Beauty Product Review: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion ♥

I recently redeemed my 25 points in Sample Room for Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion.

I been seeing this product in the market and always want to give it a try but just never put it in my shopping cart to purchase and finally Sample Room restocked it and I immediately put it in the shopping cart for a very low points needed since my VIP points expired so I do not have that much points to redeemed but so glad that it was enough and I did sample this great product with so much great benefits. 

Moringa also known as Malunggay. I remember when I was still breastfeeding that I would put so much Malunggay on everything I ate because of the benefits that It would increase milk supply. 

Malunggay can also be used to treat a number of diseases. Not only that, malunggay also offers anti-aging and anti-inflammatory substances.

Olive oil, on the other hand is good source of Vitamin K and Vitamin E. It also contains Squalene which helps regulate sebum production of the skin, making it less likely to form acne and pimples.

Omega, found in sunflower oil, is a good source of omega 3,6 and 9. These fatty acids are responsible for the body's overall wellness. 

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion

WHERE TO BUY: Watsons and Leading Supermarkets and Drugstores Nationwide.
PRICE: P129.75 for 125 ml

Light, Non-greasy, Easy to apply and has watery consistency. 
 I love that it absorbed quickly.

Moringa-O2 is best recommended for those with the following skin conditions:
For dry and sensitive skin
For itchy skin
Aging skin
Skin asthma and Keratosis Pilaris

Deeply nourishes and moisturizes dry skin
Smoothens and softens dry and scaly skin
Stimulates cell regeneration and skin renewal
Improves skin elasticity, suppleness
Helps slow down signs of aging
May help relieve itch
Skin lightening
UVA/UVB Protection
Quick absorption and non-greasy

From the makers of Gluta-C Brand. 


  • Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Inspired Scent
  • Lightweight on skin
  • Not greasy
  • They retain moisture in the skin keeping it supple and soft.
  • Many benefits 
  • Affordable

  • It does not have a SPF so I only use the lotion before bedtime. Not proven to really protect the skin with the UVA/UVB that does not have the number. 


Have you tried Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion?
What do you think?

For more information about MoringaO2 

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  1. This is interesting. I have seen posts or reviews about this product a lot of times already but i did not bother to read them. So, technically, this is the first review I have read about Moringa Shampoo. Upon hearing, the word malunggay, my initial reaction is how does it well. Like I think I will smell like "soup" since I only see malunggay in Tinola. (Sorry not much of a malunggay eating person) But I am happy to know that it smells like Elizabeth Arden but then I am still not sure if I am willing to purchase one. Well, I hope they give out freebies or samples so that I can try. Unfortunately, I don't have points available in Sample Room now to get one.

    1. yes it is worth to get it at Sample Room and I will definitely buy a bottle or more. :-)

    2. Do they have sachets? Still a bit reluctant to buy the whole bottle. hihi!

  2. I really like that it has a lot of skin benefits. It is really very affordable, sulit na for P129.75 you can get a 125ml of lotion.,.

  3. I tried this too... I have a pending review draft nga kaya due to my problematic internet connection, I couldn't upload pics for my posts...
    Citrusy ang scent, some may be bothered kasi the scent is really lingering long and may overpower your current perfume... Although, in my case, I don't mind at all because I prefer this scent over floral(like jasmin or the likes) or fruity perfumes that are too sweet. However, if I do intend to use this, I no longer layer it with another perfume since it may clash and come out too strong :)

    1. Naku dyan ako medyo disadvantage. Pero okay sya di ba not greasy and perfect sa weather naten ;-)

    2. night ko nga lang din gamit because of the smell.. hehehe. masyado citrusy diko magamit ibang perfumes ko..
      ay oo nga pala noh...may problem ka nga pala sa nasal polyps mo...buti nalang di affected ang sense of taste mo.. ang hirap kaya nun...naranasan ko na nun kasgsagan ng allergic rhinits ko as in 0 smell and taste talaga for 2 weeks...muntik na akong pumayat.. hahaha

  4. I love this Moringa O2 lotion too since the scent is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea like as well as the soap. The best thing about this lotion is it helps me relax and sleep at night. The only thing i don't like about it is i think it is too watery.

