Unboxing December 2013 BDJ BOX ♥ An Exclusive MAX FACTOR Makeup Kit!

 I received one of the best present this December.
It is a box from http://bdjbox.com/ 
I was so happy and excited for the December 2013 BDJ BOX ♥ 
December 2013 BDJ Box with an exclusive Max Factor Makeup Kit!

Max Factor, the makeup of makeup artists. This month's box was designed to give every woman the chance to feel and look like a star! 

BDJ Box believe that every Bella can be every bit as gorgeous as a Hollywood Celebrity. 

This exclusive makeup set from Max Factor has all the elements of what you need to look like an A-Lister.
Unleash the star within you with the December BDJ Box!
This holiday season, BDJ Box wanted to give a little something extra to help you with your Naughty or Nice gift lists! Included is a yellow FOCUS/FINISH BDJ Forget-Me-Not List Journal.
It is a journal/notebook/notepad to write down your Christmas Shopping list, to do list, reminders and etc. 
It retails for P148   
STAND OUT LIKE A STAR  - That said this month's BDJ Box is all about.
I love the stickers!
I am so excited to attend the TIMELESS BEAUTY MAKEUP WORKSHOP BY MAX FACTOR tomorrow, December 14 at Max Factor Rustans Makati for an intimate makeup session with Max Factor National Makeup Artist, Bobby Carlos. Yehey! 
 Check out what's inside ♥ 

I really enjoyed opening these really gorgeous box filled with so much surprises! 
 The contents of BDJ Box December 2013 Exclusive MAX FACTOR Makeup Kit! 
1. Max Factor Full Sized Creme Puff Pressed Powder in Medium Beige, 21g.
 It provides perfect coverage, a luminous glow, and a natural finish to your skin. 
Retails for P575
2. MAX Factor Sample Sized Earth Spirits Eyeshadow in INCA BRONZE
The full sized product is 3g and retails for P445. This is maybe 40% of the full size so it would retail for about P178.
3. MAX FACTOR Sample Sized Kohl Pencil. The full sized is 1.2g and it retails for P425 also maybe about 40% of the full size so it would retail for about P170.
4. MAX FACTOR 5.3ml Sample tube of Masterpiece Max Mascara. The full sized tube is 7.2ml and it retails for P695 so it would retail for about P511.

5. MAX FACTOR Sample tube Colour Collection Lipstick. It is half the size of the full-sized 3.5g tube and it retails for P595 so it would retail for about P297.50
The lipstick is in English Rose Shade in 510   It has a pretty shimmery frosted salmon pink that is so pretty. 
6. MAX FACTOR 5ml Glossfinity Nail Polish. The full sized bottle is 10ml and it retails for P245 and this is half the size so it would retail for about P122.50.
The Nail Polish is in Noisette Shade in 145  It is grayish with a purple metallic hint to it.
7. MAX FACTOR sample sachets Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation is this month's bonus item. It comes with two shade Beige 55 and Golden 75. The full sized retails for P925.

The contents of the December 2013 BDJ Box Exclusive MAX FACTOR Makeup Kit is worth about P2,000. That's over 3x the BDJ Box P580 subscription fee! It's super worth it! I absolutely love these subscription box! You can create a holiday look using the products inside your December BDJ Box! 

Watch out for my look using all of these products  

Thank you so much BDJ Team!  


VISIT http://www.bdjbox.com/ to get your subscription box ♥ 

Did you get your own December BDJ Box Exclusive Max Factor Makeup Kit? 
How do you like it?  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. I did not get a December box for bdj and i feel bad since i did not know its a max factor exclusive. waaaaaaaaahhhh! Instead, i actually got a glamourbox this month. hehehe! I wish i subscribed to both.

    Anyway, going back to max factor, it's cool that you will be attending a makeup workshop. I was able to attend Max Factor's makeup workshop a few months ago during the bdj beauty social and it is a very good experience. i really learned a lot and i learned from one of the best. So, i will be looking forward to your pictures and review about the products since i wont be able to try it myself.

    1. Yes it was so worth it!

      I had so much fun at the Max Factor's Makeup Workshop :-) Yes I agree I learned so much from the best and BDJ is really the best for doing a soiree or social event like what I had experienced today :-) ♥

    2. Sana next time Ms. Rochelle sabay na tayo magworkshop. hehehe! :)

      Unfortunately, sold out na ata BDJ Box until March. Are you subscribed din for next month?

  2. Yay for the Max Factor goodies! Looks great! I must tell this to my sister. I might convince her to subscribe with BDJ! :)

    1. Yes it is so worth it and never have second thought of subscribing because as they are sold out really quick!

  3. Super liit naman ng kohl pencil, but overall i like everything included in this month's bdj box. I like knowing the quality from this brand, talagang sulit na kahit sample sizes lang. The maxfactor cream puff is what i really like to buy last time i went to SM kaso nabitin budget ko so i ended up buying other brand nalang. i hope ms.Rochelle you can make a review on some of the products you got. :)

    1. Yes I will definitely do a review on all these products. It is very worth it saka sakto lang talaga yung size. Just perfect na ganito size lang because pag malaki din naexpired kagad.

