Family Fun Sunday at Manila Ocean Park ♥

Last Sunday we had a fun-filled family day at Manila Ocean Park.

It is definitely important to take the kids outside to play and amazing things can happen when a family comes together to do things together. A family that can bond together will be a family that is united forever. Do you agree?

I wish we can do this everyday or atleast every Sunday  Even with our busy lives we need to take some time off and spend it with our loved ones and you will find yourself stress free and feel more blessed.

We went there late though about around four in the afternoon and the only package available is the Ocean's Amazing Duo two for P550 that only includes Oceanarium and Trails to Antarctica. I highly recommend that you come in early to get the best deal.  
The love of a family is life's greatest blessing  
Finding Nemo  
Hello Nemo! ♥ 

Mermaid ♥ 

Inside the Trails to Antarctica we had the chance to experienced the Penguin Exhibit wherein we feed these "Happy Feet" inspired penguins which costs P500 that includes the feeding activity and photographer to take the photo op with the penguins with a soft copy CD that we took home.
I really enjoyed feeding the penguins ♥ 
Family Sardines. Lol! ♥ 
Snow Village  

Snow Village is a small room which took us like we were in Antarctica with the Winter Christmas Theme. 

They provided the jacket that we wore while inside the room. 

The floor was very slippery so we did not really stay too long. 

Trails to Antarctica also includes slide o' fun that we did not get to experience because my two kids were not allowed since they are 4ft below. 
We watched the Musical Fountain Show.
It is an animated water fountain entertainment, a laser light with music choreography and a live performance combined into one show.

It was definitely a great fun filled family day and a perfect Pre-Christmas celebration  

How about you?
 What did you do this weekend? 
Have you been to Manila Ocean Park?

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. My daughter enjoyed her time there as well..twice na ata kami nakapunta dyan. Once when it was still newly opened and another last year. Too bad though, di namin na napuntahan yung sa penguins at we didn't see the mermaids and the water and lights show... we were too exhausted na kasi and we need to have a long drive pa pabalik...but we promised to go back to see those parts that we haven't seen yet.
    Kakatuwa yung sea lion show and relaxing naman yung jelly fish na in tumambay lang talaga kami sa floor ng jelly fish area kasi relaxing yung sounds and the color changes which would seem that the jelly fish were changing colors ... although maliit lang yung room, nagmuka lang malaki because of the surrounding mirrors :D

  2. My family and I had not yet been in Manila Ocean park, but I hope someday , we love to visit there.

  3. Manila Ocean Park. Waaaaaaaaaah ! Sana makapunta ako dito due to my busy schedules Huhu ! TT^TT .. Kakainggit ka Ms. Rochelle. family Bonding is the best bonding that we can have but unfortunately I can't experience that :(.
    I just want to congratulate you for having a Happy family po. I wish na you stay that way forever and always :) I hope that you'll raise your children well. Kahit po naiinggit ako, nakakatuwa pa rin na may mga katulad niyo pa ring pamilya na bond na bond pa rin with each other.

    More blessings to your family po. GodBless !

  4. ang ganda talaga sa Manila Ocean Park we went there last year for my mother's 50th birthday. MOP has a promo sa Metrodeal 9 in 1 attractions for 849 with buffet na. Every year lagi silang may bago kaya MOP is one of the must visit tourist attractions here in Manila. I <3 Manila Ocean Park. :)

  5. Wow Family Date!! nakita ng son ko pics, matagal na nya gusto mamasyal sa Manila Ocean Park kaso talagang super busy and haba ng biyahe, pero i know masusulit naman pag nakita kong super enjoy kids ko, hopefully magkroon ako ng two days off from work for a family date, ang hirap ifit ng sched lalo now may work din si hubby na super busy... I like your family photos, nakakatuwa. tas parang ate ka lang ms.Rochelle, hihi, super young looking for a mother of three

  6. Not yet, but my mom did. kainggit nga eh. I hope to go there too.. soon. Parang nasa loob ng aquarium lang talaga eh. I want to experience that. Nemo is soooo cute! ♥ hehe.. and the penguins.. Pwede ba sila hawakan dun? ^_^ Nice din yung Christmas decorations parang nasa Antarctica talaga. hehe. Sana may snow2x din *haha*
    I also love watching Musical Fountain Show.. especially the moves of the water.. napapa-WOW talaga ako with lights and music pa! ♥ And nice idea yung Pre-Christmas celebration.. experiencing Christmas outside together with the family. Bonding is the special ingredient for a together-forever-happy-family ♥ Gonna try that maybe next year, naging busy talaga this month eh.

