Lucky Colors for 2014 and Family Color Coding Tradition ♥

Do you have family tradition on New Year? 

There are many ways to make both New Year's Eve and New Year's Day meaningful and memorable for your family. Be inspired to start a new tradition, resurrect an old one or add to what your family already enjoys. 

Our family tradition every year is to wear the same color of clothing or we called it color coding for each family on my husband's side.

There are five siblings in the Rivera Family and that makes one big happy family together. It is fun to have color coding tradition, I think it has been something to look forward to be more together every year.  

Euryd and Family-Orange 
Czardy and Family - White
Revvy and Family- Pink
Ashby and Family-Blue
Marc and Family-Red

Euryd and Family-White 
Czardy and Family - Red
Revvy and Family- Blue
Ashby and Family- Yellow
Marc and Family- Pink

Euryd and Family-Red
Czardy and Family - Pink
Revvy and Family- Green
Ashby and Family- Blue
Marc and Family- White

Euryd and Family-Pink
Czardy and Family - Red
Revvy and Family- 
Ashby and Family- Green
Marc and Family- Blue

Euryd and Family-Blue
Czardy and Family - Green
Revvy and Family- 
Ashby and Family- Pink
Marc and Family- Red

This is the 6th year that we are going to be doing the tradition for color coding and we chose BLUE again for this year to welcome 2014

Did you know that the color you wear in the New Year  celebration, as well as throughout the year, can bring good luck. Choice of colours to wear are based on the feng shui element of the current Chinese New Year, which in 2014 is Wood.  


The tradition to wear specific colors for New Year Celebration in order to attract good luck in the coming year is popular all over the world. As everything is energy-including color, of course!- what you wear when the clock strikes midnight is believed to bring you all manner of luck and success. 

2014 is the Year of the Wood element- The Wood Horse- so to be in harmony with the energy of the year and befriend the ruling Wood Horse energy, It is recommended to wear the colors of the Wood Feng Shui element- all shades of GREEN and BROWN

In addition to Wood Feng Shui element, you can also wear the colors of the Water and Earth elements, because these two elements support the Wood in its growth and well-being, So, colors BLUE and BLACK (Water element colors) as well as earth tones (Earth Element) are also good in the coming year of the Wood Horse 2014. 

Colors that are best to AVOID in the New Year celebration and least favorable colors in 2014 are the colors of Fire and Metal feng shui elements, ALL WHITES, GRAYS, PURPLE, ORANGE and RED colors. 

Good Luck and all the best in the New Year 2014, no matter which colors you choose to wear  


What is your favorite family tradition?
How will you create a new family tradition?
Please share your ideas in the comment box below.  

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. waaaaaaaaa ang galing nmn ng new year tradition nyo Ms. Rochelle. parang gusto ko rin magawa namin yan sa reunion namin. our family sa father side lagi lang kami may reunion tuwing New Year's un na din un parang Christmas celebration namin. Masaya ksi ang dami nagbibigay tapos may mga pagames din. Family of 11 ksi un papa ko tapos mga 32 pamangkins at 5 apos kaya magulo talaga. Sana maihabol ko pa na magcolor coding kaming magpapamilya para bongga sa picture hehehe.

    Happy New Year to you and your family! <3
    God bless.

  2. my favorite family tradition is the coin shower when the clock strikes 12mn. when i was a kid, my piggy bank is always full of 1 peso coins every new year.
    the new tradition that i'll try to start this 2014 is making a dream board with my family. i will bring magazines, glue, scissors, etc and we'll post our goals on a giant paper. it will serve as a visual reminder of the things we'll work on for the year.

  3. I have always believed in Feng Shui and My family and I follow the lucky colors, elements and my mom even researches for the luck brought by the new year specific to our animal/element sign. I am actually a wood rat and my mom said that 2014 is going to be my lucky year. :) How about you Ms. Rochelle, what's your animal sign?

