The Zen Institute Appreciation Day ♥

When I started my blog, My goal was just to inspire Women that being a Mom it is not an excuse to prettify yourself or to look good but I never thought with blogging experience it will also include of being invited to an Appreciation Day of The Zen Institute and it was really such an honor to be a part of it and learning so much from the owner and head doctor, Dra. Mary Jane "MJ" Torres. She is truly a "Women Who Inspire."
Held at THE ZEN INSTITUTE (A MEDICAL SPA) located at 69 Scout Rallos Street Quezon City. 

Dra. Mary Jane Torres did a very interesting short talk on Colonics and IV Nutrition. She also talked about having a Yoga and Zumba program at The Zen Institute Medical Spa also due to her busy schedule that atleast now she could just do it right at her own workplace and will also be offering it to her patients. 
I would really love that! Atleast now you can do it before or after your services at The Zen Institute. 
I love listening to talks about good health, losing weight and how to look more beautiful. 

She gave an insight talk about her experiences. I am so interested on getting the Intravenous Nutrition because I really have a weak immune system because I am always on a diet but ends eating not the right nutrition of foods and for the love of eating junk foods and usually do not get that much sleep. I love that with IV Nutrition you are not damaging the liver unlike oral capsules. 

IV Nutrition is used to administer vitamins, minerals amino acids and other nutrients directly into the bloodstream.   
IV therapy can be more effective than taking supplements orally for correcting intracellular nutrient deficits. 

Scientific research has demonstrated that a variety of conditions can benefit from the use of IV Nutrition. A few of the conditions that may be helped using IV Nutrition techniques include hypertension, COPD, Asthma, Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, hepatitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis and even the common cold. I really need a dose of IV Nutrition as I am suffering with a really bad allergic rhinitis nowadays. 

 Colonics: Key to better health and fit body 

Good health and vitality.

For most of us, there is still an endless search for that “magic pill” which can make all our health and beauty concerns go away. However, it doesn’t exist, but the modern medicine has come a long way that it has developed and found many great innovations that can help us aid our health and beauty woes.

Over the last decade, a lot of us were clueless about the functions of colon and what it does to the body. The colon is an organ that plays a very important role in the functions and effectiveness of many other organs.  

It is a section of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum.  It is responsible for the absorption of minerals and nutrients from the foods that we eat, finally, the colon is the main organ that manages the waste production and disposal in the body.

Several studies reveal within the United States alone, at least 90 percent of the diseases are directly or indirectly associated with unhealthy colon. Aside from these health issues, an unhealthy colon prevents our body to absorb the minerals and nutrients that we need.

But when we flush out the toxins from our body, everything improves — we feel and think better, our skin glows, and excess weight drops off.  If you want to get fit and healthy, colonics is one applicable way to do it.

Guided by the philosophy that holistic health is a harmonious combination of medical science, creativity and aesthetic sense The Zen Institute employs a process that is done with the use of the top of the line hydrotherapy machine and licensed doctors. It veers away with the pressures that necessitate the use of invasive and potentially traumatic shortcuts.  

Colonics is a process by which the wastes in the body are being removed through a cleansing procedure. A speculum tube (as tiny as .5cm) will be placed into the rectum of the patient, flushing out the wastes of the colon with warm water. 

This process is what we call as peristalsis, which pushes the feces out through the hose. These wastes include built-up toxins and excretory material that adheres to the walls of the colon.

Many factors are contributing to the accumulation of these wastes. The most common are stress, unhealthy lifestyle and diet, processed meat consumption, refined carbohydrates and sugar, low intake of water, high alcohol and caffeine consumption, and carbonated drinks. 

With Colonics, these wastes can be removed with continuous session, which maintains the nutrient absorption of the body and enhances the digestion.

The therapy usually lasts from 50 up to 60 minutes. During the therapy, the patient might experience abdominal pain. This is typical because the wastes from the body are being removed from the colon. In some cases, after a session, the patient will excrete the toxins to the body, making him want to go to the bathroom.

At Zen Institute, colonics is also utilized for weight management by giving the colon a coffee cocktail that can enhance faster metabolism but will also improve better absorption of the nutrients needed by the body. With this latest technique done at least twice a month, a person is guaranteed to lose 20lbs in 21 days. Some vegetable pills are prescribed to keep the ‘flora and fauna’ of the colon. Having regular colonics session is recommended for a healthier lifestyle. Also, drinking a lot of water while undergoing the session is needed to prevent dehydration.

Colonics should be employed at least four times a year to facilitate the accumulation of the toxins in the body, however, it can be done weekly specially by those who don’t eat much vegetables, drink alcohol a lot, and have unhealthy diet and lifestyle. A patient who has undergone colonics should maintain a good and healthy diet as this encourages the growth of good bacteria in the body. This will also boost the immune system.

Colonics also reduces constipation, which causes the slow digestive movement of the body. Because the procedure releases toxins, the body will be replenished because it regenerates energy. 

Those who have undergone this say that they have better blood circulation, peaceful night, and a boost in energy. Cleansing the colon also contributes to an individual’s well being and cognitive response. 

Weight lose can also be contributed to those taking the treatment because it enhances the metabolism of an individual.

Though colonics is now a popular way of detoxification, certain people should not have the procedure, including those who have intestinal problems such as Crohn’s Disease, blood vessel disease, congestive heart failure, heart disease, severe anemia, abdominal hernia, gastrointestinal cancer, intestinal tumors and ulcerative colitis.

 Those who have recent colon surgery should also consult a doctor before having the treatment.

Other than detoxification, colonics hydrotherapy is used for rejuvenation by replenishing the lost electrolytes and minerals being infused in the solution pumped through the tubes and being absorbed by the colon.

