LIVE WELL LOVE WELL Extraordinary "Mom-Me-Time" Experience ♥

P&G and Robinsons Supermarket recently staged the 1st Annual Live Well Love Well Extraordinary “Mom-Me-Time” Experience
an event empowering moms to live a life of wellness for their own benefit and their families. 

The event, held at the Eastwood Mall Open Park and Atrium, Eastwood City in Libis, paid tribute to mothers all over the metro and communicated to the moms present how easy it is to achieve wellness by simply making wise choices and choosing the best products for the family.

The activity, also aimed at honoring mothers for their loving and selfless hard work for the family, kicked off with a two-hour selling activity that provided huge discounts and amazing deals on P&G and Robinsons “Healthy You” products.

With the right partners and the right products, moms can achieve a lifestyle of wellness for themselves and their families.

P&G enables mothers to 
SLEEP WELL in order to 
LIVE WELL with Pampers,
SHINE WELL in order to LIVE WELL with Pantene 
and PLAY WELL in order to LIVE WELL with Safeguard.

The moms were also treated with quality pampering time like
Hand Spa Experience  

Hair Treatment Experience  
Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Treatment using PANTENE ♥ 
Blow Drying the Hair  
 Making sure that Moms will look pretty ♥ 
 With the Stylist. Ganda ng waves ♥ 

 Beauty Makeover Experience
 Facial with Massage using OLAY 
Makeup ♥ 
Also treated with yummy healthy salads and fruits. 
Fit Cuisine Meals by Dizon Farms. 

The event was hosted by Actress, Celebrity Endorser and Mother Dimples Romana.

The event also featured speakers who gave homemaking and time management tips to help moms achieve the best and smartest ways to take care of their families.
Actress and Mother Camille Pratts

Dr. Luis Rivera
Celebrity Mom and Parenting Advocate Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan

“We mounted this annual event to empower and equip moms with a better understanding of wellness. If moms can live well, they can love the rest of their families well. The life of wellness for mommy and her family starts with the very basic thing: choosing the right products that can give wellness benefits to the whole family. P&G and Robinsons Supermarket are here to help mothers make the healthiest and wisest decisions,” says P&G Country Communications Manager Clint Navales.

Hundreds of moms were able to enjoy the 1st Annual Live Well Love Well Extraordinary Mom-Me-Time Experience. P&G products like Pampers, Safeguard and Pantene available at all Robinsons Supermarket branches made the annual event extra special since these choice products are precisely what moms and their families need to live well and love well.

Live Well Love Well planner that includes lots of discounts, tips and coupons are now available  ♥ 

Tell me what you think? I would love to hear your comments and suggestions.

THANKS, Much Love, Rochelle

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  1. Oh my I badly needed those pampering sessions, It is nice to see na nag enjoy ka talaga Ms.Rochelle. This event is indeed very helpful to spread awareness to moms about better understanding of wellness. Sana may ganyang event d2 sa north luzon..

    1. Hi Leilani yes super enjoy and talaga maganda may day talaga for moms that to remind them to take care of themselves because if they take care of themselves then they can take care of the family :-) ♥

  2. It was a great event and worth the travel time. Good job to Procter and Gamble and Robinsons Supermarket. Happy to see one of my favorite celebrities, Ms. Dimple though sayang we were not able to have a picture together ( inggit mode) hehehe! Sana they will have more events like this.

    1. Yes I agree sana more events ♥ Pero for sure dahil Procter and Gamble always have a campaign to feel moms like us special :-)

    2. Yes, looking forward to more events. Sana Ms. Rochelle you can include sa blog mo pre-event announcement lalo na yung open to public para we will be updated too. :)

  3. OMG! I just missed an awesome event. I won an invite thru their Twitter contest but failed to come. Looks like all the mommy divas had so much fun!

    1. Awww... sayang nameet sana kita. Nag giveaway and nag paraffle din sila 10 loot bags worth 1000 and more and Iphone 5, mga lucky Moms took home. ♥

  4. Whoaaa.. It is really a blast, And Mother like us really need to pamper our selves because of the everday stress and other things that we are thinking about.two Thumbs up for Procter and Gamble and congratulations for their sucess.

