Hotel Eurotel ♥ Check in to Experience Europe ♥

I always dream of going on a Trip to Europe but I just cannot afford it. 

"Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have the power to make it come true if you believe on it".

We had been staying here in the Philippines for four years now and going back to the States is our future plans but it is so difficult to leave what I can call home, Philippines.

It is nice to know that we can check in to experience Europe here in the Philippines. 

If you want to experience Europe then I highly recommend EUROTEL a modern European inspired hotel located around the Philippines in the vibrant cities of Manila, Makati, Las Pinas, Quezon City and Baguio.

EUROTEL that is a welcome haven for couples, tourist and travelers seeking respite and comfort. 

Eurotel elegantly designed with subtle modern European influences, you are assured of comfort and convenience with a good range of rooms.

Affordability plus the traditional Filipino hospitality is a matchless combination. 

Motivated to meet the demand for unique lodging services in the Philippines, Eurotel was conceived to meet such a demand. Managed by experienced hoteliers, it is the only lodging chain in the country that uses a distinctively European theme and motif.
The hotel also provides function rooms for a variety of occasions.

 Large function rooms can be tailored to fit management development seminars, strategic planning, team-building and other corporate functions. EUROTEL can even provide lists of potential trainers depending on your needs. All rooms are equipped with the latest audio-visual equipment and training tools necessary for each event. Our rooms can accommodate up to 450 persons and packages are available to fit your budget and particular requirements. Participants can also choose to unwind at the end of the day using its Karaoke on wide-screen.
Relax those tense muscles and lay your cares at the hands of the professionally-trained masseuse, either in the comfort of your room or at the Spa. 
You can avail the services of body massage, foot scrubs and body scrubs for a relaxing experience.

Sit back and relax at the end of the day at the Eurozen Bar and Bistro. 
Enjoy a delightful meal of just appetizers while downing your favorite cocktail and drink or you could just unwind and watch entertaining programs with wide-screen LCDs.
The hotel also offers unlimited wi-fi access on all floors. Computers are also available at the lobby for free.

To provide innovative products and excellent services, executed by carefully selected and well trained personnel, that would ensure the continuous growth of the business to sustain it’s profitability and improve the lives of all stake holders and the community where we belong. “This is our commitment to God, our society and the future generation to come.”

We are the Leading Businessman’s Hotel in all Key Cities in the Philippines and in Asia - We set the Trend!

Guest Delight, Re-engineeringt, Environment, Attention to details, Teamwork

Do you always wondered what it's like to be pampered by the best European Hotels? 



Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Hi Ms. Rochelle. That dream of yours to have a trip in Europe is also a dream of mine. Wala naman sigurong hindi nanaising pumunta sa isang lovely contenent na yun. I will support you in your dream but I beleive that living in other country, I think, is really lonely. You have to build new relationship to other people there and YOU might MISS the people here in the Philippines. Our culture, our way of living, our crowded country pati na rin ang mausok na kalsada na meron ang bansa natin. I have siblings in other country and we saw and feel that they really miss our country. They said that "Yes. Being here is something new but IBA pa rin pag anjan kami sa Pilipinas." they also told me na iba pa rin ang saya lalo na kapag kasama mo yung mga taong kilala mo na. Hope you understand my side Ms. Rochelle :)

    And oh, that Eurotel is really an eye catching. Hope that I can be there someday to experience a European ambiance while being here in the Philippines :) Tnx for this BLOG :)

  2. Its also my dream to go to Europe but I guess it will remain a dream for the rest of my life. I didn't know Eurotel has great amenities like a bistro and spa. Maybe me and my siblings could give this as a wedding anniversary gift for our parents next year... :)

  3. hayy kelan nga kaya ako makakarating sa Europe, it has been my dream since highschool.tas when i started working, i like to work in Europe pero things were not easy, super effort ako tas plangak pa rin, nagkaroon ng problems sa papers ko, Sana in the future makapunta rin ako Europe, pero this time I like to go there with my kids, sabi ng hubby ko baka daw kids namin magdadala sakin sa Europe, hihi, sana....
    I have heard a lot of good thing about Eurotel, the staff were great and very accommodating, they serve delicious foods. the entire place is clean and very affordable. kaya i will recommend Eurotel to my cousin who will arrive next week.. :)

  4. Perhaps if I tend a seminar or convention in Manila...but for now, might not be able to try this yet as it is not economical for us to stay there..maybe if it were in father places like the mindanao or Visayas where we would really need to spend a night, but for now, because of the site, it is convenient for balikbayans or tourist...but for my family, we will just opt to sacrifice at least an hour of ride to go home instead :D

  5. One of my dream is to go to Europe, actually all around the world. *haha* ♥ but there's no place like home. We still keep on coming back ♥ Even we are here in the Philippines, we can still experience na parang we are in another place, ang dami na kayang japanese, korean, american and now, european-like places dito oh. Hindi na kailangan lumayo pa. *hehe*

    I like this Eurotel. I like every design of each room. It's so nice to stay here. You'll feel so relax and comfortable. It has function rooms too for some events, uso pa naman ngayon mga events and seminars. It has bar and bistro that you'll enjoy the delicious european-like dishes right? :) And the most important for me, free access on WIFI and computers! ♥ *hahaha* I wish to try this Eurotel experience ♥♥♥

  6. Thank you for sharing this post. I actually thought Eurotel was kinda like "sogo" or i am not sure if they were referring to a different establishment or are they rebranding? hehehe!
    I am like confused now. Hehehe!

    But happy to know that it is a nice place as to travelers can have more options for places to stay. How about the rates? Are they affordable? Hay, I am lost.

    Everything I knew about this place came out wrong. hahaha!

  7. Aww. That sentence there " is so difficult to leave what I can call home, Philippines." BOOM! So sweet Ms. Rochelle!

    Yes its also a dream of mine to travel abroad especially out of Asia. Thanks to EuroTel world class facilities. Ganda. Very private and clean tingnan. The wall designs just brings you closer to Europe talaga. Thanks for his post Ms. Rochelle. I didn't know ganito pala ang loob ng EuroTel. Maganda pala. hehe

    -steffy tabora

  8. Now, I want also to go to EuroTel Hotel and be pampered in a European way. I never thought that they have a very nice rooms. Since they have in Baguio and it just 1 hour to my place, I will try to experienced it this summer. Thanks for sharing Ms. Rochelle :-)

  9. Lagi ko nadadaanan tong hotel na to... They're known for their green and red painted hotel so alam mo na Eurotel na talaga xa. I've only seen it from the outside but I haven't entered there talaga. soooo ganito pala hitsura sa loob. I love their bedroom na may wallpaper ng europe... nakakarelax. Too much green lang pero ung function room nila. Anyway, thanks for this review!

  10. Buti na lang may Video sa YouTube. Simple lang sa labas pero ang ganda talaga sa loob. Di ko talaga pinapapasin yong building nila pero ngayong nakita ko ang amenities at ambiance sa loob nila, gustong gusto ko talaga pasukin yang Hotel na yan.

  11. Basing on the Pictures and a little research, I think this one's a good place to consider too. Even though, its a little smaller than other hotels, EuroTel have great facilities too. Their bedroom looks relaxing and comforting. With the video, it gives me a picture of serene and quite Hotel. I guess it would really give you a European atmosphere with their facilities inside the hotel. Worth trying naman siguro :)


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