Get your Colonics, IV Nutrition program and for inquiries and other services at The Zen Institute (A Medical Spa)
Visit or call:
69 Scout Rallos St., Tomas Morato, Quezon City 
441-1712; 412-2528

Ground Floor, Bonifacio Technology Center, 31st Street corner 2nd Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City 

St. Frances Cabrini Medical Center, Maharlika Highway, Barangay 2, Sto. Tomas, Batangas
 (+43) 778-4811

Visit website at 

Excited to use products and services from THE ZEN INSTITUTE ♥ 

Thank you so much THE ZEN INSTITUTE and Dra. Mary Jane Torres  
I really appreciate it! 

What do you think of Colonics?
IV Nutrition?
The Zen Institute?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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Thank you!  I really appreciate it!

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  1. Great goals really leads us to great paths too..:) Anyways, indeed true info's, thanks then for this didn't really know there's a medical spa too which do help us women with our common problems now a days..:)

  2. It is really important to take care of our colon and all the parts of the body. I guess I wouldn't mind trying colonics if given the budget. Its been three years since I underwent cleansing and today, more people are health conscious. who watch what they eat, drink, weight etc. It is best that we have options to use in taking care of our body and Colonics will be soon one of options to watch for. Thanks to the Zen Institute!

  3. This is the first time I heard about Colonics. I guess, if may budget ako for this, I will also try this. I'm not really a health conscious but when I gave birth to my baby girl, naging super conscious na ko. Haha!

  4. Ang cute ng pouch :D Yun talaga agad ang napansin..
    Anyways, back to the main post, I already saw this on tv. If I am not mistaken, I think it was featured by Korina in one of her segments. At first, I was actually skeptical and a bit ashamed if I were to try this since, you could literally see the feces coming out.. parang dyahe.. hehehe.

    Although, if you actually go into the advantages of this, if will actually be really good to you. Madami kaya akong health problems and one of them is slow metabolism, frequent indigestion, gastritis and constipation... and once nakapag-expel ka ng waste, sobrang sarap at gaan talaga ng feeling...what more if it were extracted talaga to clean your colons.. ang gaan siguro sa pakiramdam. In fact, today, I am currently suffering from that and I even asked Mom to cook veggies muna and refrain from meats kasi accdng to my doctor, one source of my frequent gastritis problem is meat...kaya eto, as much as possible iwas red meat muna ako for a week just to remedy my current problem today.

  5. Now I KNOW ! That's the first that comes up in my mind after reading this Blog. In the past I really never knew about colon but now I realize how important it was. I think I'll give it a try na makapagpalinis ng colon when opportunity strikes. Anyway, Zen Institute would really be a big help to the public to better understand the cleanliness inside and outside of our body. And I also knew that IV Nutrition is a big help to overcome my disease, which is Asthma. I would be glad kung mawawala na nga ito and I will tell my parents about IV Nutrition. I hope na magwork iyon in order for me to live a healthy life. Thanks Ms. Rochelle . I got new LEARNINGS AGAIN ! :)

  6. So nice if I have a chance to attend that conference of her.. Though scary to hear the word IV but this IV nutrition can help us in many ways and reduces some illness we had, a lot of advantages..Not only that also this colonics, kinda exciting it helps to detoxify or cleanses the dirts in our body. I just heard it now here in this blog the word colonics and read its procedure.

  7. wow, this is very informative ms.Rochelle. I have shared this to my mom and friends and they were like ganun pala yun. Most of them were not familiar with colonics.Most people talaga are not aware of colon's function. My mom is more than willing to try the therapy right away.super health conscious kasi yun unlike me na mahilig sa junkfoods and I dont get to practice healthy living lately. I also have a weak immune system.

  8. This is very informative. I really haven't heard of a medical spa until I read this. It is best for us, specially moms like me, to always take care of our body . Thanks to Zen Institute for being an instrument for a healthy me!

  9. May medical spa pala? nicesu~ I thought that procedures like IV nutrition and Colonics are done only sa hospitals. Buti nakaisip sila ng ganito.. thanks Zen Institute! a spa for health purposes talaga.. madaming benefits :)
    About enema nga, I feel uncomfortable na.. colonics pa na whole colon but nice din kasi nasa tube lang man maglabas. This is really important because not all waste/toxins kasi nalalabas dahil sa maraming factors, so we need to clean our colon with this procedure. It will also help sa mga may health problems and we do really feel na we are clean. ^_^
    IV Nutrition is also important because nutritions are directly talaga sa blood.. kasi pag sa food, hindi kasi lahat na-aabsorb ang nutition. Great benefits talaga sa mga may health conditions especially sa akin na payat. aha xD kaso sobrang mahal nya.. isang pack pa lng. :/

    Thanks for sharing and also for reminding us to take care of our health ♥

  10. Ngayon talaga mas napapadali na ang mga relaxation treats dahil sa mga technologies na lumalabas. Its good to know youve been attending events like this Ms. Rochelle. Something good to share in your blog too. Its not bad to aim something good and relaxing for yourself every now and then naman talaga. Thanks for sharing this. I hope one day, when Im already working I could I have a pampering time for myself too. haha! :)

  11. Parang nakakatakot hihi. I don't like the feeling pa naman na parang nagdadiarrhea ka. Pero this is new ha. Pero scared pa rin ako... IV e. haha. Have you tried this na? Is it effective? I have no colon problems naman or health problems but it's nice to know na meron na palang ganito. How much does one session costs? Curious ako hihi. I really want to know how fast is it's effectivity sa mga may asthma. Hope you'll finally review on this soon! =)

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