lahat :D)

    I can;t wait for another play to happen and it is really nice to get our kids exposed to this kind of events. I wish we could attend another one soon.

    Thanks again sis! :D

  7. This is really AWESOME ! My favorite part of the show is about THE Princess and the Popstar. We have a CD of that and I really love that BARBIE Movie but I know mas magnda siya talaga if Live Performance HAHAH . Congrats po Ms. Rochelle for being there. Sana next time maipunta ko ang mga pinsan at pamangkin ko jan because BARBIE is their HAPPINESS .

    I can say that BARBIE gives a big part in our childhood life. Hindi man natin siya favorite or what pero wala atang bata ang hindi siya kilala and the good thing is there are lot of moral and lessons na naibabahagi ni barbie sa mga Bata. I hope that one day Barbie will still Barbie for the future generation :)

  8. OMG! They're like living barbie dolls.. Envy you a lot because I didn't have the chance to watch this but thank you for letting me feel also and experience using the picture. And, your letting me feel how to be an audience of this enormous production.

  9. It can tell in the pictures that they gave a great show. I am happy for you that you have enjoyed the show together with your friends. They are very generous to help the typhoon victims, hopefully they will do another show next year. How i wish I could also take my nieces and my family to watch a musical like this, grabe pagkabusy and di talaga kaya ng sched.. The cast looks amazing, I really admire how they came up with sucha great show and performance. they were all pretty parang mga barbie talaga.

  10. Isa talaga sa mga favorite ko si Barbie, sayang di ko napanood. Been hearing from my cousins how nice the musical was :(

    Gustong gusto ko ding manood ng musical plays kaso naging busy ako ngayon dahil sa thesis namin sa school. Last ko pa atang napanood is yung Peter Pan. Sobrang tagal na :( Im planning to Watch Wicked this coming Junuary sana matuloy ako. Sana din mas makilala pa ang Theater World sa Philippines. Really praying for that :)

    I think naenjoy mo din Ms. Rochelle yung play. Happy for you :)

  11. When I was a kid, ang alam ko lang talaga e ung Barbie doll. I don't watch barbie movies (kung meron man nga during my time) What interests me most before were her clothes, shoes and her hair tapos I don't know why pero ginugupit ko hair niya hanggang sa maging pixie cut na xa tapos ayaw ko na laruin kas di na xa long hair, di ko na maeenjoy na paliguan xa. haha. Ung damit lang talaga niya ang obsession ko, I even sew her own dress before gamit ung mga tira-tirang tela. hahaha.
    Those were only my joys about Barbie... Now, may Barbie movies na pero di ko masyado bet due my age na rin siguro. haha. I once watched their movie pero di ko matandaan kung anong title, parang ganito rin, there were a princess and a singer tapos nagkapalit sila. The one's wearing pink tapos the other one wears violet.


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