Endless Collagen Drink ♥

As you all know I just turned the BIG THREE-ZERO and who wants to get older? Well like I always say that AGE is just a NUMBER and it's up to you on how you will take care of yourself to feeling and looking young.

I still do feel young and I do not want to just feel it but also look like it.

But Do you know that as we get older our bodies produce less collagen, The Result? Thinner skin, dryness and more wrinkles so I searched for ways to stay looking young and found something to say GOODBYE AGE!  

It is called Collagen, so What is Collagen?

 Collagen is the substance that holds the cells of our body together. Next to water, collagen is the most important structural core in our bodies. Collagen makes up 75% of our skin, and 80% of our connective tissue. 

Science reveals that age of 30 and up, the body loses collagen at the rate of 15% per annum, and our body's natural production depletes, which causes wrinkles, fine lines and age spots. 

Yikes! That is why we really need to take care more of ourselves and I am so glad that with the latest biotechnology, large molecules of collagen are hydrolyzed into smaller peptides, also known as hydrolyzed collagen or "super collagen" this enhances body absorption for effectiveness and much more visible results. 

ENDLESS COLLAGEN DRINK is a special formulated fruit drink that contains 5,000 mg of Hydrolyzed Collagen from France  that replenishes & boosts natural production, CoQ10 as a strong antioxidant, Vitamin C that boost collagen absorption & helps keep our body strong and healthy, & Oryza Ceramide that moisturizes well giving you healthy glowing skin!


  • Reverses the aging process
  • Repairs & Regenerates skin giving it a Healthy glow!
  • Replenishes and Boost body's own collagen production!
  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles!
  • Improves skin moisture, firmness & elasticity!
  • Promotes healthy joints, cartilage, and bone!
  • Helps burn fat faster and speeds up metabolism!
  • Enhances the overall sleeping cycle@
  • Greater sense of Wellness!
DIRECTIONS: One Bottle per day. Drink after cooling will have a better taste.

PRECAUTION: Not appropriate for children under 15. Women in pregnancy or lactating and patients taking warfarin medicines. 

Quality and Potency Guaranteed! 
Tested in SOUKEN Japan and DERMSCAN France

It's My Daily Beauty Habit!
Beautiful skin and youthful skin is now a drink away with delicious peach flavor.  
6 Bottles X 50mL PEACH FLAVOR- PRICE: Php 870
Collagen from France 
Manufactured in Taiwan 
To know more about the Product and Endless Beauty Club, You may contact the following:
OFFICE PHONE: (02)521-8158
MOBILE: (0917)513-2454
FAX: (02)521-7446

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Well, we really should take care of our skin, most especially us Ladies, we ages fast than Men. and Drinking tons of water can help as well.

    1. Yes Drinking plenty of water, getting enough sleep and avoiding stress and taking Collagen drink helps to slow down aging.

  2. Lupit ng pagkakaedit mo sis...dibale, at least you still look good for the age you are potraying sa pic..lol!

    Anyways, I tried drinking collagen supplement din before kaso nakakatamaran lang i-continue or rather nakakalimutan. The one I tried was IVI powder mix. At our age, need na talaga natin i-ensure na we take care of our body.

    By the way.. how is the taste...same lang sa ibang collagen drink..so far kasi yung sa beauti at yung sa IVI merong same after taste..

    1. Mas masarap siya :-)

      Hahaha bale ba pag 60 na yan ganyan age.

  3. gusto ko toh! hahaha kahit 19 palang ako :P kaso may pagka mahal din. :D haha starting to like the benefits of a collagen drink :D

    1. Yes someone just recommended it to me to drink Collagen kase talaga naka iwas ng konti ng wrinkles :-)

  4. I guess i need to start taking collagen soon since i am already on my 30s. i can feel the aging process on my body already. I heard that Collagen not only keeps skin healthy but also the bones, teeth and blood vessels.

  5. Nice thing to know this, thanks for the info miss Rochelle..
    Surprise to know your age, hehe! I really thought you are in the middle twenties..:)

  6. This is great! As we grow up, our body functions decreases kasi.. lalo na for our skin, it will become dry because our body loses water kaya we need to hydrate our body always. Hmm, Pampayat din po ito? I need fats pa naman. *haha* but this is really awesome and helpful for regeneration plus it has good taste right? ♥ It's nice to know about this product. ♥
    Btw, I tried that app too! funny much *haha*

    1. Hahaha Yes Old Age App :-)
      Yes it said for losing weight too but I heard some collagen drink has effects of gaining weight but I hope it does make us lose weight.

