LIVE Radio Guesting at BIZ Katropa DWDD 1134khz ♥

Inviting everyone now to listen to DWDD 1134kHz AM 10:00AM to 11:00AM or watch this LIVE STREAMING.

Live streaming video by Ustream

I am one of the guest blogger for BIZ Katropa  


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  1. Sadly, I missed this. Sana may recorded streaming para naman marinig ng mga naka missed.
    You mentioned that you'll also have tv guesting :) Hope you'll share it with us !! We'd love to see your lovely face on tv.
    Keep it up and more power to your Blog!! :)
    I love reading blogs especially blogs of inspiring bloggers..

  2. Congratulations... at least you did it.. !! So proud of you ^_^

  3. Sis.. batiin mo naman kami one time pag nag-live ka!!! Ipagpapagawa ka pa namin ng banner :D Proud talaga kami sayo...I will still be waiting the TV guesting.. hope you make it :D

    Break a leg sis :D

    1. Thank you Winnie :-) ♥ Hahaha you never fail to make me laugh with your comments :-)

  4. too bad I missed it. I had to finish my house chores first before I can use my laptop. I hope you had an awesome time on your radio guesting. Can't wait for you to share your experience with us. Congrats Ms. Rochelle. :)

  5. Congratulations Ms. Rochelle ;) Ganda ng radio guesting nyo po. You're soo pretty, ganda ng boses ♥ hehe. I learned so much about blogging, nakakatuwa ang mga answers nyo po. You started pla sa friendster.. how? haha. And I wanna be a blogger tuloy para maka-earn din *hahaha joke* Sana may next pa ♥ I'm looking forward for your TV guesting too ♥♥♥

    1. Yes Gow! Blog na sobra easy lang ;-)
      Yes tagal ko na blogger pero maganda din nagkaroon ako fresh start from this domain.

      Thank you so much for watching and listening. Nakainis sana man lang nasigaw ko name nyo.

    2. Pero wala nga ako ma-blog. XD

  6. Congratz Ms. Rochelle! I appreciates talaga yong mga nai i- nterview na mga bloggers. They really share their ideas and it only means na sikat na sila pag may invitation na ganyan.

  7. Ganda pala ng voice mo Ms.Rochelle. I like your outfit din :)

  8. Wow, congrats Ms. Rochelle..
    hmm :( I missed it, hope to hear your voice too.
    Good luck to your next projects..:)

  9. Ow so sad that I missed this ! I am so busy with my paper works. I hope that next time I could listen to your radio guesting again Ms. Rochelle. But this would be really a big honor to you :) Congrats po ! I hope na mas marami ka pang guesting in order for you to share your thoughts and yung mga bagay na talaga namang makakatulong saming naghahanap ng mga interesting na gawain at babasahin :)

  10. Wow! Congrats! Invade na the tv shows din Ms. Rochelle. Will definitely support you kahit anong timeslot yun! :)

  11. Congrats to you Ms. Rochelle. Ngayon, nakakapagshare ka na ng knowledge mo sa iba. Ngayon ko lang din nalaman na in less than a year mo sa blogging, you've gone this good already. Proof lang to na mas marami ka pang maisshare as time goes by through experience. Wishing you all the best in blogging and in life :)

  12. Ahhh I missed it! Congrats! You're on your way to become one of the most successful bloggers =)

  13. I think kahit hindi ko to napakinggan, you have shared something informative with the listeners of the radio station. Just by reading your posts here, sobrang dami ko nang natututunan, what more If I hear you speak. Siguro mas madam ka pang masshare. Sana more radio guestings pa, which I hope could listen to also :) More Power to you!


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