Beauty Tip: Honey Lip Scrub ♥


Do you have problems with dry, chapped lips or you just want a soft, smooth and kissable lips. Then here is a homemade recipe for your lips. 


  • Climate change. Extremes in weather can cause your lips to dry out (cold weather) or become dehydrated (hot weather).
  • Sun damage. Just as the rest of your skin can be damaged by the sun, so can your lips. Yes, you can have sunburned lips, and they hurt!
  • Wind exposure. Leaving your lips unprotected in a strong wind can cause skin damage.
  • Dehydration. Probably the leading cause of most dry or cracked lips is simple dehydration. If the body does not have enough water the extremities, including the lips, will show that lack first.
  • Smoking or chewing. Anything you regularly put in contact with your lips can affect their condition.
  • Vitamin deficiencies. Certain vitamins are critical to maintaining healthy skin and lips. These include Vitamins A, B, C, B2 (Riboflavin deficiency) and E.
  • Allergic reactions. Many cracked and dry lips are the result of negative reactions to cosmetics and skin care products. Overusing commercial products can aggravate the very condition they are supposedly designed to cure.


Olive Oil
Fine or Coarsely Grated Regular White or Brown Sugar


1: Mix 3 teaspoons of Olive Oil with 2 teaspoons of honey and add 2 teaspoons of sugar. 

2. Mix until it forms a gritty (granular) paste

3. Apply a small amount of the scrub to your fingertip and rub into lips gently. 

4. Leave the scrub to sit for 2 minutes, and then rinse off with warm water. 

  • You can massage in the sugar for up to five minutes depending on how much time is available and how soft you want your lips to be. (There is always a chance of cutting your lip while massaging, so be careful!
Drink plenty of fluids. Having 8-10 glasses of water per day is ideal. When your body is dehydrated. It often shows first in your lips. 

Consider your diet. Increase the amount of needed vitamins in your diet by eating better or taking supplements like vitamin E, I highly recommend MYRA E and/or B complex supplements.  

Have fun with your soft, smooth and kissable lips. 
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THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Ay this post reminds of a similar concoction but for whitening dark lips naman. was supposed to try it and blog about its effectivitiy kaya lang my temporary amnesia striked again.
    Anyways, to share, base from the recipe above, extract the juice of a lemon (1/2 only) and add it the the concoction above.. and instead of olive oil, almond oil was mixed.. kaya lang if almond oil is not available, sunflower or in this case, olive oil will suffice :D
    Diko pa na-try because I was desperately looking for almond oil..hahaha.. pero in your case, I don't think you need it since ok naman color ng lips mo unlike me na medyo pigmented :D
    Thanks for reminding me by the way... will tell you soon if its effective :D
    share more of your diet tips..I think I really need it :D hehehe

    1. Wow that was a nice tip too. Yes I heard many uses of almond oil that is effective in so many ways. There are a lot of times na dry and chapped lips din ako when I was on a diet kaya this is really effective on helping with my problem. I think there is a connection din that when you are on a diet, you get chapped lips and usually pag malamig talaga, number one problem ko chapped lips.

      Thanks for sharing din your tip :-)

  2. upon seeing this blog post update, i was so delighted. it was like destiny.. it is because i have dry lips right now. would definitely try this out later. thanks Ms Rochelle :)

  3. We have the same technique I also do this twice a week Ms.Rochelle, It really helps a lot to removee the dryness. di na rin nag chachopped lips ko tlad ng dati, then I make it a habit to put petroleum jellly almost every now and then

    1. Yes very effective siya talaga. I used naman Rallye balm from Red Apple Lipstick. Kaya ang sarap ng lips sobra soft and kissable.

    2. minsan kasi ayoko yung too much flavor sa lip balms kaya nagstick ako sa petroleum jelly, pero lately parang andami daming lipbalms na available sa market at super cute packagings pa kaya natutukso ako magtry ulet.

  4. I also have read another DIY lip scrub before.. but I am alway busy to try it, due to lack of time. a busy working at home mom is in the house. but when I have a free time I will definitely try it because I do have a dry lips and sometimes its really cracking..