    2. Ohhh, I need that collagen drink that helps in gaining some weight. :3

  7. Kahit pala ganyan na ka ganda skin mo may daily habit ka pala which is to drink Collagen juice. A little bit pricey lang pero worth naman kase. Pero, honestly sa old photo mo, kahit marami lines lumalabas pa rin yong ganda mo, parang si Gloria Romero, halata na matanda yong skin pero napapasin pa rin kagandahan nya. Pero syempre, gusto matagal tagal pa naman sana bago lumabas ang lines para enjoy naman.Lol!

    1. Sana nga because I do not want botox to be my options. hahaha!

      Thanks Aliz ♥

  8. I was surprised with your picture Ms Chelle, hehe ikaw na ikaw tlga (ikaw naman talaga). Pero malayong malayo pa naman. Siguro nga, aging ang isang bagay na kinakatakutan ko haha. Lahat naman tayo magkakawrinkles din pero nasa pag aalaga talaga natin sa katawan natin para bumagal yung pag aged ng skin natin.

    I haven't tried any collagen drinks, natry ko yung sa Avon lang yung grape seed capsule but di ko pa ulit natuloy, I think supplements for skin is really good gaya ng Myra E. I really envy your skin Ms Chelle, hehe halatang alagang alaga. :) Exercise din nakakabata, lalo na pag sobrang fit ka pa din .. hirap talaga mag paganda hehe!

    1. Uu medyo magastos magpaganda. Natry ko din yan sa Avon na Grape Seed Capsules :-) Pero hindi ko na din tinuloy. Kase para sobra na ako sa vitamins with Myra-E, Collagen and kung anu ano pa. Baket mapaano na si liver.

      NUMBER 1 un lalo na pag may asawa, hindi sya dapat maging reason na maging pabaya na and let go of ourselves. We still to do our best na magpa ganda para sa sarili and para sa husband :-)

      Thank you Jo-An

  9. i want to try this! 27 na ko but i look older pa. =( but its a bit pricey.

    1. yes I agree a bit pricey pero I think it is cheaper than other brands. Effective naman din eto :-)

  10. wow parang gusto ko na bumili nito talagang now na, hihi. I tried collagen drink pero I never took it seriously parang occassional lang pag nafeel ko lng. this is also the first time ive heard about this product.

  11. Oh no. I imagine myself as I get older kaya thanks dito sa blog mo Ms. Rochelle for reminding me on how to take good care of my skin, body and myself. Because we really never knew how we look like as time goes by.

    And if ever I reach my old age I hope na nageexist pa itong Collagen para naman kahit I look old i am still young at heart :)

  12. I'm not really into supplementssiguro kasi bata pa ko kaya di ko masyadong nakikita ang effects sa akin. But then buti na lang, through this post narealize ko na habang maaga pa dapat di na pinapalampas pa. Sobrang kita naman ang result ng product sa inyo Ms. Rochelle. You really look so young and ganda ng skin. Im 20 years old, so I think pwede na sakin to. As early as now, dapat inaalagaan na din ang sarili, di yung kung kelan huli na :)

    And.. As to the packaging of the product. I like it. Katulad ng sabi ko kanina.. For teens like me, hindi masyadong bumebenta pag wellness poducts. Most likely, puro cosmetics. Pero I think If mas maaadvertise pa to ng ayos, papatok to sa teens. The pakaging would help. Hindi kasi siya dull. Lively and vibrant yung colors, suited for teens too :)

  13. Buti na lang available din eto sa Mercury Drug store, di ako ako natakot na mag try kase dahil sa review mo. Interested kase ako sa "Helps burn fat faster and speeds up metabolism" kaya sinubukan ko kahit na mahal. Buti na lang you mention na better to drink after cooling kase kung hindi baka ayaw ko yong taste.

  14. Collagen really maintains your skin smooth and young kaya in trend ang Collagen products talaga. Matry nga to if I have the budget haha. I only know Olay when it comes to anti-aging and super effective talaga siya. I've seen results from Olay users. As in ang gondooo ng skin. Kaya super expensive nila because they're really worth it. Di bale, tatry ko talaga to. hahaha. I'm so into anti-aging stuff. Who doesn't want to look young naman diba? We all deserved to be pampered once in a while...

  15. Parang katakot magtry. Hehehehe! Pero the results are promising kaya worth the try. hehehe! How long have you been taking it Ms. Rochelle? and It's kinda expensive would need to consult doctor before me taking this. Madami kasi bawala sa akin. :(

  16. Can I take myra e 400 and collagen(10,000 mg) at the same time. If I can what are advantages and disadvantages.


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