    1. Yes it was a blast! It was a really pampering day and Moms was also able to brought the kids to gymboree with added treat for them so they can have a really pampering day at saka un nga bongga paraffle. :-)

  5. Wow! It's so nice to see mothers having a pampering time for themselves away from being a full-time mother to their children.. like you Ms. Rochelle <3 I hope I can give my mother a pampering day.. soooon ^_^ So glad to see some mother-actresses as well who gave tips also. Such a great event for mothers.. we can really live well with the best products from P&G, we love it :)

    1. Yes I learned so much from Celebrity Moms ♥ Yes for sure your Mom will enjoy her day.

  6. I think I am going to need those after this long stressful week. Would love to have a day of pampering and relaxation.

    Nice waves pala sis.. The handler was able to make you even more younger than your age.

    So great that Procter and Gamble was able to put this event together. I wish they would go on a caravan or something. That would be a good idea I think so they could reach out to more moms :D

    1. I agree! Sana they will have more events in different places that are similar to this event.

      Thank you Winnie! Gusto ko nga sana Curly Curl pero sabi mas okay daw wavy lang.

  7. It's nice to honor and treat mothers talaga. And looking at your pics is indeed your are one of the lucky one. Ang sarap naman tignan ang mga photos ng mga pampering moments mo Ms. Rochelle. And what I love most are those colorful salad healthy!

    1. Thanks Aliz. Yes super enjoyed the Mom-Me-Time ♥ Yes super sarap ng fruits and veggies.

    2. Ang ganda ni Dimples! Ow, I like Live Well Love Well planner, gusto ko rin kase yong planner na may coupons na, lots of discounts pa, tapos affordable pa. Ang daming events talaga na pinupuntahan mo Ms. Rochelle.Love it :-)

  8. Such a nice treat not only for moms but its definitely a girl thing.
    I love being pampered especially after a long weekend, sana nga di ganon ka mahal magpamper- usually i do DIY home treatments. Tipid na di pa hassle.

    Its really good to have time for yourself even you're a mom. Minsan kasi nalilimutan na mag ayos ng iba so I really love the way you are Ms Chelle, you still look young kahit you're amother of three na!

    Just enjoyed your post!

    1. Moms deserved to have a pampering day atleast once a week sana :) Para hindi stress and lage happy :-)

  9. Makeup,treaatments,massage,good food, and a lot of pampering are the best rewards to moms like us (next to hugs and kisses from our kids and husband of course). I hope I was there in the event to experience the pampering and learn from the speakers as well. Its great you enjoyed Ms. Rochelle. Nice post. =)

    1. I agree Kisses from our family are the best pampering :)
      But we all truly deserved the pampering treatment to make us a better person and have a better week ahead of us so we can take of our family even more better with a happy mood ♥

  10. Oh my ! I hope my Mom can attend with this wonderful event sometime. Because I really want her hard works to be paid sa pamamagitan ng mga ganyan karelaxing na events. And me too If ever I would be a Mom sana ay makaesperience din ako ng ganito.

    I really love this kinds of events lalo na for Moms dahil sila ang kailangang kailangan ng mga ganitong treats :) Para mawala ang pagod at mapalitan iton ng kasiyahan para sa kanila. I do really LOVE and Idolized my MOM for being such a supportive and loving Mom . lahat ng nanay ay deserve na makapunta sa mga ganitong event :)

  11. That's one treat talaga na I promise to give my mom pag may work na ako :) Wala kasing pamper time ang mommy ko. hehe! Every month sana may mom and daughter day kami. Promise! hehe :))

  12. I agree, ang ganda nga po ng waves nung nagawa nung nagstyle sa inyo. Ang bata niyo po talagang tingnan Ms. Rochelle. Parang di nasstress hehe :)

    Buti na lang may mga ganitong events din to honor hard working mom. Grabeng love ang pinapakita at binibigay talaga ng mga mommies sa family nila. Yung alaga, hindi talaga mapapantayan. Kaya tama lang na mag give back sa kanila through honoring theim and their sacrifices for the family. And also, yung mga small talks na ganito, nakakatulong din sa mga mommy na iremind sa kanila na alagaan din ang sarili.

  13. You deserve those pampering sessions. Being a mom is a hard work at it requires a 24/7 service talaga. Minsan you don't have time to go out and shop just by on your own nalang... Buti nalang single pa ako hihih pero I'll surely come on that stage rin someday, not today pero far in the future pa sana when all things are settled and prepared. Anyway, I love your top here! Ang cute nung red kisses. Your hair looks fab too! but you're better without the full bangs. A side bangs will suit you more. =) You have an oval shape face naman so all types of hairstyle will suit you.


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