    1. Yes try mo kahit while you are watching TV, before you go to sleep or kahit before or while you are in the bathroom :-)

  5. hmm, this is not bad for home remedy treatment. Good thing to gather info's from others too..hehe! coz I too have cracked and dry lips sometimes.
    hope to try this ideas soon..:)

  6. Wow! I'll try this. Thanks for the tip! :)

  7. Yeah, I think the most common cause is dehydration. Sa lips mo din kasi makikita pag dehydrated. It's good to know about this home remedy for cracked lips. Sometimes pa naman I have dry and cracked lips. I heard about this na and it really works especially the sugar & honey :) Someone told me na pwede daw din gumamit ng other oils like coconut oil. And yung Lanolin which they use in Lip balms. Kaya pwede din kahit lip balms in case your not at home :) I really want that soft, smooth and kissable lips and yung pinkish ♥ *hehe*

    1. Hahaha yes it is always nice to have kissable and sweet lips :-)

  8. I'm super in love with DIY treatments, ako na yata ang isang adik pag dating sa mga ganitong treatments most especially scrubs lalo na pag body scrub. This lip scrub can be use as body scrub too but instead of brown sugar, I usually use milk salt -- minsan kasi parang nangangati ako pag brown sugar nilalagay ko, tas konting honey lang. I already tried this one, maganda sya but I wonder how can I store it?

    Aside from that, I also love yogurt as face mask, you should try it Ms Chelle, you'll love it! Parang baby na baby ang skin after ! Even sa hair maganda din sya as hairmask. For face mask, ok din ang honey + baking soda -- sobrang clean ng mukha ko yun yung pakiramdam ko. Coco milk din maganda as hair mask!

    Body Milk salt+ olive oil + turmeric maganda din as body scrub. Turmeric leaves ur skin yellow tint, nag iiwan ng glow sabi nakakaputi din, I guess OO nga!

    I want to know more of your DIY!♥ Thanks for sharing Ms Chelle~!

    1. Thanks for the tip!

      Actually nilagay ko din siya sa face ko :-) May madami pa kase natira and talaga dami naka noticed that day na sobra radiant daw ng face ko :-)

    2. try ko din Ms Chelle, kaso Im worried kasi dami kong breakouts . Di ata advisable na mag scrub ng face. ^_^

  9. Ms. Rochelle this post of yours is really a big help for me. Meron po talaga akong dry lips everytime so I always put lipgloss whenever na papasok ako sa school and I was really irritated because I really don't know why my lips is cracking. But now I know and it is really thanks to you.

    I don't really drink water a lot but now I know the importance of it. Ang weather ay isa rin palang cause kung bakit nanunuyo ang lips ko. So now that I learn this simple but best way . I would really love to try this and starting today iinom na ko ng maraming tubig heheh .

    I GREAT and HELPFUL Blog Ms. Rochelle.
    Clap Clap Clap !

  10. Two thumbs up for this post or I may even say bravo.. All the ingredients in this post,I can easily find here at my house and not only that just those simple easy steps I can soften my dried cracked lips which happen to be problem today.. so so happy.. thanks you a lot

  11. Ganyan din ang problem ko just recently. Yunglips ko dry and sabi ng mom ko, iinom ko lang daw ng maraming water. Kaso may times talaga na its not enough and kelangan talaga ng remedy. Will try this maybe after christmas :) First time ko din gagawa ng ganito na all natural kaya it would be fun. Tuturo ko din to sa mom ko para sabay kaming gagawa :)) Bye bye muna sa mga nabibili sa stores. hehe! Minsan kasi mas effective din tong mga ganito kasi nga natural yung extracts na nakukuha. Thanks Ms. Rochelle :)

  12. I tried making this already. And nafeel ko talaga na effective siya on my second attempt. Feeling ko nakatulong din sa engredients nito yung honey. Thank you Ms. Rochelle hanggang ngayon continuous ko pa rin siya ginagawa. :)

  13. Nice post! As for me, I usually just apply Maybelline's Baby Lips or EOS. They're great when you're outside and you want to keep your lips hydrated. Pag at home, your olive oil+sugar+honey is a great way to hydrate your lips. It's all natural pa so it's so far the best =) Simula't simula pa naman talaga, Olive Oil yields great results. It can repair your damaged and dry hair as well. Pero ang nasa trend ngayon is Argan Oil. Better ata xa as beauty product as compared to Olive Oil. Oh, one usual reason din pala why lips tend to get dry is by licking them! so wetting your lips with your saliva is the worst remedy in hydrating it as it will get drier pa. So a lip balm must always be on your purse talaga. I hate having dry and cracked lips pa naman. Ang sakit pag nabalatan ung dried skin...

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