  7. HAHA! This one's so sweet! Ang ccute ng pictures. Especially Family Sardines. One of the best haha! Great Family Bonding. Especially the place. One of the decent places that's not yet been ruined in the Philippines. hehe. But seriously, I hope they'd take good care of this place and maintain the place. Its a great place for everyone especially for kids :)

  8. Matagal ko nang gustong pumunta jan, kaso aside from the distance, kulang pa sa budget hehe...I wanted my kids kasi to see all the shows & the attractions as well. Fortunately, HP Philippines made my dream come true! I joined their search for A+ advantage kids & my li'l girl won. Included in the prizes worth 25k are the tickets for all the attractions & shows at the Manila Ocean Park. Syempre super duper happy kami ni husband & the 2 kids, and last Dec. 23, we went there and we had the best time of our lives, super pagod pero super happy at paulit ulit ang kwentuhan ng 2 kids ko about what they saw...that was one of our family's greatest adventures...given the chance gusto uli naming bumalik, sana madagdagan ang attractions so the kids will learn more & enjoy more...

  9. Wow! that was a whole lot of fun! 3 years ago pa ang last na punta ko dyan at I can see in your family pics background, super dami ng pagbabago. Favorite ko yong nagpapakain ka ng penguins at yong family pic nyo na Family Sardines, so cute talaga.

  10. I really want to go there. But sad to say i have no time or hindi ko lang masyadong pinu-push hehe.. Bz kasi eh and sa tuwing nagaaya ako sa mga friends ko d naman natutuloy.. Sana next yr mapuntahan ko na yan.. Hndi lang dinadaanan. Sayang naman kasi kung d mo makikita yung beauty nang ocean.. Sarap cguro nang feeling if ur in beneath of the sea.. Gusto ko na tlga bumisita jan. Gusto ko makita yung flying pagi and magpa footscrub sa mga fish.. Hayy sana d to drawing and mangyari na next year.

    “There's nothing wrong with enjoying looking at the surface of the ocean itself, except that when you finally see what goes on underwater,you realize that you've been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent.”

  11. Ang cute nung penguins! hihih. especially when you have a family photo with that one penguin. haha. kakatuwa. I haven't been there pa naman. It's great that you maintain your family day... I believe na once a week, every family should have their time together na sila-sila lang. Keep those moments and you will surely develop a respectful and strong family relationship

  12. Nung una po naming pasyal sa Manila Ocean Park way back 2011, hindi namin nagustuhan kasi konti lang ang attractions! Pero ngayon parang nag-improve na siya! Andami nya ng attractions! Halata naman na enjoy lahat ang buong family nyo Ms. Rochelle! I hope I could visit these soon! :)

  13. I rarely remember visits to theme parks but in all honesty, my visit to the Manila Ocean Park was truly memorable! That pleasant, exhilarating feeling that I felt when I was there comes back to me every time I recall all the new things I saw there. Talagang NEW kasi hindi ko pa nararanasang tumira sa dagat. Hehe! :) Too bad the penguins were not there yet when we visited some years ago.

    My mom told me that she was fascinated by life under the sea. Kakaiba nga naman talaga. There are many wonders unfamiliar to us! I hope I could take her there someday soon for a truly different experience. Sana hindi siya mapagod kaagad.

  14. I really enjoy reading your blog momshie despite on busy days you still have chance to have a memorable moments with your family specially to your kids.We loved to go at Manila Ocean park my kids amaze all the things they can see and at that time we are complete since my husband visit us.


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