  4. great unboxing! As usual, the contents of this month's bdj box are really awesome. :) Excited na for my January box to arrive! :D

    1. Yes I love BDJ Box. Every month is just getting better and better ♥

  5. ang bongga ng BDJ box for December. kakatuksong magsubscribe. waaa!

    Hope you had a great time with your workshop Ms. Rochelle! :)

    1. Yes very worth it talaga to subscribe to BDJ Box :-)

      I had a great time and learned so much with the workshop :-) I will blog about it tomorrow.

  6. i wish i had one of those to hype up my look for the christmas season! :)

  7. I really want to subscribe sa BDJ box kaso march pa un next box eh. Super tagal. Tamad pa naman ako mag wait ng matagal Hahaha. Ang bongga ng box ngayon ah kso puro sample size ata? Keri lang siguro kasi sulit din naman ^_^

  8. hi pretty sis! i am excited to also read your post on our bonggacious soiree! subscribed to you on google friend connect and google plus cheers! -www.pisceanrat.blogspot.com

  9. Wow.. I think we got the same shades.. although initially, I was a bit disappointed kasi compared to previous boxes, this one only has one full sized and a refill pa..I was hoping to get at least 2-3 full sized products...just can't help compare with previous boxes. However, as I always do, I did evaluate the positive side. I do love the eyeshadow and the polish when I tried it and thought at least they are easy to carry around with their tiny version.
    Although I wished I got the nude shade for the lippie but instead, its pink again :D pero as usual, with the other pink lippies that I had, I made them work by layering them with another color.. heheh
    Can't do an unboxing post pa kasi my internet is currently down at home :( hope it get's fixed soon.
    Blessing in disguise na rin siguro kasi I was really exhausted the past few days from lack of sleep and my body was always on sleep mode na, forcing me to take a rest :D

  10. I like the English rose shade lipstick, so ghirly! Trully, worth naman talaga ang laman ng BDJ box. Luv it!

  11. This ! Oh I hope to have one. Make up ! It is really the best gift to us ladies right. ? As I look at it Ms. Rochelle I really think that all of that Max's products would really give beauty and will make anyone look more standout . Congratulations for getting one Ms. Rochelle. More more BDJ Box to come. :)

  12. Hope you enjoyed it :) bilis maubos ng BDJ Boxes.

  13. Nice one BDJ box, what a great package it have..:)

  14. Wow naman.. All in one sa BDJ box what to do is just apply it nalang in your face.. It's so exciting to look and read some of the info about this max factor product and it able me to buy
    this stuffs.. so glad to hear it from you..

  15. Oh please. I dont want to loooook!!! Its soooooooo!! Argh! Super love the lippie! Im so inggit! And all thats inside the box! :(

  16. BDJ box has always full of surprises. Every box is super worth it! Complete kasi. ♥ Tagal ko na gusto magsubscribe but I still don't have budget.. and ang tagal ng next box :(
    I love this box.. soo pink ♥ especially the shade of the lipstick! yan yung gusto ko talagang shade. and I'm looking for a perfect pressed powder for me.. parang nice din 'to :) You can really achieve a great holiday look with Max Factor products! complete na eh.. may nail polish din XD

  17. Perks of blogging. Huhu. I want to be a good blogger too. Gahhh, this one's too awesome to look at. I just love how cute the box is together with everything thats inside the box. "Box full of Surprises and Cute Things for Girls" -- thats what I want to call it. haha! And the way it was presented inside the box, its true... I think It made everyone who received it "so special". Everything inside it is just so lovely; the lipstick, the nail polish.. everything (even the papers) haha! Its really for girls. Max Factor didn't fail to make every girls who received it feel like a princess :)

  18. Gahd, BDJ Box is getting better and better every month! It's nice that they included Max Factor in December's box. Coz when you buy them at the stores, it will certainly cost you 2000+ or so. kaya sulit na sulit na xa. pero pag full sizes sila lahat, aabot ata sa 5000+ Hope you'll make a review on max factor makeup products =)

  19. Wow! Thanks to you Rochelle, I discovered about this superrrrr awesome BDJ box! I'm so excited to subscribe, meron pa lang ganito bakit ngayon ko lang nalaman, bakitttt? Anyway, thanks ulit! January-March boxes are sold out na :( and I'm trying to get the April box..how sad. When I signed up with the page, they require a referrer email..can I possibly put your email as the referrer? Thanks! Stay pretty!


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