    Anyway, about the colors, it is unfortunate that my fave color which is purple is part of the unlucky list. :( but i can make use of blue and i read somewhere that yellow is also lucky. :)

    So, I am wishing all of us including all the followers a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

  4. Walang kupas ang kagandahan Ms.Rochelle hehe...nice pics...=)

  5. Same! Our family tradition every year is also to wear same color and to wear with something circles or round shapes for wealth :D So nice iba2x talaga every family and it has been 6 years na? WOW! You didn't missed and iba na talaga ang look every year.. baby pa talaga mga kids ♥ The choice of color is so important to us 'coz we also believe that it will bring us good luck throughout the year ♥ I think we gonna wear green :) okay lang ba ang gold? madami kasi gold or yellow color dito sa house, it also supports naman the Wood element. :D And also my most favorite tradition is that my mom throws money and we catch it and put it in our purse and we shake it for good luck and wealth and also eat Tikoy :D ♥
    Happy New Year Ms. Rochelle ♥ Wishing you a sooper dooper amazing 2014 ;) ♥♥♥

  6. Oh my Gosh!
    Grabe sis yung picture mo sa 2012, kamukang kamuka mo talaga dun yung friend ko...ganyan na ganyan pati mommy ko akala ikaw sya. Ang pretty mo dun..bagay mo rin pala dark hair lol and the headband and!
    Ang cute ng tradition niyo..we don't do that but its cool.
    Medyo napalayo kami sa mga kamaganak so we will be spending it here sa Laguna. All our relatives are from the North and we are now here in the South..but nonetheless, we are all complete here as a family including siblings and their better halves... Siksikan dito sa haus so taking my time to do my internet duties this early dahil na naman :D
    Regards to the family sis!

  7. Thanks for the Tip Ms. Rochelle, now I'm deciding what to wear later. Maybe Blue or Green. I will also tell my parents about the colors they should avoid. With regards to the color tradition, your family does so good with it every year! Wow, this blog post looks like a throwback post with all those pictures from the past. hehe.

    In our family, We also do matching outfits during reunions or other get togethers, though no all the time. Its pretty fun to have matching outfits especially it looks good in the camera :) Last time me and my cousins planned an overnight party in their house, we all wore a cowgirl outfit. We have complete accessories from the hat to the boots. It was a lot of fun. Some of our relatives who were not able to come liked the idea very much. They were all laughing at us, This month, we also had our White Christmas celebration with my cousins. We all wore white with a touch of red. We made it so cute by adding Santa Hat or a Reindeer headband. I agree with you that it adds more fun in celebrations. I wonder what our next theme party would be. haha!

    Best wishes and Happy New Year to you and Your famly! :)

  8. Cute! that's one nice family tradition you got there. Grabe, ang puti mo haha. You look younger talaga with your black and middle length hair. As for me, I like wearing polka dotted clothes kasi it symbolizes wealth pero sana rectangles nalang ang symbol para hindi barya barya ang pera ko next year hahaha. I'll wear my black and white polka dots since it's okay pala to wear black for new year. It's the year of the horse pala this 2014. It's my year! yeeey. Now I can sense that I'll be successful and lucky by 2014. *crossed fingers*

  9. Yes ! Thanks for this Blog Ms Rochelle I've been having a big problem on what to wear later at New Years Eve ! We also believe in Feng Shui because my Mom is half Chinese but we didn't knew about this hehe. I am going to wear blue dress but since I've read this, I am really decided ! Happy BLUE DAY Ms. Rochelle. I really hope na magwork yung LUCK as I wear that blue dress. Pero it will always depends on God :) I hope na maging masaya po ang New Year niyo at syempre samin din ng Family ko. Ibayong pagiingat nalang po talaga as we celebrate it. May God Bless us po Ms. Rochelle. More powers also :)

  10. Cute nong 2009, di lang terno sa kulay pati sa designs ng shirts ng mag-aama mo.

  11. Ms.Rochelle I like your hair on your 2012 photo, so gorgeous! Kami naman ms.Rochelle every new year, we have a tradition to wear something with polka dots, then when the clock strikes at 12, maghahagis na kami ng mga coins from the door papasok sa house. ang table dapat may bilog na fruits. :)
    Actually si mommy talaga nagpeprepare ng lahat, then after kumain may games for kids. that what makes the new year exciting for the family :)

  12. Our family doesn't have the color tradition but we like themes. Kumbaga parang costume like rockstar, cowboy, santa clause theme (lahat kami nmi naka red and with santa's hat) and the hawaiian theme! :)

  13. super saya kapag may ganitong klaseng family ka,nagkakaisa at nagba bonding,magandang halimbawa din ito sa mga kids,hindi nila makakalimutan,lalo na kapag may mga ganitong occasion sa family...


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