Family Dinner at Harbor View Restaurant ♥

We had a dinner at Harbor View Restaurant after our tiring but definitely fun-filled day trip to Manila Ocean Park. Harbor View Restaurant is located right beside Manila Ocean Park. I highly recommend that after your visit to Manila Ocean Park to try Harbor View Restaurant.  
We love dining here ♥ 
The food are great and so delicious! 

We ordered 

Black Forest Shake for Elijah  
Mocha Wave Shake for Nikolas  
Fruits and Vegetable Twister Shake for me. 
Mambo Mango Shake for Ethan  

 A Slice of Nestle Crunch Cake 
Slice of Blueberry Cheesecake

Harbor View Restaurant
South Gate A Rizal Park (right beside Ocean Park)
(632)524-1532/ (632) 523-2019
Open 11 AM to 12 midnight daily

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. What's your favorite dish dyan gurl?

  2. Nice family dinner..hoping to have that during our vacation kung kelan di kami masyado stressed para maenjoy namin yung food and maappreciate ang para di rin tamarin mag-drive si hubby :)
    The other night , I had a date with my hubby sa yakimix sa ATC... super botchog ako..hahaha. sarap ng mga makis and deserts..
    We are planning to take their my kid and my Mom so they can try it too..
    However, gusto din i-pa-try sa amin ni hubby mag-eat sa Vikings kaso may lumabas ngayon sa internet about an incident there kaya medyo hesitant na me now.
    Di ko pa na-try mag-eat sa Harbor restaurant so I am not sure if type din ni hubby...siguro when we go back there, we just might...

  3. Wow.. yummy cakes.. and shakes.. I got jealous.. Wish I could try it too.. hihihi ^^ that was really a great bonding .

  4. last time we ate there I guess it was 10 years ago, all the shakes looks delicious. it reminded me of my kids who loves to order it. I guess they would like the Mocha Wave Shake also the Nestle Crunch cake. Yum yum!

  5. Your kids are so gwapo...=) mana sa pretty mommy...

  6. Its great to know na nakapagbonding kayo ngfamily mo ms.Rochelle. Kahit nakakapagod sulit naman, :) We have been there once palang pero super memorable yung bonding experience namin kasi complete family, treat ng big bro ko when he arrived from US. diko lang masyado naenjoy ang foods since mejo may lagnat ako that time kaya namimili ang panlasa ko,, hopefully makabalik kami one of these days..

  7. Oh ? Wala yung comment ko ? May pending comments pa po ba dito na di niyo pa na accept Ms. Rochelle ? Hope you see mine :)
    More more happy moments with your Family ! ♥

  8. What a happy family dinner ♥♥♥ I hope we also have a family dinner again na ^_^ matagal tagal na din 'coz all of us are soooo busy. hayyy.. but we are always complete pa rin :) Nagugutom talaga ako sa mga photos niyo po like these ♥ The cakes are so *heaven*~~~ I hope na if i'll go sa Manila, I can visit this place too. Thanks for sharing! More happy family dinner for you. ^_^

  9. I haven't been there yet. Will tell my dad to bring us there this holiday. The place looks so good for families and the food looks so tasty. This reminds me of "Dampa" version (though sa dampa, walang blueberry cheesecake! haha!). I think we will enjoy the food there. Our family loves to try new dishes of foods. Parang adventure na din yun for us eh.

    I hope to see more posts from you and youre family bonding moment Ms. Rochelle. Sobrang fun ng family mo. Everybody's game to try something new together. I wish you get stronger bond each day and more happy moments together. Your family is so lucky to have you :)

  10. (TT_____TT) Ms. Rochelle I am really CRAVING with this !
    I envy you a lot na po talaga . This is my dream ! Huhu to have a complete FAMILY BONDING. But that was GREAT . You still have a quality time for your family bonding. I hope that your family stay strong and Bond together po :)
    May God bless you a lot .

  11. Very tempting talaga tong post na to. I just cant get enough. hahaha! The desserts looks so delicious and tempting. Parang pag kumain ka dyan, hindi pwedeng di ka aalis ng walang dessert. lol. Plus, the dishes. Mukhang masarap talaga. My mom and I loves shake too. Do you know whats the fruits/vegetables added in your "Fruits and Vegetable Twister Shake"? It looks nice. Also the Black Forest shake. Mukhang ang sarap at magugustuhan talaga ng Kids. Enjoy the coming year Ms Rochelle. God bless :)

  12. Natakam ako bigla hahaha. The shrimps look deli! Lalo na ung nestle crunch cake. haha in fairness, ang mahal ng 1 slice nila. Love your look here by the way! Your skin is so fair talaga. Di halata na you have three sons. hahah. I once tried making blueberry cheesecake and it was a major fail! Di xa nagform. Nasobrahan ko ata ng pagmix tsaka hindi ata tama ung proportions ng ingredients ko. Grabe super frustrated ako kasi ang mahal pa man din ng ingredients! Kamahal nung cheese! no wonder they're expensive.


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