  5. sana they have sachet variant sa mga stores para makatry din hihi =)

    1. Try it for FREE at sample room. Although may shipping cost just spend 100 and you can get 3 items na :-)

  6. I haven't tried Moringa-O2 Malunggay Herbal Moisturizing Lotion, but I know it's defintely great because its herbal and with malunggay. Malunggay is high in Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium and also Protein. When we had our feeding programs, we put so much malunggay to cook food like noodles and arroz caldo (congee). With this only kind of food, can also be so nutritious by adding malunggay and it is also delicious :) It's great that they have come up with a moisturizing lotion that can really help the skin because it has malunggay plus olive oil and omega which has great benefits too. :) This will really help especially for me who sometimes have dry and itchy skin. And I do like herbal because it is effective and has no harmful chemicals. Thank you for the review Ms. Rochelle. I just hope that it has SPF but it is still worth-trying product. ^_^

    1. Yes masarap sya lagay sa kahit ano food and with added more benefits :-)
      Sana nga may SPF atleast 30 :-)

    2. opo.. meron na nga sa instant noodles hehe. I think meron naman yan SPF :D

  7. Wow! This post made me put Moringa O2 Lotion in my grocery list! I have been experiencing skin asthma since I entered post graduate studies, and my lotions recommended by my derma were all expensive! I might try this and I hope this will relieve my itchiness

  8. Wow! This post made me put Moringa O2 Lotion in my grocery list! I have been experiencing skin asthma since I entered post graduate studies, and my lotions recommended by my derma were all expensive! I might try this and I hope this will relieve my itchiness

    At Php129, this is perfect for a budget conscious person like me!

  9. All I know about Malunggay before is that it is good for pregnant women but as time passed by I found out that it is called as Miracle vegetable because of its many health benefits not only to our bodies but also to our skin. I have been hearing positive with Moringa 02 products and I would like to try them all in the future.

  10. I like lotion that is non greasy because since we have a hot weather and I am more comfortable using it. Since Moringa O2 Lotion is not greasy and herbal, I think I want to try it too. Your reviews here magnifies me to try it because it really defines the Malunggay product well. I am not afraid of using herbal because of the benefits that it can give.

    1. Yes esp sa weather naten here in the Philippines na humid. I love that it is non-greasy :-) Super dami benefits.

    2. Upon reading your reply, I decided to put in my grocery list this item because my skin is so dry, maybe because of change weather..reason ko ngayon cold weather naman kase pag morning I observed I have dry skin na. Ma try talaga, it's good to know in your post that I can buy this in Watson. Thanks!

    3. I hope to hear some review from you too :-)

    4. Honestly, naging dry talaga yong skin ngayong Pasko, maybe because of the lotion that I am using, super harsh na siguro sa akin, palihabsa inuubos ko na lang kase yon. Pero since nakabili na rin ako ng Moringa O Malunggay, ginamit ko at napa smooth nya talaga skin ko at di makati. Salamat sa blog na eto, na influenced talaga ako.

  11. I love Moringa-O2 products especially their toner (which is my recent favorite toner♥)
    I already tried their lotion before, good for you they restocked it and be able to grab one.
    I think its really good to have herbal beauty product, I believe they doesn't have that much harsh ingredients. My experience with this lotion is just so-so. I mean its not that bad but just good enough. I didn't really see changes with my complexion but it leaves your skin sooo soft.

    ^_^ Nice review Ms Chelle!

  12. Sounds Interesting tong Lotion product nila,wanna try this kasi ung malungay soap lang ginagamit ko and malungay supplements .Daming benefits makukuha sa Malungay and affordable pa :)

  13. AMAZING ! I now really love and appreciate the importance of MALUNGGAY ! It is good not only inside our body but also in our skin, heart and diseases ! Wow as in WOW.
    This lotion is also not that pricey so I really think that this is worth buying.
    Nice blog Ms. Rochelle. !
    I would really share this information to my friends :)

  14. Thanks for the review Ms. Rochelle :) Very informative post, even sharing personal experiences with Malunggay. I am assured that this is really a legit review :) With the information your giving, I get to know things in a deeper sense. Like those infos you stated about Malunggay, Omega, Olive Oil and Moringa. Honestly, in buying beauty essentials now a days people just look at what is visible in their eyes. And in beauty essentials cases, sometime it is the phrase "It Whitens". Sometimes, people forget to scrutinize the contents of the product. With this review, everything's complete. Thank you Ms. Rochelle :)

    BTW, Thanks to your blog. I learned about Sample Room. I now have an account there and will try to help others too by having product reviews soon :)

  15. Ayun. sabi na nga ba it's from Sample Room. haha. I also saw this brand but in the form of astringent naman. Yep, malunggay is beneficial to lactating women as it increases the milk supply of their breasts. It somehow stimulates milk production. So curious ako if it's also great for beauty stuff. Di na ko nag-avail sa Sample Room, I hope they'll give samples of eyeshadows because it's what I'm for lang talaga. haha.


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